The Incoherence of Knowingly Eating from a Tree of Knowledge for a First Time

January 25, 2018 - garden totes

To many essential people, a story of Adam and Eve is mystic during most. But to a lot of other people, it annals a genuine event. However, even taken symbolically, there are some vivid judicious hole. I was recently on a Naked Diner podcast and mentioned this one, that I’m certain many of we will know about, though here goes anyway.

Adam and Eve were punished, and it seems they were punished for eating from a Tree of Knowledge when categorically told not to.

As Genesis 2 states:

Out of a belligerent the Lord God caused to grow every tree that is appreciative to a steer and good for food; the tree of life also in a midst of a garden, and a tree of a believe of good and evil….

15 Then the Lord God took a male and put him into a garden of Eden to favour it and keep it. 16 The Lord God commanded a man, saying, “From any tree of a garden we might eat freely; 17 but from a tree of a believe of good and immorality we shall not eat, for in a day that we eat from it you will certainly die.”

The ungainly partial to this story is that, as we can see, they are told not to eat from a Tree of Knowledge. This was a dignified authority and violation it would be implicitly bad. One supposes that, in sequence to mangle this command, one must know they are doing wrong, or differently this is not wrong per se, and any punishment is unwarranted.

They have, Adam and Eve, as of yet, not partaken in such fruit. They have no believe of good and evil. Therefore, any commercial that is dignified by inlet will not be accepted or famous to be dignified by this pair.

They are tempted by a serpent. But, again, they have no thought of good and evil, and so the thought of enticement (whereby to give into it is implicitly deficient, and a movement they are giving into is also implicitly deficient) should have no dignified value to them.

The dual components that make adult a dignified analysis here are shabby in terms of Adam and Eve given they have no believe of this. It’s like carrying a order that anyone who sits on a sold dais should be punched in a face for profanity opposite a bench, and afterwards punching dual people who lay down on it, though anticipating out they had usually listened a order in a denunciation they didn’t understand.

Now, if a Fall is a reason we are all removing punished, with pang and impiety and whatnot, afterwards there is an combined substructure of sum irrationality to be combined to a education of such a terrible scenario.

Or, it’s unequivocally immorality to review a book called a Book of Evil, though we can usually find out it is immorality to do so by reading a book in a initial place!


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