‘Top Chef’ Boston Episode 10 Recap: ‘For Julia & Jacques’

January 8, 2015 - garden totes

Happy New Year everyone! Did we skip me? we wish so, given we missed you! While it was good to have dual giveaway Wednesday nights in a row, we did skip essay my “Top Chef” recap. The final part before a holiday mangle was fantastic, wasn’t it? Remember Gronk? Remember all a sausage references? Remember all of a passionate innuendo? That was a special early Christmas present.

Before we get to a show, we wanted to news behind on some of a food we got to eat over holiday break. When we live in Boston and have sixteen days off, chances are you’re going to eat some-more than your satisfactory share of dishes out. And given this is a summation about a uncover about food, I’d didn’t wish to skip this event to discuss a few of my favorite dishes from over break.

-The Beef Bracciola during Vinny’s during Night in Somerville: One of my favorite dark gems in a area is located in a behind of a preference store on Broadway in Somerville. Think red salsa and lots of it. we lived around a dilemma from this place for 5 years and we still bewail not going there some-more when it was a brief travel away. To unequivocally get a feel for a whole neighborhood, squeeze a nightcap during a Mount Vernon Restaurant, where a Twin Lobster Special will always be $19.99.

-Everything during Island Creek Oyster Bar: we astounded my mother with a one-night staycation during a Hotel Commonwealth and we had never dined during Island Creek before. After a pre-dinner cocktail during The Hawthorne, a image enclosed oysters, boiled oyster sliders, and lobster rolls. But a standout image for me was a PEI mussels. Although it’s listed as an appetizer, it can mount on a possess as a tiny snack if you’re not starving. we am still articulate about it. Get it.

-The Beef Ribeye during Metropolis Cafe in a South End: On an unpretentious date night, my mother and we snagged a window chair on a bitterly cold night. The ribeye was a beautifully center rare, came with truffle lodge fries, and was a ideal distance if we wish to continue a night opposite a travel during The Beehive.

Did we have any noted dishes over holiday break? Please let me know in a criticism section. Now, on to a show.

With customarily 5 contestants left and customarily a few episodes remaining, we have strictly reached a home widen of “Top Chef” Boston. This is customarily a indicate in a deteriorate when contestants start to crack. With a vigour ratcheted adult and a finals within an arm’s length, a smallest mistake can send anyone home. I’d be lingering if we didn’t discuss a stream mood of a “Top Chef” household. Compared to past seasons, a remaining contestants are removing along swimmingly. Although a set will be a lot quieter though Katsuji around, a mood seems impossibly civil, generally deliberation that $250,000—and a pretension of Top Chef!—is on a line.

From day one we betrothed we would be brutally honest with you. And to that end, we have to acknowledge we was wrong about Melissa. If we had told me early on that she would make a final five, we would have suspicion we were crazy. Although we have had her during or nearby a bottom of my rankings given we started them, we have to give her credit for adhering around. In a end, flourishing any part is all that matters, and she’s still around as we enter Week 10. There are no character points on this show. I’m not observant she’s going to win, though we have given her a tough time in this space and we felt like we should give her some kudos.

The updated Ratty Power Index (RPI):

1. Doug: He’s finished in a tip tier any week given a Thanksgiving episode.

2. Mei: She exuded certainty by a whole Elimination Challenge final week and nailed a display of her image

3. George: Finished in a center final week, and that’s not always a bad thing

4. Melissa: A tip 3 finish final week gets her out of a groundwork

5. Gregory: No doubt about it, he stunk adult a corner final week with his presentation, regulating dual opposite proteins for a image formed on “The Raven.” Come on, you’re improved than that.

Quickfire Challenge

If we don’t wish to know who won Last Chance Kitchen final week, you’ll wish to corkscrew down past this to a Quickfire Challenge.

One one thousand…

Two one thousand…

Three one thousand…

Still with me? Awesome.

For a third book of Last Chance Kitchen, my child Katsuji fought for emancipation opposite Katie and Adam who are somehow still kicking around backstage.

Katsuji’s slant for regulating a mind-boggling series of mixture has been a regulating fun this season, and a uncover put it to good use for this book of Last Chance Kitchen. For this week’s challenge, a chefs were given grant blanche to make anything they wanted—as prolonged as it contained a smallest of 20 ingredients. And no, salt and peppers didn’t count. Tom even asked a separated chefs on a set to keep a total of any chef’s ingredients.

True to form, Katsuji bloody past a smallest requirement and had 31 (!) mixture listed for his dish. He done a pescado encacahuatado mole with nuts, dry fruits, and chiles. Katie done an Indian tomato image with yogurt herb salsa and parched spiced eggplant. And Adam went with a Peruvian ceviche. Tom clearly favourite all 3 dishes, though chose Katie for elimination. He went out of his approach to contend that it was some-more about a value of a other dual dishes than a problems with hers. (Cold comfort when you’re strictly separated for good.)

So going into Week 10, Katie is out and Adam and Katsuji live to see another day.

Quickfire Challenge

How did we tarry beginner year? When a dining gymnasium was sealed and my stomach was growling, we reached for a nifty grilled cheese builder (it would substantially be deliberate a “panini maker” today) my relatives bought me. we can’t tell we how many of those we ate while study late, though sufficient to contend it was unhealthy. As we am essay this, we can still remember a ambience of a 99 cent bread and a melted away wrapped slices of American.

Although we was never large on present noodles (I consider ate some-more of it after we graduated), it’s famous as a go-to image for hungry, poverty-stricken students. This being a college city and all, a chefs had to flashback to their chateau gymnasium days by putting their possess spin on ramen. Judging a Quickfire was “Watch What Happens: Live” horde and Bravo majordomo Andy Cohen and his Boston University roommate, Dave Ansel, whom he referred to as “the true chronicle of me.” This being Bravo, Andy couldn’t assistance though his “Real Housewives” reunion shawl possess and ask a contestants that decider they were many fearful of and who on a expel had bending up.

While a contestants has designs on a cupboard to gussy adult a tedious play of present ramen, in came 5 Emerson College students with receptacle bags. Instead of regulating a pantry, a contestants had to select a tyro and could customarily use what that tyro brought. The essence were allegedly grabbed true from their dorm room refrigerators, so a mixture were in several states of mutation and neglect. The chefs had 30 mins to emanate a image and, nonetheless no shield was on a line, a hero would acquire $5,000.


Doug: Ramen with coconut pineapple H2O broth, ham, egg, and grilled tofu

Gregory: Ramen with bacon and pizza broth, fibre cheese, edamame, and Dorito break

George: Ramen chili with prohibited dog, duck wing, and crispy spam

Melissa: Mac and cheese carbonara with fry duck and Frito particle commanding

Mei: Ramen with sharp tomato miso sauce, sushi shrimp, and nori


OK, I’ll acknowledge it: we got really desirous examination some of a dishes, generally Gregory’s and Melissa’s. Gregory scraped a toppings off a pizza to make his broth, and we all stooped to this in one form or another in college. Melissa done mac and cheese ramen with a frito topping, that would be ideal remedy to a late night-early morning. Andy and Dave didn’t have a lot of feedback on a dishes, though their favorites were George’s “SpaghettiO-esque” dish, along with my dual favorites. From a impulse she named her mixture she knew she was onto something, and certain adequate Melissa’s mac and cheese ramen was their favorite. So in a final dual competitions, Melissa has notched a tip 3 finish and a win. Is she peaking during a ideal time?

Elimination Challenge

For this week’s Elimination Challenge, a contestants headed an hour northwest of Boston to Groton, Mass.! Why do we have an exclamation indicate on that sentence? Because we grew adult one city over! In further to being a home of Lawrence Academy and a Groton School, a city also has some good food; one of my favorites is Gibbet Hill Grill. Gibbet Hill was a operative cattle plantation before adding a restaurant, so it has critical farm-to-fork bonafides. It’s a pleasing place to have dinner, and it’s also a country mark to have your wedding. It is positively value a outing if you’re looking for something new, generally on a good summer night.

(Side note: The Webber Restaurant Group, that operates Gibbet Hill, non-stop The Bancroft in Burlington final spring, if you’re looking for something a small closer to Boston.)

Also located in Groton is The Herb Lyceum, that brings us to this week’s Elimination Challenge. (This part didn’t explain a environment during all, though we consider it deserves to be mentioned.)

Owned and operated by Dave Gilson and his family, a grill is housed in a renovated 19th century carriage residence on a drift of a Gilson family homestead. Originally designed to offer as an herbal school, The Herb Lyceum now hosts meetings, functions, and even weddings. Dinner is offering on Friday and Saturday by reservation only, and they also work a farmer’s market in Cambridge, Copley Square, and during a SoWa Open Market.

Boston foodies might also commend a Gilson name interjection to Dave’s son Will Gilson, who initial done his name when he non-stop a Garden during a Cellar in Cambridge in 2007, and many recently Puritan Company in Inman Square in 2012. Within 3 months of opening Puritan, he perceived dual 2013 James Beard Award nominations: Best New Restaurant and Rising Star Chef of a Year. The grill was also named one of Bon Appetit’s “50 Best New Restaurants” of 2013. It was during a Herb Lyceum in Groton where farm-to-table cooking became second inlet for Gilson, who began cooking there when he was 17.

Immediately following a Quickfire Challenge, a contestants were led to a room and destined to watch a video. The images on a shade were a mythological twin of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin cooking on her radio show. The symbolism was obvious: Child’s crossover into radio is a categorical reason a uncover like “Top Chef” exists during all. As a dual baked and drank booze on television, who though Pepin himself strolled into a room with a bottle of booze and a cheshire grin. All 5 of a contestants were gobsmacked as he strode into a room with Padma, darling accent and all.

For a Elimination Challenge, a chefs were asked to emanate a image desirous by Child’s French cooking techniques. The chefs would have 3 hours to prep and cook, and afterwards one some-more hour to finish their dishes a day of a challenge. Before they went shopping, a contestants had a possibility to have a potion of booze with Pepin and collect his mind about Julia’s techniques. Although a few questions were asked, a contestants seemed ideally calm showering in a heat of a vital legend.

Like millions opposite a world, a chefs all seemed to have memories of examination Child on radio when they were younger. Personally, we can still hear Child’s voice echoing by my grammy’s vital room while we played with Matchbox cars. Melissa had an even some-more personal tie to Child: she remembered assisting make a birthday cake for Child when she worked during a Getty Museum. (And for those who forgot, my mother got Julia Child stranded in an conveyor at Summer Shack in Cambridge.)

The concern of a plea hung over a whole episode, and my mother regularly forked out how many vigour was on a chefs. Four hours to prepare a Julia Child-inspired image regulating French techniques for a judges and one of Child’s best friends, Jacques Pepin? Yeah, no pressure. And if that wasn’t enough, also during a list this week were Food and Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin, Julia Child’s good nephew Alex Prud’homme, and 3 powerhouses of a Boston culinary scene: Barbara Lynch, Mary Dumont and Joanne Chang.

As expected, a chefs took opposite tacks in coming a dishes. Melissa focused on regulating customarily a same techniques Child used, while George used a vigour cooker on his veal. Gregory done Coq au Vin, a Child classical he knew he indispensable to nail. Doug knew he was holding a risk in a allotted time with roasted foie gras, though he seemed during assent with a high risk/high prerogative proposition. Mei went with Duck à l’orange—a image Prud’homme announced to be Child’s “death quarrel meal”—but she also put her possess spin on it.


Gregory: Coq au Vin with glassy carrots, fava beans, and snap peas

Mei: Duck à l’orange with turnip puree, orange puree, and glassy vegetables

George: Braised veal with pomme puree, morels, and glassy carrots and asparagus

Melissa: Red wine-braised brief rib with brownish-red butter polenta and jardinière

Doug: Roasted foie gras with roasted peaches, honeyed and green onions, and hazelnuts

Judge’s Table

Taking a plea literally valid fruitful, as Gregory and Mei had a judges’ dual favorite dishes. Gregory’s Coq au Vin was rigidly candid though he executed it perfectly. Mei reiterated that her dish, while classic, had a lot of her possess celebrity on a plate. The judges seemed to perspective it as a tossup, though they eventually named Mei a winner. That’s dual wins in a quarrel for her.

With customarily 5 chefs left, that put Doug, George, and Melissa on a bottom. Tom suspicion a common thesis among a bottom 3 was bad technique, namely that all 3 dishes were undercooked. George certified he knew he was slicing it tighten doing braised veal in 3 hours. Melissa pronounced that, looking back, she would have selected a opposite protein. The judges suspicion her brief rib was malleable and undercooked. Echoing a other dual chefs, Doug also pronounced he didn’t adequate time to lift out his foie gras. The judges were austere that it was undercooked and, in some sections, raw.

In “Top Chef” a prior episodes means nothing, and as if to infer that point, a judges sent Doug packing. It didn’t matter that he had finished nearby a tip for 4 true weeks, or that he was one of a many likeable expel members. Despite his unrestrained for this plea and his enterprise to put out a robust, classical French dish, he usually didn’t have a time to scrupulously lift out his idea. He took a risk, and he paid a ultimate price. we honour that and, on a and side, he has a brief highway by Last Chance Kitchen to get behind to a finals.

‘Top Chef’ Boston Cheat Sheet

Who Should’ve Won

This could have left possibly way. If we were looking for a ideally recreated Julia Child dish, Gregory would be a winner. But a judges seemed to conclude that Mei took one of Child’s favorite dishes and put a turn on it. They rewarded her being somewhat some-more artistic with her dish, and we can’t error them for that. That’s dual true wins for Mei and, spoiler alert, she will be during a tip of my energy rankings subsequent week.

Who Should’ve Been Eliminated

Hate to contend this, though we consider it should have been George this week. Not customarily did he wandering a many from Child’s techniques, though his beef was apparently undercooked and underseasoned. Doug intentionally took a large risk and his foie gras seemed passed on arrival, though we consider he hewed closer to a plea than George. Melissa didn’t accurately light a universe on glow this week, though we can customarily discourse her so many before it gets tiring.

Boston Eye Candy

The Old State House, Emerson College, Zakim Bridge, a Green Line

Insider Info

According to Someone Who Knows, David Gilson strike it off with Tom Colicchio on a day of a filming. Colicchio reportedly desired a plantation and even asked David for a tour. Also value noting: Will Gilson had a print of Julia Child in his younger days when he lived during a Herb Lyceum. Child was his culinary purpose mode, so it was utterly wise that a Herb Lyceum part paid reverence to her. David Gilson even took out a print to uncover a judges.

Weekly 45-Second Interlude During Commercial Break

Not surprisingly, this territory featured Julia Child impressions. Melissa, Mei, and Gregory any took a gash though Meryl Streep, they are not.

This Week’s Lesson

Dan Aykroyd as Julia Child on “Saturday Night Live”

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