These Allentown students are training how to garden in civic spaces

March 9, 2018 - garden totes

At first, Marilyn Reyes was demure to strech into a enclosure of wriggling earthworms set before her in a high propagandize chemistry lab.

But a critters were a essential partial of a compost bin she was building during Allentown School District’s Building 21 on Thursday, and it didn’t take prolonged before a 16-year-old was swinging one between her fingers, gesturing and joking with a dark quadruped in hand.

“I don’t unequivocally like bugs,” Reyes pronounced after a worms strike a dirt. “But it’s an opportunity, so it’s OK.”

Reyes and her classmates set adult personal compost bins on Thursday morning as partial of their civic cultivation class. They collected around benches in a balmy lab, layering cosmetic containers with soil, journal and unfeeling bits churned with a splash of coffee grounds.