This CBB montage of Andrew Brady and Shane J will make we realize you’re not over #Shandrew only yet

January 27, 2018 - garden totes

This CBB montage of Andrew Brady and Shane J proves we're not over #Shandrew only yet
Shandrew is perpetually remembered in montage form (Picture: Channel 5)

After Andrew Brady was evicted from a Celebrity Big Brother final night, we suspicion that we could hoop saying Courtney Act though her other half in a Celebrity Big Brother house.

But after examination a drenched montage posted from a central CBB Twitter account, we’re only not prepared to let these dual go yet.

Andrew – who was a initial to be voted out during final night’s triple eviction, followed closely by Jonny Mitchell and afterwards Daniel O’Reilly – was closest to a former RuPaul Drag Race competitor during his time in a house.

Speaking final night to press about his tighten attribute with Shane J – who also goes by his drag name, Courtney Act – a 26-year-old revealed he suspected Shane competence have had a small vanquish on him during his time in a house.

‘I had an inkling that he did imagination me, that to me wasn’t a thing. As prolonged as you’ve got a right intentions and a right poise around any other it’s fine.

‘The fact that Shane certified he fanciful me is zero to me whatsoever. I’m heterosexual and I’ve not got a problem with anyone who isn’t. we do admire Shane and consider he’s an extraordinary character, though for me he was innate with a wrong genitals from where we stand!’

Shane and Andrew common a lot of touching moments during their time in a residence (Picture: Channel 5)

Now their tighten attribute has been immortalised in a pleasing montage shave that combines all their best moments into one totes emosh video and – spoiler alert! – alongside unequaled looks, laughs and cuddles, there’s an awful lot of clips of their arses.

Andrew was evicted after a moving integrate of days in a house, with a former Apprentice star falling out with associate competitor Ann Widdecombe over face-to-face nominations.

Andrew laid into Ann for mentioning his family during face to face nominations on Thursday night’s episode.

Andrew Brady was evicted from a residence final night (Picture: PA Wire)

She was indignant with a him and Shane J for their play-fighting, and when Andrew pronounced he didn’t realize a former MP was examination them, Ann retorted: ‘Your mom and your grandmother roughly positively did.’

The Apprentice star was mad that Ann had brought his family into it, and vented his frustrations to a other housemates in a garden.

‘She’s a c**t,’ he raged. When Jonny Mitchell and Ashley James reminded him of Ann’s age, he quipped: ‘She’s a c**t who’s an aged lady.’

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight during 9pm on Channel 5.

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