Zucchini is a poké grill of a unfeeling world

July 6, 2017 - garden totes

Dear Hipster:

What should we do with all this zucchini that grew in my garden? we don’t consider we can eat any more.

— Diane

Oh, man, it’s totes that time of year, isn’t it? Urban hipster rancher that we are, we sprinkled a few zucchini seeds around in a spring, meditative we competence collect plump courgettes for a grill, and maybe a fritter of zucchini bread. But afterwards a plants constructed an irrational series of tubular immature squish with small tellurian assistance or involvement required. Zucchini is a poké grill of a unfeeling world, a qualification brewery of a garden: only when we suspicion there couldn’t be any more…have another! Foist adequate zucchini on your friends and you’re firm to divide people. Even frozen it competence leave we with some-more zucchini than we caring to eat. Next year, things and grill a blossoms to extent a contingent fruit.

Believe it or not, free hipsters have shaped local “gleaning” groups who will redistribute additional food from residential harvests. Gleaning, an ancient sermon whereby bankrupt villagers competence maintain on a unconnected pieces of a abounding farmer’s harvest, is only a kind of thought you’d design a charitably disposed hipster to run furious with. Check with Feeding San Diego for some-more info.

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