Their Clothes May Be Soiled, Ill-Fitting, and Random, though Schlubs Are a Force for Good

May 27, 2016 - garden totes

Despite Thom Browne and Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs; notwithstanding a metrosexual, a Brooklyn hipster, and a arise of Insta stars such as Nick Wooster; notwithstanding all a mandals, man-totes, wrist-scapes, and man-buns; in annoy of it all, a Schlub is still with us. As if in greeting to a tellurian mania with fashion, a poignant and flourishing series of today’s group sojourn willfully indifferent to a summons call of la mode. It’s paradoxical: We live in a enlightenment that concurrently privileges conform though increasingly celebrates a Schlub. The party universe is stuffing adult with style-oblivious megaschlubs. Jonah Hill, Paul Giamatti, and Seth Rogen are a Gigi, Bella, and Karlie of this movement. Jack Black is a Kendall.

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