When we do open cleaning, save equipment for recycling on Apr 18

March 30, 2015 - garden totes

VOORHEESVILLE — On Saturday, Apr 18, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., a encampment of Voorheesville will be hosting a recycling collection eventuality in a firehouse parking lot during 12 Altamont Road.

Items to be collected are: batteries; books, repository and catalogues; wardrobe and textiles; and cosmetic bags and film plastic.  The eventuality is open to all area residents, and has been designed to enrich Earth Day and a village’s first-ever Village Green Clean Day

All forms of batteries will be supposed on collection day; however, a importance is on automobile and car batteries. TJ’s Auto and Truck Sales (NAPA) will be overseeing a collection of these equipment and will present $3 to a Helderview Garden Club for each vehicles battery that is forsaken off during this event. It is time to purify out a strew and garage.

Books in good condition and other serviceable equipment will be donated to The Albany Book Project, a education beginning that collects new and used books to give to people and families that are homeless, or vital in a shelter, or don’t have a resources to obtain books of their own, as good as many education programs via Albany, including 15 Albany City Schools, Albany Count Head Start programs, and Books for Troops and Community Centers.

Items not taken by The Albany Book Project will be recycled by a Village’s GreenFiber recycling program.

Accepted equipment include: hardcover (no leather bound) and paperback books; magazines; catalogues; phone books; used, partially used, and new notebooks (spiral firm is OK; and notepaper, slot folders, colored paper and construction paper.

“Now is a ideal time to unequivocally open purify your closets — arrange out both winter and summer equipment and go by a linen closet,” says a recover from a village. “Many people might not be wakeful that articles of wardrobe deliberate not good adequate to wear can still be recycled; as can that singular sock or shoe or boot.  And don’t disremember a bathmat, drapes, or leftover fabric.”

The American Clothing Recycling Company will have a lorry during a firehouse parking lot on Apr 18 to take neglected equipment off your hands

The following equipment might be donated in any condition (torn, worn, stained, blank buttons, damaged zippers, singular shoes, etc.) as prolonged as they are clean, dry, and odorless: men’s, women’s and children’s wardrobe — blouses, shirts, tanks, T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, dresses, coats, jackets, blazers, pants, slacks, jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts, suits, socks, pajamas, slips, bras, and underwear.

Also: boots — shoes, heels, flats, boots and sneakers, and slippers — and accessories, including hats and scarves, handbags and purses, belts, backpacks, duffle bags, totes, gloves, ties, bathrobes, and aprons.

Linens, too: sheets, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, towels, draperies, curtains, plate clothes, cloth napkins, list linens, comforters, chuck rugs, placemats, and fabric showering curtains.

Other items: element and fabric, pressed animals, rags, Halloween costumes, sports jerseys, pet beds and clothing, and canvas.

Also being collected are cosmetic bags and film plastic. Residents might recycle some-more than only their grocery bags, though some manners apply: All cosmetic bags and cosmetic hang contingency be purify and dry with all strings, firm plastic, zipper mechanisms, and food excess removed.

The sell cosmetic bag recycling module can accept all of a following items: Plastic sell bags (string or firm cosmetic handles removed), journal bags, dry-cleaning bags, furnish bags, bread bags, cosmetic cereal bags, solidified food bags, cosmetic hang from paper products (paper towel, toilet tissue, etc.), cosmetic shrink/stretch wrap, and cosmetic zipper form bags (zipper resource contingency be removed).

There are a few equipment that can't be recycled by this program.  They embody dirt and mulch bags, burble wrap, food containers, unwashed or soppy bags, cosmetic bottles and compostable or biodegradable bags.

For some-more information about a Village Green Clean Recycling Collections, hit Karen Finnessey during Village Hall, 765-2692, or during kfinnessey@albany.twcbc.com.

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