Yetta Stevens celebrates 70th, clears her garage

August 27, 2014 - garden totes

Yetta gives to her nieces and nephews

Yetta gives to her nieces and nephews

Yetta Stevens stands in her garage holding some of a things she is giving to her nieces and nephews.

Posted: Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014 11:19 pm

Yetta Stevens celebrates 70th, clears her garage

Tim Preston

The Independent Online

FLATWOODS — Yetta Stevens found a novel approach to make herself and several others happy on her 70th birthday.

Instead of usurpation gifts from her nieces and nephews, she asked them to container adult as many they could lift away.

“My father was one of those people who suspicion if one of something was good, afterwards 10 would be even better,” pronounced Stevens, explaining her proclivity for a new “Downsize Giveaway Birthday Party.”

Stevens, who is a former owners of a Maytag correct core in Flatwoods and now operates a self-storage trickery there, pronounced she was looking by some of a things her late husband, Carl, left behind. It fast became apparent she had some-more things than she could ever use.

With a chuckle, she certified utterly a bit of a additional things in a boxes was her own.

“I was a clear Christmas addict so we built shelves,” she said, explaining she always bought ornaments while on vacation in places including Hawaii, Niagara Falls and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

“I had large Rubbermaid Totes usually full of them,” she said, adding she went by a collection with a assistance of a former Maytag worker and kept usually a ones that meant a many to her.

Stevens theorizes her father was a famous soothing hold for roving salesmen.

“When we are in business there are people who transport with things and make deals. We were a stop on everybody’s trip,” she pronounced with a laugh, observant her find of inexperienced purchases including several print albums “with gummy pages” doubtful to be wanted by anyone since a pages repairs any photos they touch. While combing by her Christmas collection, Stevens pronounced she and her supporter found dual cases of high-quality halogen flashlights labelled during scarcely $50 apiece.

“I took one for myself and gave him one and gave a rest to a family,” she said, divulgence her birthday intrigue to order a stored goodies between her internal nieces and nephews, with any leftovers going to a nephew who is lifting income for a vacation.

“I mean, he had dual cases of Citrus (brand) cleaner. It’s a really good cleaner … though we had dual cases of it! we asked everybody to take one,” she said, explaining her birthday guest concluded to order a collections equally and not take advantage of any first-in-line opportunities.

The annuity ranged from Disney and Harry Potter collectibles to flower arrangements, vases, lamps and “a code new Christmas tree still in a box,” to a span of oversized recliners, Stevens said.

“Those dual large loll chairs — I’m 53 and usually import 115 pounds. That large chair literally swallowed me up,” she said, adding her recliner went into storage, nonetheless Carl enjoyed regulating his.

Niece Darra Kiser was among a celebration guest who took home pieces of a Stevens collection.

“At initial it was a small awkward,” she said, explaining a picking routine became extremely easier once people began to bond memories to some of a things they found.

“It wasn’t like Black Friday,” Kiser chuckled before observant she and her sons, Jarrad and Abren, left with all from wooden garden stakes and tumble flower arrangements to Dairy Queen and Disney items.

“The boys got a large recliners,” she said. “And, she had a ton or Christmas ornaments.

The best partial of a party, Kiser said, was “just being with family.”

 Stevens pronounced her usually mistake in a good giveaway was an hapless blunder on a invitations.

“I put Happy Potter instead of Harry Potter,” she said.

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Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014 11:19 pm.

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