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May 26, 2015 - garden totes

FILE – Laura Washington shares tips about enclosure gardening.
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Enter 2015 Pottstown home garden contest

If we Enter

What: 2015 Home Garden Contest

Eligibility: Entire Pottstown Borough

Deadline: Jun 18

Prizes: $2,500 in income and present certificates

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Pottstown The Mosaic Community Land Trust is requesting that residents put roots down in a precinct for a 2015 Home Garden Contest.

This is a 3rd year for a competition and opposite from final year, a whole precinct is authorised to participate.

“The good thing about this year’s competition is that it’s bigger than it’s ever been before,” pronounced Laura Washington, Mosaic Community Garden manager.

She pronounced only like eligibility, prizes for a competition have also increased. There are some-more than $2,500 income and present certificate awards.


Anna Johnson was one of a 2014 competition winners. She won with a window boxes and greenery she plants in front of her home. She pronounced a competition helps residents get some appreciation for a gardens they create.

“I consider it’s a good apparatus for village spirit…it shines a light on these tiny gems in a neighborhood,” Johnson said.

Residents can enter both enclosure and in-ground gardens for a contest. There are 4 categories this year. Youth underneath a age of 18 can enter into a youth gardener difficulty where a tip esteem is $100. The residential front or side yard garden difficulty has a tip esteem of $250. The residential behind yard garden difficulty also has a tip esteem of $250.

New this year is a area garden category. A smallest of 3 neighbors can get together to collectively garden in one space. The neighbors can work on a tract of land on their travel or retard to assistance bedeck that area. The tip esteem for this difficulty is $800.

Contest judges will embody Pottstown Area Garden Club members, Mosaic staff, and a Penn State Master Gardener.

“What a judges indeed demeanour for is a good use of tone in a garden, good change in plants…they also demeanour for creativity,” Washington said.

Entries will also be judged on a use of garden accessories and reward points are awarded for incorporating vegetables.

Washington pronounced people don’t have to be experts to enter. She pronounced there are several easy ways beginners can get started. Residents can emanate a small-scaled garden with repurposed equipment that offer as window boxes.

“That’s only a tiny box that hangs on from a windowsill on a outward of their home or apartment,” she pronounced adding that a boxes can be used to plant spices and flowers.

She pronounced there are also many ideas for enclosure gardening. Items such as whiskey barrels or totes can be repurposed for planting.

“People have planted honeyed potatoes in a receptacle and have reaped a really good collect by doing that,” she said.

She pronounced people that have a tiny tract of land in a front or behind of their home can simply renovate it into a garden.

“They can set adult a few rows, favour a dirt and grow uninformed vegetables,” Washington said.

Johnson pronounced beginners shouldn’t be fearful to start gardening. She pronounced it was hearing and blunder for her during first.

“Don’t be frightened to disaster adult since that’s partial of a process. Dig a hole, put your seeds in and watch them grow,” she said.

Johnson pronounced gardeners learn along a approach and there are resources accessible during a Pottstown village gardens.

Washington pronounced residents that need assistance with gardening can leave a summary during a Mosaic website as good as revisit a gardens.

“We offer workshops that residents can attend to find out some-more about a basis of gardening,” she said.

The garden during 615 Chestnut St. will horde a seminar about planting a grain scoop garden May 31 from noon to 1 p.m. Washington pronounced there are plants and dirt accessible during no cost to those who need it. The village gardens also have whiskey barrels accessible for residents to use this year.

“The family is means to plant into a whiskey tub and also use that tub to enter into a contest,” she said.

Washington pronounced a village gardens are there as a apparatus so residents can knowledge a many advantages of gardening. She pronounced one of a many critical advantages of flourishing your possess food is that we know what you’re eating. She pronounced people also save a lot of income when they grow their food.

“Tomatoes right now competence be $1.99 a bruise while a tomato plant cost about a same though it substantially reaps on normal about 20 pounds of tomatoes by a finish of a season,” Washington said.

Washington pronounced gardening is good approach for families to correlate and rivet with one another as good as get everybody outdoors.

“The kids can be concerned and learn about their environment,” she said.

Washington pronounced a village garden efforts are meant to yield residents with a healthy choice to processed food that contains a lot of fat and high fructose corn syrup.

“We wish that childhood plumpness and family plumpness is decreased while family rendezvous is increasing in a area,” she said.

The deadline to enter a competition is 5 p.m. on Jun 18. For some-more information and to download a digital duplicate of a entrance form, revisit Washington can also be contacted by email during

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If we Enter

What: 2015 Home Garden Contest

Eligibility: Pottstown Borough

Deadline: Jun 18

Prizes: $2,500 in income and present certificates

Info.: Check

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