The Adorable Japanese Cat Game Everyone Was Obsessed With Is Now in English

October 30, 2015 - garden totes

Image: Hit-Point

Remember Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector? It’s that Japanese mobile diversion where we buy fish, toys, and other treats to captivate cats into your garden and grow your pool kingdom. we wanted to play it since it looked totes adorbs and cats are cool, though it was usually accessible in Japanese, and I’m a small recurrent compulsive about personification games perfectly. The suspicion of blank something or unsatisfactory one of my cats was too most to bear.

Luckily, a new refurbish to Neko Atsume adds an English interpretation to a diversion on Android, with an English interpretation entrance to a iPhone “very soon.” This is according to 8-4, a association that specializes in localizing Japanese games for a West, that was hired to interpret Neku Atsume.

Yutaka Takazaki, plan manager during Neko Atsume developer Hit-Point, told The Verge that a association motionless to interpret a diversion to English since it became such a warn strike outward of Japan.

“When we done a diversion we weren’t meditative about unfamiliar users—we were usually meditative about a Japanese audience,” he said. “It’s really useful that a village is assisting any other out.”

Indeed, a integrate of Motherboard contributors were so spooky with it as well, to a indicate where they used Japanese interpretation apps to figure out accurately what their cats wanted, and how to get some-more cats.

Thanks to this new translation, that’s not going to be such a poser to people who don’t pronounce Japanese. Cats, however, sojourn a mystery.

You can download a English chronicle of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector from Google Play.

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