UPDATED: Strickland Wins Mayoral Race, faces new council

October 10, 2015 - garden totes

click to enlarge Mayor-Elect Jim Strickland during his feat jubilee - TOBY SELLS

  • Toby Sells
  • Mayor-Elect Jim Strickland during his feat jubilee

No one is going to combine on this, but, for a — what, 5th?, 6th?, 7th ? choosing in a row, there were apparent glitches in a Election Commission’s opinion reporting.

At several TV stations—including FOX 13, where we was absolved to be sitting with anchors Mearl Purvis and Darrell Greene perplexing to routine earnings — a receptacle house was display reduction than 1 percent of a opinion total, but there was Mayor A C Wharton on a feed from a Universiry of Memphis Holiday Inn station during a dais and charity a benefaction of a 2015 mayoral choosing to Councilman Jim Strickland.

It was usually somewhere around 10 o’clock, though a Mayor was charity Strickland his “heartfelt congratulations” for a “great campaign.:”   A unhappy though diversion Wharton began addressing what was obviously, from a video that Flyer editor Bruce outpost Wyngarden would email later, a throng of morose supporters as the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)” began to die down.

Said a Mayor: “This is Memphis, Tennessee, famous for a graciousness and a hospitality. And I’ve attempted to shorten that by all my open service. And zero is fgoing to change. That’s usually a approach we roll.’

It had been, pronounced a degraded Mayor, “a good run.” By which he contingency have meant his reign in office, not the rather disjointed and capricious debate he had usually concluded.

Here’s another demeanour during that sayonara from Flyer writer Chris Davis:

Mayor AC Wharton done benefaction demeanour easy. His grin was broad, and his demeanour even some-more loose than it was following his special choosing feat in Oct., 2009, when he was serenaded by rapper Jay Smooth during Minglewood Hall, and spoke to an adoring throng about a merits of using a purify campaign. When he won acclaim with his outline of a Memphis, where people are some-more meddlesome in, “what they can give than what they can get.”

Wharton didn’t precipitate onto a stage, though took his time. The rope that had been behaving classical essence covers put down their instruments and a recording of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow,” blared ftom a PA, giving a event a decidedly Clintonesque tone. Then a Mayor waved his hands and did something he’s always been unequivocally good during doing. He quietly delivered bad news wrapped in unrestrained and hope. He’d already called his opponent, and a reputed mayor elect Jim Strickland and congratulated him on what looked to be a wilful victory. It was time to tell his supporters a foe had finished and it was time for everybody to start operative together again. For Memphis.

“I’ve never been one for creation excuses,” Wharton said. “What we wish to concentration on is a destiny of a city… This is a time for all of us to lift together.”

On dual occasions a mayor stopped his debate to comfort his many unhappy supporters. “I wish those are tears of joy,” he told them before stability with his speech.

“I came in underneath a thesis of ‘one Memphis’ and we still feel that approach about a good city,” Wharton said, recalling a domestic summary he crafted in a shade of Mayor W.W. Herenton’s divisiveness. “You have my joining and my family’s joining to keep determined and reaching toward that one Memphis of that we all dream. It is a usually dream, and a usually vision. The usually thing that keeps us from fulfilling that dream are a stipulations we place on ourselves.”

“Don’t worry about me,” he concluded, stealing his eyeglasses with a showman’s flourish, usually to infer his eyes were dry. “I’ll be usually fine… We’re all gonna be fine.

It had not even unequivocally been close. Strickland won with usually a comparison though with what his possess and Strickland’s patrol checks were indicating to be a double-digit margin.

Make no mistake: This was as most a Strickland feat as a Wharton loss. When Strickland, usually before his jubilee jubilee during a Botanic Gardens was violation up, pronounced matter-of-factly, “We ran a ideal campaign,” he wasn’t floating smoke. He and ace strategist Steven Reid stranded unequivocally delicately to a diversion devise  — focusing ad infinitum on 3 pivotal points: open safety, blight, and 

click to enlarge The mayor during his benefaction - CHRIS DAVIS

  • Chris Davis
  • The mayor during his benefaction


Those were not grand idealist goals. They were simply reassurances that a city administration that had begun to seem rudderless would see sequence easy underneath new management. This was, as it incited out, enough, quite when a array of badly rubbed mayoral snafus — a Robert Lipscomb banishment and a Deidre Malone agreement brouhaha important among them  — gave volume to  that third point, “accountability,” in Strickland’s threesome of issues.

So Strickland is right to feel fit — even a tad self-satisfied — in his recollections of a well-run campaign. His 42 percent of a total, compared to a degraded incumbent’s startling low sum of 22 percent,  was considerable indeed — generally for a white claimant using to lead an citizens that is two-thirds African-American.

But a fact is that a votes garnered by third and fourth-place finishers Harold Collins, Strickland’s Council mate, and Memphis Police Association boss Mike Williams combined adult to a full third of a sum opinion — 18 and 16 percent, respectively. Had possibly one of these possibilities not been on a ballot, a other competence have valid vigourous foe for a lead.

Awareness of that fact showed adult clearly in a face of a morose Collins in a issue — roughly as disappointed-looking as a degraded Mayor had been.

All was joy, however, for leader Strickland. Here’s a news from a winner’s jubilee during a Botanic Gardens from Flyer contributor Toby Sells:

The theatre during Memphis City Council member Jim Strickland’s choosing jubilee was upbeat though not electric during a Memphis Botanical Garden.

The throng mostly aged and mostly white though an confidence was in a air, a kind we didn’t wish to speak about since we competence hex it.

At around 10 p.m., Memphis Mayor A C Wharton seemed on one of a dual outrageous radio screens that bookended Strickland’s stage. Wharton smiled and looked into a radio cameras though during a Strickland party, Wharton’s voice was pale on a television.

Few knew what Wharton was observant though many swarming around a screens. Then a whoop went adult and someone in a behind of a outrageous gymnasium cried, “Wharton’s conceding!” At that, a room erupted in cheers, applause, and delight and hugs were given all around.

After a few moments, Strickland seemed on a stage, hugging his closest associates on theatre to a accost of applause.

His debate was pre-empted by a request that asked for God to assistance enthuse a people of Memphis and to assistance them all come together. The request asked God for assistance as Strickland fought crime and misery and for a city’s “wound of division” to be healed.

Strickland’s debate co-chairman Ken Moody pronounced his choosing was “historical.” Strickland took a lectern to chants of “Jim, Jim, Jim.”

Strickland pronounced a choosing formula showed that a city asked for change and that it got it.

“You pronounced that Memphis can be a improved place and it can be,” Strickland said. “We contingency residence it hurdles with urgency.

“I listened you. The investiture listened you. And we cruise by tomorrow morning, a whole nation will have listened you.”

Strickland pronounced his work was usually beginning. He pronounced it was “unacceptable” that half of Memphis children live in misery and that “thousands” of group and women are out of work.

He betrothed that he’d start a new administration from a “top down.”

He also praised Wharton’s work for a city and pronounced “we are all beholden for his service.”


Asked what he would be doing on a morrow of his conspicuous victory, Strickland was vague. “I’ll be formulation a subsequent move,” he said, possibly being intentionally decorous or inadvertently echoing that famous line of Robert Redford’s in a ’70s film The Candidate: “Now, what do we do?”

Whatever it is he will do will be during a helm of a remade city government. Although several of a single-district City Council seats are, as was anticipated, still to be resolved in runoff elections culminating on Nov 19, Strickland will be traffic with a Council with a significantly newer and younger expel to it.

NEWBIES: One visitor is FedEx sales executive Philip Spinosa, whose well-financed lass competition in Super District 9, Position 2, netted him 49 percent of a opinion in a swarming field. Another is former School Board member Martavius Jones, whose narrow, secrecy feat in Super District 9, Position 3, over Mickell Lowery, son of effusive obligatory Myron Lowery, had a demeanour of an upset.

Jones’ former School Board partner Patrice Robinson barely missed an undisguised win in District 3 though will face former Memphis Education Association boss Keith Williams in a runoff. Yet another newbie will be possibly Worth Morgan or Dan Springer, runoff opponents and survivors of another severely populated competition in District 5. Frank Colvett Jr. hardly missed winning in District 2 though a runoff though will need to understanding with another new face, Rachel Knox, on Nov 19.

Jamita Swearengen and Doris DeBerry-Bradshaw will strive for a right to be a new passenger of a District 4 seat.

That’s 6 newcomers so far, and if we cause in a ultimate leader of a runoff foe in District 7 between halt seat-holder Berlin Boyd and Anthony Anderson, we could cruise a new Council to be moulding adult with a infancy of new faces — a uninformed expel for Mayor Strickland to understanding with.

Returning members of a Council, all reelected with relations ease, are Bill Morrison in District 1, Edmond Ford Jr. in District 2, Joe Brown in Super district 8, Position 1, Janis Fullilove in Super District 8, Position 2, Kemp Conrad in Super District 9, Position 1, and Reid Hedgepeth in Super District 9, Position 3.

RANDOM NOTES: *One square of astonishing probable fallout from a choosing was a sense, bruited about surprisingly mostly in conversations among a Botanic Gardens crowd, that 9th District congressman Steve Cohen might be confronting a stiffer than common plea subsequent year, partly as a greeting among African Americans that, with Cohen and dual white mayors, Strickland and County Mayor Mark Luttrell, during a conduct of a internal domestic pyramid, blacks are once again arguably under-represented.

Cohen has simply incited aside all prior challenges, however — many from ballyhooed name candidates. indeed, his solid success during a polls competence be regarded as support to Strickland, inasmuch as Cohen’s initial win, in 2006, was, like Strickland’s.  by trait of a plurality.

*The presentation of Spinosa and Morgan is an apparent explanation on a efficacy of large income in politics. Neither claimant had any kind of domestic form in a village before a election, and both bested primarily better-known (and some-more publicly accessible) opponents mostly on a strength of abounding yard signs, mailouts, and electronic promotion — all paid for, essentially, by a rarely activated business community.

*Maybe all possibilities for domestic bureau should be compulsory to pass an arithmetic examination before being authorised to finish their petitions. It was a matter of of elementary mathematics, for example, that in Council District 5, a on-going contingent of Mary Wilder, Chooch Pickard and John Marek, all well-credentialed, would have to separate their basde subdivision 3 ways, while regressive possibilities Morgan and Springer faced usually a two-way division.

Similarly, former Judge Kay Robilio was a shoo-in for City Court Clerk once it became apparent that each name black claimant not using elsewhere on a list was intent in a clerk’s race.

*Springer, by a way, done a correct pierce in his post-election statement, creation a indicate of praising a efforts of a aforementioned 3 white progressives, whose supporters he clearly hopes to acquire in a runoff.

*Yes, it’s loyal that businessman Karl Schledwitz’s betimes expelled memo (first remarkable in a Flyer),  admitting that his candidate, Mayor Wharton, was a goner, played usually an immaterial role, if that,  in a Mayor’s defeat. It is loyal as good that Schledwitz’s efforts on Wharton’s interest  were a primary reason for a Mayor’s healthy, million-dollar war-chest, and hjis ability to salary as assertive a debate as he did.  And it’s also loyal that Schledwitz’s mostly blunt logic in a memo was some-more or reduction on target. It’s still a mystery, however,  as to because he should have felt compelled to contend anything during all — early, late, or whenever.

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