Weekend in Boulder: Selfies with Upslope

August 29, 2014 - garden totes

Ah, a glories of a smartphone, and some-more importantly, a honeyed cameras trustworthy to them.

My friends and we are appalling examples of a selfie transformation left wild.

Top of a mountain? Better take 14 photos of pointless poses. At a bars? Best to make certain we symbol a solid decrease of your seriousness in a array of stupid faces and unsuccessful attempts to demeanour sexy. Sitting by yourself watchful for an oil change? Yes your friends wish to see a “bored face” around Snapchat.

Such is a unhappy state of a world.

But should you, too, have this addiction, a folks during Upslope Brewing have a competition for you.

They know we all adore hiking, and we adore beer, and Coloradans will receptacle a six-pack adult a towering some-more mostly than we’ll remember snacks or additional water. And so when you’re out exploring, move an Upslope and get that can to strike a pose.

They wish to see a drink in a wild. Creativity is a must. And if we win, they’ll blow that picture up, slap it on a wall of their Flatiron Park plcae and send we home with an Upslope esteem pack. Other tip pics will acquire we Upslope merch and daub room present cards (aka, some-more beer). Info: upslopebrewing.com; deadline is Sept. 15

For even some-more brewskies, check out a Avery Brewing taproom (5763 Arapahoe Ave., Unit E). Gored Pumpkin Ale is behind on a daub wall. Over during a Wild Woods Brewery taproom (5460 Conestoga Ct.), Superflower Pale Ale was expelled on Thursday, and might still have some of this tasty nectar left. It’s got a herbal, floral, honeyed ‘n’ sharp character that’ll warn your mouth.

Looking for tolerably some-more rational fun? The Boulder Creek Hometown Festival is function this weekend, and could be value a discerning stop. we contend this since a difference “beer garden” were a initial we saw on a homepage.

Down in Central Park nearby a Boulder Public Library, there will be live music, a Chili Inferno Cook-Off, a food justice and a garland of crafts we can ogle during as we sip your beer. It’ll be adult and using Saturday by Monday, with a kick-off unison during 7 tonight. Info: bceproductions.com/boulder-creek-hometown-festival.

Over during a ever-classy Walrus Saloon (1173 Walnut St.), folks are prepping for a finish of summer with a Labor Day weekend bash. This Sunday, a bartenders will be dishing out $2 wells until midnight, and DJPetey will be bringing a “so we consider we can dance”-ers to a building to infer usually how most they can’t dance. At all. we can usually wish my visits have desirous some-more to stone a shit out of a Shopping Cart or Bus Driver moves.

Let’s contend we adore peasants who can speak a mile a notation about domestic regimes. You like to alienate knights who replace common difference from their vocabulary? Then make certain we don’t skip a Boulder Outdoor Cinema’s (1750 13th St.) final film, “Monty Python and a Holy Grail” this Saturday. Live song during 7:30 p.m., and a film during dusk. It’s flattering most a best film ever, so go watch.

Or usually conduct over to Chem 140 on campus and check out “Edge of Tomorrow,” hosted by CU’s Program Council. The giveaway film is during 9 tonight.

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