Three fun places around Kansas City to shun Black Friday — together

November 26, 2015 - garden totes

Black Friday gobbled Thanksgiving and incited us all into a garland of sell turkeys.

We eat dinner. We give interjection and hugs and well-behaved review with a holiday smiles. But when that dish is over, it feels like a special day is, too. Everyone is mislaid in a sell rush, out to measure a best deal. Or in a food coma. Or examination football. Nothing indispensably wrong with that. Just make certain we find time this weekend for friends and family, too.

I contend shun a shop-till-you-drop slight and have an adventure. Do something different. Here are 3 of a new ways around city to assistance we get in a holiday suggestion of togetherness:

The stadium for all ages

The parking lot of Urban Air Trampoline Park was bustling with cars. On a Sunday morning.

I didn’t get it during first. we looked during my crony JC and asked, “Why are people in Overland Park on trampolines this early on a Sunday?” So we strolled in and got a wristbands — $20 bought us any an hour of open burst and a Warrior Course of obstacles.

I was cold and, I’ll admit, a small grumpy. It didn’t last. As shortly as we watched JC floating on a jumbo pitch and attempting to burst onto some gorilla bars, we smiled. Within minutes, we succumbed to a middle child. We raced any other. We pennyless rules. We ziplined maybe 20 feet on a foam-filled bag and high-fived.

Of a 4 lanes in a Warrior Course, we motionless we have to be tall, nimble and overwhelming to indeed finish Nos. 3 and 4. But that didn’t stop us from swinging, unresolved and climbing on a bars and bags.

Course 1 is where a kids (and middle kids) excel. It’s as elementary as hopping on a few rebound balls, scaling a small froth wall and jumping over a few blocks. JC came in during 23 seconds. we came in during 17. Yes, it was child’s play. No, this did not make it any reduction of a victory. We worked adult a sweat. And it had usually been 30 minutes.

For a final half-hour, we gave in to a trampoline playground. We simulated to be Michael Jordan regulating a trampoline to propel us toward basketball hoops. We never did make it to a rim.

We did laps around a trampoline lane and attempted hopping like a bunny. We played trampoline evasion round until a small lady on my group strike me in a face with a ball. On purpose. We laughed all a same. We finished a journey by jumping again and again into a froth pit. That is freedom. It is a embellishment for life. Sometimes we are going to fall. And sometimes, it will be value it. Even when it isn’t, you’ll learn something.

Urban Air Trampoline Park, 14401 Metcalf Ave. in Overland Park, is open 4 to 8 p.m Monday-Thursday, 4 to 11 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday. Thanksgiving weekend, Urban Air will have a $15 total burst special or $55 for a celebration of 4 that includes two-hour burst passes, 4 slushies and 4 bottles of water. For some-more information, revisit

Alternatives: Jump around in Shawnee or Lee’s Summit at Or conduct over to Olathe for

The artsy escapade

Tucked divided in North Kansas City, one of my favorite small towns, is Dare to Dabble, an open humanities studio. Attached to Luna’s Coffee House, it is an artsy artistic space for pledge DIY crafters and seasoned artists alike.

And when we tell we this place is a smorgasboard of all of your favorite childhood art classes and do-it-yourself projects, trust me.

We spent during slightest 30 mins browsing a shelves and shelves of figurines, frames, glasses, stencils, mosaics, fibers and a like. You can make a shadowbox. You can go full on ceramics. There is decoupage and normal board painting. Or we can customize a receptacle bag. You usually select a craft, squeeze a list and get to work. It’s usually $4 an hour or $12 a day, and a cost of supplies.

We staid on jewelry. My crony Ally picked out a attract bracelet plan and started digging by a drawers to select from unconstrained options of gems and attracts and even bones and Scrabble letters.

I done a terrarium necklace ($24 including a hourly rate). we couldn’t conflict a sorcery of it: a mistake garden in a creation on a sequence around my neck. Crafting is pondering — there’s something about a stroke of operative your approach by a project, reckoning out what we wish to use and how we wish to go about it. It’s as many about guileless yourself as it is directions. And a song during Dare to Dabble is good. Alanis Morrisette, Nico and Vinz — it’s pop, stone and soul.

And when you’re with a friend, there is so many delight and affirmation. Even yet we competence work on dual apart projects, there is something certainly fun about examination any other work and agreeable in with opinions and compliments and new ways to do things. Ally cheered me on when we motionless to insert a selected attract engraved with a quote from “The Little Prince.” we helped her find small letters to paint her father and sons on her goth-chic bracelet ($27 including a hourly rate). Because there’s such a leisure in expressing yourself by art, when we can be artistic with your desired ones, it brings we closer together.

You don’t have to get coffee here, though if you’re going to be out on a biggest selling weekend of a year, we competence as good indulge in a Pumpkin Fireball Latte ($8). Yes, honey. This is roughly like a desired Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks though with a shot of Fireball whiskey. we inspire my 21-and-up throng to provide yourself to one. There’s copiousness of candid coffees and prohibited chocolates, though we got myself a spirit ($2.50) and a peaked latte since because not?

It was usually dual hours out of a day, really. An hour of coffee and anticipating a plan and an hour of creating. But it done all a disproportion in a moods and friendship. Sometimes we usually need a mangle from bars and selling and sitting on couches together. Sometimes we need to make something, feed your middle artist.

Dare to Dabble, 1329 Swift Ave. in North Kansas City, is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday-Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday. You can haven a category (journal making, booze potion painting, onesie art and mosaics are usually a few options). And when we book a party, we can move food and drink. There are opposite tiers, though prices start during $200 for a celebration of eight. For some-more info, revisit

Alternatives: Have a paint celebration during in Overland Park or in Briarcliff, Prairie Village, Leawood or Lawrence.

The poser machine

Maybe we consider being sealed in a room with your family — or anyone — sounds like a nightmare, though shun bedrooms in Kansas City are flourishing. There are dual in a River Market, another in Johnson County and one entrance to Lee’s Summit as good as Lawrence.

Why do people wish to be stranded in a room and forced to figure a approach out? Because it’s fun. It’s a mental examination and a master category in teamwork. With clues, thatch and tip compartments, we feel like we usually hopped out of a Mystery Machine a la Scooby-Doo and friends.

Breakout KC in a River Market offers 4 diversion rooms: Room 13 (a hotel room we can’t remember checking into), Szechuan Secret (undercover CIA op), River Quay Casino (Think “Ocean’s Eleven”) and a Truman Room (there’s a mole in Truman’s campaign).

You don’t get to preview them forward of time. (They don’t even wish cameras in a rooms. We were told to put a phones away.) What is disclosed is a shun rate for any room. None are easy. The slightest difficult appears to be a River Quay Casino: 33 percent successfully mangle out within an hour. Each room binds adult to 8 people, though even if we have a packaged party, it’s tough work reckoning your approach out (there is an puncture symbol if we need to use a lavatory or get out).

We went for a Truman Room, called a many difficult mystery. There were usually dual of us, so Bandita and we were grouped with a organisation of 4 friends. Initially, we had stress about problem-solving with strangers though we became one large group as shortly as that doorway close and a timer started ticking.

You rest on one another. We had someone in assign of reading each intensity clue, dual people on keys, a chairman on drawers and dual some-more acid each pointless corner. Sixty mins fly by fast. There are so many keys to find and pointless thatch to open. You can’t phone a friend. But we can ask for 3 giveaway clues. Any some-more than that and it hull your finish time.

Our group used each tip and second. Literally. During a really final second, we punched in a multiple to shun and missed it by one digit. The diversion screw had to let us out. Despite losing, we had fun. Every final one of us wanted to try a new room another time.

As to not hurt anyone’s knowledge we won’t tell we some-more than that. I’ll usually contend that it’s tough to not feel closer to people after you’ve attempted to shun together.

Breakout KC, 114 W. Third St., No. 101, is open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 9 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday. Make reservations during

Alternatives: Break out of Overland Park during or Kansas City’s

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