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May 24, 2016 - garden totes

As someone who can’t conflict a Saturday morning apportionment of bacon, eggs and pancakes, we am perpetually astounded whenever we review adult on what a luminary cooking in a day. Whether it’s Jennifer Aniston’s diet or Gwyneth’s moon dirt smoothie, I’ve always pronounced we could unequivocally customarily eat like that if we was removing paid a million a movie. That being said, we praise them for their devotion to a fruits + veggie party. My personal diet is comparatively healthy — with a difference of a provide each so mostly (I mean, we work during Brit HQ) — though it’s unequivocally not on standard with a ladies of Hollywood. When a NYC-based dish smoothness use Sakara Life (a favorite among celebs like Gwyneth and Chrissy Teigen) done their entrance in SF, we motionless to give it a try.

It’s easy to see since Sakara Life is desired by celebs. Each week a package is delivered to your doorway in an insulated receptacle bag with your dishes for a week. You get 3 dishes a day. we was also means a integrate of their oppulance “morning” and “night” waters. While it’s super convenient and takes a lot of a grunt work out of a bid compulsory to eat whole + healthy, it comes during a price. A day’s value of dishes costs $82. Here’s how my 48 hours of eating like a celeb went down.

Day 1

I’m going to acknowledge we was flattering demure about this plea in a beginning, though when we non-stop adult my receptacle to find a “Sakara-fied” herb biscuit along with some fungus gravy for breakfast we was feeling a small some-more hopeful. The biscuit on a possess was flattering chalky, though when exhilarated adult and surfaced with a gravy it came with, it was indeed flattering tasty. It was only one biscuit and TBH, we need some-more than that to get my day going. we motionless to finish off dish series one with a banana.

When lunchtime rolled around, we non-stop adult this colorful salad that enclosed brownish-red rice, tomatoes, cauliflower, beets, celery and lots of other healthy goodness. I’ll be honest, I’m not unequivocally many of a salad fan (I customarily cite to eat healthy in other ways), though hey, when in Rome, right? The salad came with a tawny “Magic Mushroom” sauce and damn guys, it was bomb. we ate it all and it indeed did not ambience like we was munching on a garden. However, like many salads though some arrange of beef involved, we didn’t feel full afterward.


When cooking rolled around we was flattering ravenous, and when we non-stop a fridge to find some-more salad we wasn’t so into a idea. we was fast training that a tip to looking like a celeb was unequivocally only amatory salad. we should have guessed. The side salad was accompanied by a carrot risotto and again, we have to acknowledge we was indeed agreeably astounded by both. One thing Sakara Life has mastered is salad dressing. This one was a lavender-infused vinaigrette — we would *definitely* buy this by a bottle.

Day Two


Day dual kicked off with a rose, silica and mineral-infused “morning water” and a immature veggie harissa scramble. While we would totally have eaten this for lunch, it wasn’t utterly my jam for a initial dish of a day. Perhaps it’s since I’m a breakfast conventionalist (eggs + bacon for LIFE) or since we was removing a small sleepy of this perfectionist luminary life after a small 24 hours, though this wasn’t my fave.

For lunch we had another salad (seriously we guys, salads FOREVER). Considering a success of a initial salad, we was optimistic. However, we wasn’t utterly as many a fan of this one. And utterly honestly, we gave adult median by only like a c-list celeb would. we might or might not have eventually ditched a salad and opted for a turkey + cheese sandwich.


I finished a day with some fungus wraps. By this point, I’ll be honest — we ate them, though my heart wasn’t in it. But celebrity comes with sacrifice, so we powered through. we had to supplement some uninformed fruit to a meal, as a integrate of wraps wasn’t utterly adequate to prove my appetite. we finished my 48 hours super celeb style, with a $4 bottle 8-ounce H2O – night water to be exact. The ghastly dim immature splash has chlorella in it, a superfood immature algae that’s meant to assistance we trip into a honeyed slumber. While it looks scary, there wasn’t many of a ambience to it.

Final thoughts

I was agreeably astounded by my dual days’ value of meals, to be honest. we was awaiting a lot of salad and we DEF got that, though we enjoyed them some-more than we suspicion we would. Throughout these dual days we substantially tripled my veggie intake by 300%, and aside from being inspired since of the apportionment size, my physique felt rested and never complicated after a meal. Could we keep this adult forever? Probably not. Is it value a $80+ a day? Depends on your budget. Did this enthuse me to make some-more of an bid to eat purify as many as possible? 100 percent.

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