Wisconsin vs. VCU preview: 3 keys to violence a Rams

November 22, 2015 - garden totes

Sunday is a large event for a Wisconsin men’s basketball group sorely in need of momentum. The Badgers (2-2) are entrance off a unsatisfactory 71-61 detriment to Georgetown, though have another possibility on Sunday to collect adult a win opposite a peculiarity enemy in Madison Square Garden. Wisconsin faces VCU (2-1) during 2:30 p.m. CT.

Nigel Hayes pennyless out of a mini-slump with 22 points opposite Georgetown, though he committed his initial 3 turnovers of a deteriorate and continues to fire underneath 42 percent. Meanwhile, Bronson Koenig suffered by his misfortune diversion of a deteriorate Friday. It’s no warn a Wisconsin’s best outcome, opposite Siena, came when both Hayes and Koenig both had good games. The Badgers positively wish to passage this disproportionate play in a bud, rather than still be perplexing to figure out what they’re doing streamer into uninterrupted games opposite Oklahoma, Syracuse and Temple. Wisconsin has not had a .500 record this late in a deteriorate given Bo Ryan’s initial year on a bench, in 2001-02, when a group was 8-8 in January.

Incredibly, Ryan’s initial deteriorate was also a usually time he and a Badgers had to receptacle around a losing record during any indicate in a season. Wisconsin is in risk of relating that eminence opposite VCU, a group that led No. 5 Duke into a second half dual days ago. Though Oregon, Wis. local Shake Smart has changed on, VCU looks like a contest group again underneath Will Wade.

In sequence to deliver a win, here are 3 pivotal areas in that Wisconsin contingency surpass to interpretation their NYC highway trip.

Offensive rebounding

Despite their inexperience, one thing a freshmen have really contributed this year has been an descent resilient prowess. Thanks to Ethan Happ, Khalil Iverson and Charlie Thomas, Wisconsin is retrieving some-more than 4 out of each 10 misses on their possess end, a spin UW has never approached over a full season. In fact, Bo Ryan is famous for training his players to eschew descent play to get behind on defense, so it’s substantially since of such unawareness that we are saying this phenomenon.

However, a second chances haven’t always converted into points since a immature guys can't seem to modify during a edge yet. One would design a conversions to be a season-long issue, though one that should during slightest urge a small as a year goes by. For now, Wisconsin will take those second chances as it tries to figure out a third scoring choice and wish a bunnies tumble a small easier opposite an small VCU group than they have previously. The Rams frequency play possibly of their players who are taller than 6-7 and as a result, are usually an normal defensive resilient group statistically.


The Georgetown diversion might have incited for good mid by a second half when a Badgers committed turnovers on 4 true security (and 5 out of six) after slicing a Hoya lead to two, during 36-34. Georgetown converted that into a 7-0 run and UW never threatened again.

You know another group that knows how to spin games with turnovers? Yup, VCU certain does. Wade’s teams during Chattanooga weren’t good during forcing turnovers during his two-year army there, though reunited with Shaka Smart’s pieces, Wade will say a havoc-style invulnerability of his predecessor. The Rams are now third in a republic in take percentage, swiping a round on 16.4 percent of possessions. While Bronson Koenig is typically a really arguable ballhandler, not withstanding Friday’s miscues, his ancillary expel isn’t yet. Expect Koenig to another 40 mins Sunday afternoon and VCU to overflow a retard whenever Hayes, Iverson, Thomas or Vitto Brown hold a ball. Wisconsin contingency be intelligent and wilful with a ball.

Perimeter defense

VCU’s Melvin Johnson got prohibited early opposite a Blue Devils, scoring 12 of his team-high 20 points in a initial half of Friday’s nightcap. The comparison ensure finished 4-of-6 behind a arc, an area of regard for Wisconsin, that has authorised opponents to fire a peppery 46.4 percent on three-pointers. Through 4 games now, I’m not certain it’s wholly an misconception anymore — UW’s closeouts need fixing.

It doesn’t seem that a Rams have really many nominal threats subsequent to Johnson on a outside, though we could have pronounced a same thing about about Georgetown’s Reggie Cameron and Isaac Copeland before to Friday, when they were a total 7-of-10 from deep. And it’s not only about outward sharpened either. Badger fans have seen a small too most “olé” invulnerability than they are used to from players we approaching to be some-more vigourous on that end, namely Zak Showalter and Hayes.

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