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January 19, 2015 - garden totes

On today’s Transport Evolved: all a new cars from a Detroit Auto Show, finale operation anxiety, and easily-confused plug-in names.

These stories and some-more entrance adult on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Robert Llewellyn and Faye Sunderland.

Welcome to today’s show! Today, Nikki is assimilated by Robert Llewellyn and Faye Sunderland.

Robert Llewellyn is famous by many for his description of Kryten on a classical space comedy Red Dwarf. Others will know him for his many years as a horde of Scrapheap Challenge/Jukyard Warsbut here during Transport Evolved we adore Robert for his continued work as an EV disciple and purify appetite nut. Also an achieved author, artist and tech-head, Robert is about to recover his latest book in a “News from the…” series: News from a Clouds.

2014 Cadillac ELR

Robert has been pushing a Cadillac ELR.

Soft-spoken though quick-witted, Faye Sunderland has been essay about cars and environmental issues given 2007 and likes to call herself an “eco-warrior” operative on a corporate inside. Known for her adore of a outdoors, wildlife, and cycling, Faye says her ideal automobile has adequate room to fit a scoop of grain in a boot, though all else is over-abundance to requirements. While Faye covers all cars immature and quirky as a freelancer, Faye’s stream automobile of choice is two, rather than 4 wheels — and powered by a good coffee and a gummy bun.

Robert’s YouTube channel Fully Charged is also compulsory examination for anyone wanting to keep adult to date in a universe of immature tech, so be certain to subscribe. You can speak with Faye on Twitter and Google+.

We discuss to Robert about his new revisit to a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where he saw some of a latest advancements in unconstrained pushing record and modernized reserve tech. He also saw some unequivocally neat self-driving (and self-charging) electric cars.

Will self-driving, self-charging cars turn mainstream?

Will self-driving, self-charging cars turn mainstream?

We also ask Robert to give us his examination of a Cadillac ELR, that he gathering to Las Vegas from Los Angeles with a illusory Chelsea Sexton.

Also in Part One: 

The all-new 2016 Chevrolet Volt pennyless cover during final during final week’s 2015 NAIAS in Detroit. We demeanour during a specifications and ask if this next-generation plug-in will assistance Chevrolet stay during the forefront of plug-in automobile sales, or if a improvements done to a all-electric operation and fuel economy aren’t adequate opposite arriving cars like a rumoured next-generation LEAF? Finally, we try and figure out if a Volt is unequivocally a five-seat family car, or a four-seat automobile with emergency-only fifth seat?

Will a new Chevrolet Volt infer renouned with customers?

Will a new Chevrolet Volt infer renouned with customers?

Finally for a segment, we speak about a launch of a Volkswagen Golf GTE in a UK. For a country whose usually plug-in hybrid success story so distant has been a Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid, we ask if a sporty GTi-inspired plug-in hybrid from Volkswagen will infer renouned — and why?

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Alongside a launch of a 2016 Chevrolet Volt during a 2015 NAIAS in Detroit final week, GM denounced an all-new judgment automobile called the Chevrolet Bolt. With seating for 4 and an upright, crossover design, a judgment automobile is usually one of several possibilities for how GM’s betrothed 2017/2018 200-mile affordable EV could look.

Like a BOLT out of a blue?

Like a BOLT out of a blue?

But will a Chevrolet Bolt ever make it to production? Is it unequivocally a long-range car? And that cars will it cross-shop against? Most importantly, because on earth did Chevrolet collect such an easily-mistaken name for this sold judgment car, and if a Bolt creates it to production, will it keep a same name?

Staying with NAIAS for a second, we demeanour during Hyundai’s new 2016 Sonata Plug-in Hybrid, and ask if a South-Korean automaker needs to adult a diversion if it unequivocally wants to kick existent plug-in variety in a marketplace. Furthermore, with range-extended electric cars mostly some-more than 40 miles per charge, will anyone unequivocally buy a plug-in hybrid with a sub-25-mile per assign range?

The Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid will assign in about 2.5 hours from a turn 2 charging station.

The Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid will assign in about 2.5 hours from a turn 2 charging station.

Following along a identical line of thought, we demeanour during a Volkswagen Cross-Coupe GTE plug-in hybrid judgment from Detroit and Audi Q7 e-tron plug-in hybrid —  and consternation if plug-in hybrid SUVs can unequivocally assistance Chelsea Tractors turn reduction polluting or simply perpetuating an automotive trend towards unnecessarily vast vehicles that unequivocally needs to stop?

Finally for a segment, Tesla’s Model S to CHAdeMO adapter is due to go on sale this month, permitting Tesla Model S owners a ability to plug-in their cars during CHAdeMO DC discerning charging stations alongside Nissan LEAFs and other CHAdeMO-equipped cars. We ask if it will be useful to Model S owners — or if many will usually continue to use Superchargers? Moreover, we consternation how prolonged it’ll be before someone reverse-engineers a Tesla-to-CHAdeMo adapter to let other plug-in owners use Supercharger sites?

Tesla's CHAdeMO adapter is approaching to go on sale this month. But who will buy it?

Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter is approaching to go on sale this month. But who will buy it?

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A few weeks ago, Ford sensitively launched a new car-swap intrigue during a offices in Dearborn, Michigan. It works by permitting employees to barter vehicles for a day if their possess automobile doesn’t fit their needs, enabling someone who needs to change some garden rubbish to steal a pickup for a few hours or someone with an electric automobile a choice of borrowing a hybrid for a prolonged trip.

Mobility Experiment: Car Swap, Dearborn

We ask because peer-to-peer automobile barter schemes haven’t taken off, and consternation if these could assistance some-more people buy a automobile that meets 95 percent of their needs 95 percent of a time?

Confirming what we already knew about a next-generation Nissan LEAF, Nissan’s Philippe Klein betrothed this week that Nissan’s next-generation of lithium-ion battery packs would not usually double existent electric automobile operation though put an finish to operation stress for many drivers. But will 150 or so miles unequivocally finish operation stress for most, or is it usually tellurian inlet to wish some-more than we have?

Longer operation LEAF: will it kill operation anxiety?

Longer operation LEAF: will it kill operation anxiety?

Moving to Solar appetite for a second, we inspect a unfortunate trend towards some application companies lobbying for those who use solar appetite — even off-grid appetite — to compensate towards a maintain of a application grid. Will this bluster appetite autonomy for those who wish it, or is there a resolution we usually haven’t detected yet?

Elon Musk sensitively announced final week that he intends to build a Hyperloop Test Track to assistance people exam pod designs for his super high speed Hyperloop mass movement system. The lane will expected be built in Texas — and Musk even thinks he might start a new foe called Pod Racing to go with it.

Will a Hyperloop unequivocally turn reality, or is this one prophesy that will stay in a future?


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