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November 3, 2017 - garden totes

Last weekend’s large breeze eventuality happened on a fifth anniversary of Super Storm Sandy. Hard to believe. Also, we consider it’s been about 20 years given a Halloween Blow (aka The Perfect Storm). Wind is my slightest favorite weather. It’s officious frightful walking or pushing underneath large branches.

Several years ago Danny Larsen gave me some fish totes. They are a accessible garden helper. Recently, we came opposite a shaft we used for a sprained ankle years ago. I’ve been loading plants, debris, mulch and/or furnish and regulating a shaft as a offshoot to lift a totes adult and down paths in a unfeeling garden. They scheme most easier than a dumpcart and a shaft eliminates a need to lift or even hook over — a win/win. Soon, I’ll substantially need a shaft to transport myself around so I’m removing used to it.

Some time ago we was pushing in a Oak Bluffs Camp Ground around this time of year. An aged lady was raking leaves furiously. Something during her side held my attention. She had tucked her shaft into her waistband and it was overhanging divided in sync with her rake. we laughed each time we suspicion about it though usually in finish admiration.

My friend, Sharlee, is a genius. We were angry that a fennel crops went to flower and a bulbs are too tough to chew. She detected some small side shoots flourishing during a base. They are proposal and delicious. we followed her lead and picked several of my possess for a tantalizing salad.

Once again we unsuccessful Brussels sprouts. we can't figure out because a small sprouts open adult totally when they are a distance of a pea. The plants demeanour good though no matter if we start them earlier or after we have a same problem. This has happened several years in a row. What gives?

I’m a outrageous fan of Brussels sprouts. My small children, not so much. Once, we non-stop adult a kitchen list to accept a leaf. There on a small edge was a ideal quarrel of dusty adult Brussels. One of a children had detected a ideal mark for neglected food.

I’m endangered for a sovereign butterflies. we still have dozens in my garden, generally on a zinnias. Shouldn’t they be median to Mexico by now?

I have a new favorite annual flower — a Red Lime zinnia. It grows during slightest 3 feet high and is an out-of-date rose, mauve tone churned with orange green. The aforementioned monarchs seem to quite suffer it as well. we wish to save some seeds or go behind to a Select Seed catalog from that we purchased it final spring.

One of a beauties of cooking for oneself is carrying all a vegetables that other family members dislike. The other night we cut into half-inch pieces some eggplant, sugarine beets, celeriac, onion, garlic and my final kohlrabi. we sauteed all in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and served it to myself with zero else. we was totally happy.

There is so most element this week in a domestic world, we audacious know where to begin. The Mueller indictments were flattering newsworthy as was General Kelly’s Fox News talk about Civil War history.

I consider a opioid predicament wins this week. DJT reneged on his guarantee to announce a inhabitant puncture and altered a diction to open health emergency. The former would engage lots of sovereign income to be accessible to fight a problem. Oh, and a new bill cuts will revoke income for treatment. His whole debate was really Nancy Reaganesque. Wouldn’t it be good if people only didn’t do drugs. How about impediment doctors and a curative companies? They are a new drug pushers.

Addiction in all a forms is a horrible, progressive, deadly distress that requires all a assistance given to other diseases.

I went on a Google to demeanour adult Donald’s hermit Fred who died of alcoholism during age 43. we was sent down a cyber rabbit hole to a Woody Guthrie strain entitled Old Man Trump. Worth checking out.

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