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January 5, 2015 - garden totes

Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

12/17/14 by 12/31/14


December 17

Sgt. William Burge and Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale were dispatched to a chateau on FM 2659 usually before 6:30 am in anxiety to a masculine trespassing on a property. The deputies spoke with a complainant who settled his granddaughter was awakened by someone entering by her bedroom window and when a malefactor spoke, a lady famous a voice as that of a complainant’s 17 year grandson. The complainant serve settled his grandson had not lived during a skill in over dual months and had been suggested he was not authorised on a skill due to an progressing rumpus between a two. According to a grandfather, his grandson had usually left a chateau and went to censor in a mobile home. The immature masculine was after located in a mobile home and gave 3 fake names to a deputies before he was scrupulously identified. Dylan Himes, 17, of Hawkins, was arrested for rapist tamper of a home and disaster to identify. He was ecstatic to jail though incident.


December 18

Deputies Justin Bowring and Donivan South were dispatched to an chateau on FM 1801 for a news of rapist mischief. The complainant settled he had detected that someday during a night, a automobile had left a alley and struck a section mainstay on his gated opening causing an estimated $500 in damages. The complainant settled he wished usually for an occurrence news to be filed for word purposes. Photographs were taken of a shop-worn mainstay and a box was closed.


Deputies Tucker George and Dustin Moffett along with Sgt. Sam Threadgill were dispatched to a chateau on FM 2659 in response to a masculine trespassing on a property. Deputies arrived to find a grandson of a owners behind on a skill notwithstanding being arrested usually dual days progressing for a same offense. According to a complainant, who is a immature man’s grandmother, he had entered a chateau unannounced and began impiety and attack a cot before attempting to collect a quarrel with his grandmother’s husband. The immature masculine was located during another chateau on FM 2659 and was once again placed underneath detain for rapist trespass. Dylan Himes, 17, of Hawkins, was ecstatic to jail though incident.


Deputy James Hildebrand arrested Bobby Don Stout, Jr., 56, of Winnsboro for possession of marijuana, dual ounces or reduction after being called to a man’s section on SH 37. Stout creatively called a Sheriff’s Office for assistance saying his daughter was repetition and yelling behind a apartments and would not leave. Hildebrand was incompetent to find anyone behind a section and suspected a masculine was hallucinating. The masculine was after dynamic to be in possession of pot and was ecstatic to jail though incident.


December 19

No reports.


December 20

Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to a Holly Lake Ranch golf march upkeep emporium for a news of a thievery of a building. A golf transport was detected blank from a emporium and was described as being black in tone and carrying no lights. Later in a day Warren was told a golf transport had been detected with a upheld battery during another plcae during Holly Lake Ranch. Warren performed video presumably display dual people roving a transport out of a front gate. The video has been incited over to investigators who will brand a dual subjects from a video.


Sgt. Chris Turner took an unapproved use of a engine automobile news from a complainant on CR 4200 who settled she had awakened to find her black 2012 Chrysler 200 blank from a driveway. The automobile was reportedly final seen during 5:00 pm a prior day. The lady reliable that a automobile was left unbarred though she could not be certain if a car’s keys were left inside or not. Turner was after told that a automobile had been concerned in a rollover collision in an adjacent county during approximately 11:00 pm a prior night. The car’s sole passenger told authorities he was pushing his girlfriend’s car. He suffered injuries and compulsory travel to a hospital. This box is now in a hands of rapist investigations with an detain pending.


December 21

Sgt. Chris Turner was dispatched to J M Storage located on FM 14 for a news of burglary. The complainant settled a section had been shop-worn into and a Stihl weed eater, valued during $500, was missing. The suspects also transposed a complainant’s close with one of their own. No other apparatus were deemed to be missing. The box stays underneath investigation.


December 22

Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale was dispatched to CR 3495 for a news of theft. A masculine settled he believed his ex-wife had stolen partial of his remedy pain remedy when she came to his chateau to collect adult their son to go Christmas shopping. The masculine also settled he was not home during a time a thievery occurred. Leads are being followed in this case.


Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale took a news of thievery of skill from a complainant with skill on CR 2952. The complainant settled that someday between Dec 9th and this day different person(s) had private from his skill a 250 gallon propane tank valued during $500. Ragsdale photographed a area where a propane tank had been and remarkable a copper hose adhering out of a belligerent where a tank had formerly been connected. Investigation continues.


Deputies Donivan South and Justin Bowring were dispatched to a chateau on CR 2110 for a news of rapist mischief. The complainant settled someone had attempted to mangle into his red 1998 Pontiac Grand Am and in doing so shop-worn a square of window/door trim causing approximately $50 in damage. The masculine also settled there had been questionable activity in a area late during night. Extra unit was organised for a area and this box was closed.


Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to CR 2336 in Mineola in anxiety to a structure fire. Moffett arrived to find a homeowner attempting to extinguish a glow in a vital room of a chateau by a use of a garden hose. A brief time after a glow dialect arrived and extinguished a blaze. According to a homeowner he was outward a chateau when he listened shrill popping sounds entrance from inside and a demeanour by a window suggested a Christmas tree to be burning. The masculine serve settled he had purchased a pre-lit tree and believed it to be a source of ignition. The box has been incited over to a Fire Marshal.


Deputy Tucker George was dispatched to a HHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHolly Lake Ranch Lodge in anxiety to rapist mischief. George spoke with a confidence officer who suggested a front doorway to a board had been found ajar and a window had been shop-worn out – apparently by a glow extinguisher that seemed to have been thrown by a window and liberated inside a building. Several food apparatus were found in diverse locations via a building. George also remarkable several coarse remarks had been created with what seemed to be churned cream, and a man’s genitals had been drawn with churned cream on a carpet. The sum volume of damages, including deputy of a glow extinguisher and shop-worn window, is $250. This box has been forwarded to CID and investigators are posterior leads to a temperament of suspect(s).


December 23

Deputies Donivan South and Justin Bowring were dispatched to a chateau on FM 1801 per a theft. The complainant settled he had a internal runner cleaning use out to his chateau and after a association member left, apparatus were found to be blank from a home including a $25 present label in a steel enclosure and a Kindle Fire valued during $400. The masculine also settled he wished to pronounce to a owners of a runner cleaning business before he dynamic either or not he wished to pursue rapist charges. This box is available a complainant’s decision.


December 24

Deputy Terri Altman and Sgt. Chris Turner were dispatched to a chateau on PR 5860 in anxiety to a family disturbance. The stating celebration settled she was attack by her adult daughter, who also lives during a residence, and a masculine family crony who had been called to a chateau to assistance was assaulted by a daughter as well. According to a woman, a think had given left a residence. Sgt. Turner left a chateau in a successful try to locate a immature lady and lapse her to a residence. Both victims gimlet signs of a attack notwithstanding a suspect’s claims that she did not attack them. The think has a story of identical assaults. Laycee Diana Meader Potts, 18, of Yantis, was arrested for a offense of attack causing corporeal repairs to a family or domicile member dual or some-more times within a 12 month period. She was ecstatic to jail though incident.


December 25

Just after 4:00 am Deputy Steven Fields and Sgt. Brad Cates were dispatched to a chateau on Winding Trail during Holly Lake Ranch in response to a news that a lady had called to contend a man, whom she did not know, was inside her residence. She serve suggested that a Holly Lake Ranch confidence officer was inside her chateau and had a different man, on his knees, incarcerated in a hallway. When a deputies arrived and spoke with a masculine he seemed confused that he had finished anything wrong and settled he was during his mother’s house. It was schooled a man’s mom lives on another travel and when Deputy Fields spoke with a lady she settled that her son did humour from schizophrenia though had been holding his medication. The complainant settled she did wish to pursue charges in a matter. Kevin M. Rainford, 50, of Dallas was arrested for a offense of rapist tamper and was ecstatic to jail though incident.


December 26

Just before 1:00 am Deputy Steven Fields was dispatched to an section on CR 2263 in response to a 911 call from a lady who settled she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. According to a woman, she had returned home shortly before midnight and her beloved was dissapoint and did not trust she had been visiting her mom on Christmas night. An evidence ensued and escalated to earthy assault that resulted in a lady nutritious a destitute mouth and distended face. The lady also settled her beloved fled a chateau when she called 911. The woman’s injuries were photographed and a box was forwarded to CID for action.


December 27

Deputies Donivan South and Justin Bowring were dispatched to a chateau on Main Street in Yantis in response to a news of rapist mischief. The stating celebration settled that someday after 12:30 am, an different chairman in an different automobile had corroborated adult to a front of a chateau and spun out slinging sand all over a front of a chateau and causing repairs to a yard. The estimated repairs cost is $500. Photographs were taken of a indemnification and a box has been forwarded for additional investigation.


Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale was dispatched to a chateau on CR 2117 for a thievery report. The complainant settled he was in a routine of relocating out of a chateau and had arrived to find a front doorway window destitute out and apparatus blank from inside a chateau including dual dog cages, a china chandelier, apparatus box, and a tiny black 50cc motorcycle. The sum value of a blank skill is listed as $465. Photographs were taken during a stage and will be forwarded to CID and a review will continue.


December 28

Deputies Donivan South and Justin Bowring were dispatched to a chateau on CR 2560 in response to a reported thievery of a habitation. The complainant settled he believes his hermit and 3 other people were obliged for mixed apparatus blank from his home and several sheds on a property. He serve settled 4 12” speakers, valued during $400, were blank from inside a residence. Deputy South located repairs to a doorway support unchanging with forced entry. At a time of a report, a finish list of blank apparatus had not been supposing by a complainant. Information was upheld to investigators per a temperament of a 4 suspects. The review is ongoing.


December 29

Deputy Terri Altman took a news of credit/debit label abuse from a lady who resides on Oak Street in Yantis. The lady settled that in checking her bank comment found it to be $1,000 overdrawn. She afterwards contacted her bank directly by phone and was told by a bank deputy that her comment had 10 charges formed out of Chicago, including charges during American Eagle, Toys R Us and dual parking meters. The lady serve settled she had not been to Chicago nor has she given anyone accede to use her bank card. All information on this box has been forwarded to investigators.


Deputy Terri Altman took a news of thievery from a masculine who settled his work dungeon phone was stolen while he was during a chateau on FM 2966 installing satellite equipment. According to a masculine he sat a phone down on a dais while he worked and did not have eyes on it for approximately 30 minutes. The phone is described as a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 valued during $800. Several people, some of that were minors, were on a skill during a time a thievery occurred. Leads are being followed in this case.


December 30

Deputy Aaron Warren took a news of thievery from a lady who resides on CR 1600. The lady settled she believes someone siphoned gas from her automobile during a night and presumably took gasoline from her daughter’s automobile as well. The lady serve settled she did not observe any surprising activity though that her dog had come into a chateau “acting weird” in a approach he usually acts around men, heading to her trust that a think is a male. Warren available information about a probable think and a box was forwarded for investigation.


December 31

Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale was dispatched to CR 2650 in anxiety to a thievery of a building. The complainant suggested mixed apparatus were blank from his stable including anniversary decorations, John Deere collectibles, dual vast transparent totes of Legos, and a 25” Mitsubishi TV. Security cameras and receivers were blank from a skill as well. The complainant serve suggested he believes a apparatus were taken between Sep 1st and Sep 24th when a work organisation was on a skill harvesting watermelons. The value of a blank skill is listed as $10,100.  This box stays underneath active investigation.


Deputies were called to a chateau on FM 1799 after a lady reported her adult son trespassing on her property. Deputies were means to determine that a rapist tamper warning was in outcome preventing a son from being on his mother’s property. Upon arrival, a deputies were sensitive a masculine had usually run out a behind doorway of a residence. Deputy Donivan South gave follow and was after means to detain a delinquent on CR 2298. Deputy Aaron Warren and Sgt. William Burge assisted South in transporting a masculine behind to his mother’s chateau from where he had fled. Christopher Curtis Freeman, 34, of Mineola, was arrested for a offense of rapist tamper and was ecstatic to jail though incident.


Current Jail Population 113

Males 91 Females 22

Book-Ins 49

Releases  50

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