These Red, White, and Blue Home Accessories Work for Memorial Day and Beyond

May 22, 2017 - garden totes

In respect of a unaccepted start of summer (Memorial Day Weekend), move a small additional Americana into your home with these 6 accessories. The best part? They’re so decorative, we don’t have to put them divided once a holiday is over.

Serena Lily

Star Sheet Set, Serena Lily ($128-$228). 322 Montauk Hwy., Wainscott, 537-5544

Dream of sleeping underneath a stars? This soothing printed square set is a subsequent best thing. Mix and compare with opposite chuck pillows and covers to adorn your bed in mixed styles.

Jayson Home

Pom Pom Thin Stripe Picnic Blankets, Jayson Home ($125 each). 3 Madison St., Sag Harbor, 899-4994

Whether we receptacle these to a beach, lay them out in your backyard to watch fireworks, or stretch them opposite your couches, these striped upcycled string blankets are as comfy and friendly as they come.


Ceramic Striped Column Lamp, Hildreth’s Home Goods ($366). 51 Main St., Southampton, 283-2300

No one will second theory how most we adore a U.S.A. with this ceramic striped light that combines both antique and healthy elements. It’ll seamlessly element a rest of your beachy taste as a nautical-inspired accent square once Memorial Day is over.


Riso and Corbezzolo Medium Miglio Pillow, Avec Arcade ($550). MONC XIII, 40 Madison St., Sag Harbor, 803-3333

A few stripes here, a few stripes there—snag one of these beautifully woven pillows for any cot and chair. The textured fabric gives a stripes a fun, 3D-like effect.

Restoration Hardware

Large Vintage Illuminated Marquee Star, Restoration Hardware ($169). 69 Main St., East Hampton, 907-1300

Let any room in your home gleam with this statement-making, vintage-style unresolved steel pendant.

Fresh American

Star Swedish Indoor/Outdoor Pouf, Fresh American ($209). Neiman Marcus, Roosevelt Fields, 630 Old Country Road, Garden City, 516-638-0500

This star-patterned pouf will supplement a stylish seating choice or act as a ideal feet rest for indoor or outside parties this summer.

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