UTPA TRAVEL SERIES: Licorice and Greek Statues

October 26, 2014 - garden totes

 In this disdainful weekly series, students from The University of Texas-Pan American share stories of their practice this summer in London (and beyond) as partial of Dr. Philip Zwerling’s Study Abroad transport essay class.

“Bro, did we notice this road? We’re gonna have to take it delayed entrance up.” My new friend, Louie, takes note of a downward slope as we impetus toward 20 Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead, London, about an hour tour including a tube and walking from a Queensway Station. we can see pearls of persperate start to bloat on a bend of Louie’s temple. Overgrown trees with purple-coned flowers descending over their section barriers and licorice, star anise scented flowers give slight service from a intent via a 15-minute travel from a Hampstead tube station. The smell drooling from flowers draws us even further, quicker toward a destination. Inhale. Exhale.

“How many streets did a man tell us to go? Three or four, right?” Louie asks me as we dilate my eyes as if doing so would capacitate me see better, farther. “Nah, he pronounced it was 5 or six,” we answer. “Dude, we consider we’ve left some-more than that,” she says as she smiles. The viewpoint is adequate to keep us from cheering silently from distant during a Tube workman who gave us directions. Construction on homes means us to dart behind and onward between streets, though we eventually strech 28, 26, 24 … 22 … ahhh … 20 Maresfield Gardens, home of Sigmund Freud.

1938 outlines a year a Freud family fled Austria (due to Nazi annexation) and arrived in Hampstead, England. Freud, a scandalous gourmet of antiques and statues of Egyptian, Greek and Chinese mythology, came to England with 3 equipment smuggled from Vienna before fleeing, one of that was a bronze statue of Greek goddess, Athena. A high blond comparison German lady in a tweed dress and bare pumps who works during a museum informs Louie and we that Freud felt a statue stable him and his family as they fled to England. Every intent in his collection desirous him in some manner.

As Louie and we initial proceed 20 Maresfield, we don’t know what to expect. On a travel to, we design a pointless museum positioned majestically in a midst of a neighborhood, with pillars aloft than two/three-story section homes along a walk. But as usual, my imagination distorts a existence that comes into viewpoint as an underwhelming — in comparison to my stately museum, of march — elementary two-story pale orange section home, with a patina doorway and dual round blue plaques to a distant right that say,  “Home of Sigmund Freud” and “Home of Anna Freud” in white beveling.

I demeanour behind during Louie and shake my eyebrows during her with excitement; she smiles behind with equal exuberance. Two nerdy psychology fanatics entering a home of a Father of Psychoanalysis (and family) stands as over an honor.

After profitable £4 any with a tyro discount, we ramble a house. First, a foyer, where a desk, a cupboard with exuberant with 14th Century flowers and a German adore story in black paint and a few black-framed cinema of Freud accoutre a room. The corridor sits comparatively dull in comparison to Freud’s study, that stays dim notwithstanding a few lamps whose solitary purpose stays to strengthen light supportive materials.

The high woman, with her low German accent stalks us as we tip toe to Freud’s investigate room. “Noh camerahs,” she says with her arms crossed. we squeak, “Oh!” and force my camera into my receptacle bag, embarrassed. She continues to watch us as we observe a room and disrupts a overpower as we compensate loyalty by revelation us about any intent in a room. “Zat is the chair, a one he saw his patients on, ya, and zat over there is a chair generally done for him, because, we know, he suffered from a jaw cancer and couldn’t hear from one ear,” she touches her jaw and points during her ear as she tells us.

I am silent, speechless. we don’t know how to routine all of this during one time. My eyes and mind ramble via a tiny room, jam-packed with antiques, artifacts, things that fascinated, desirous Freud. we consider of a essence of my bedroom, though we don’t posses anything of financial or most nauseating value. we comprehend zero inspires me in my room. we aim to make an impact on multitude and nonetheless we don’t approximate myself with images or people that enthuse me such as Freud did. While many of his theories have been disproven, all of his work paid off since he desirous and continues to enthuse psychology fanatics. Not usually did he set a substructure for entrance generations, though he helped those who indispensable psychological treatment.  

It dawns on me: we need to get to this point, this indicate of unconstrained investigate and acid for a deeper bargain of people and what they need to find happiness. we don’t indispensably need a things Freud did, such as antiques and collectables, though something possibly discernible or unsubstantial we can concentration my appetite on to keep me going toward my personal goal: To write self-help books. we find it so formidable to stay inspired, though being enthralled in a loyalty of not usually Freud, though of his daughter, Anna, as good (who also complicated psychoanalysis) creates me feel we can accomplish anything. Seriously, as trite as it sounds, physically being in a place where someone of such change lived puts life into perspective. All it took was mindfulness and loyalty to get a margin — yes! Field! — of psychology rolling.

Louie and we give a home a final run-through, take selfies in a backyard garden and conduct off. Silence follows us as we travel ceiling on a 15-minute travel behind to a tube. We breathe a final smells that dawdle from a licorice and star anise scented flowers and smile. “It smells so good,” we spin to my right to tell Louie. She looks during me as she smiles and agrees with an, “I know.” As a intertwining scents of licorice and star anise find their approach into my nose, we reminisce on a artifacts we only witnessed, on a stories behind them and how being in their participation will positively change my future. Inhale. Exhale.

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