Taylor Tote Wins Home Grown Video Award At Garden State Film Festival

April 12, 2017 - garden totes

Taylor Tote Wins Home Grown Video Award At Garden State Film Festival(ASBURY PARK, NJ) — Even yet Taylor Tote has won several awards before, this one was special.  The Jersey Shore artist’s latest respect was winning a Home Grown Video Award during a 2017 Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City, NJ.  What done this endowment so special is that a strain is about fighting childhood cancer, was co-written by a childhood cancer survivor, and a video spotlights several children who conflict a illness each day. Sadly, a video now also serves as a reverence to Mia McCaffrey (one of a stars in a video) who upheld divided on Mar 17.

The strain was co-written by Natalie Grace Gorsegner, a childhood cancer survivor, and her sister Hannah Rose.  The strain itself is uplifting, heartbreaking, and inspiring, though a video takes it to a new level.  Viewers are taken into a universe of cancer survivors and fighters.  We see their faces and we hear their voices. The video includes over 20 children from a tri-state area who have possibly survived cancer or are now fighting it.  The strain reveals their spirit, their fight, and their expostulate to kick a disease.

“When a lightning strikes / a rumble in me fights / we won’t stop until we win.”

“Words can't demonstrate my thankfulness for a extraordinary group we have around me,” pronounced Tote. “‘I couldn’t be some-more unapproachable of everybody concerned with a ‘Fighter’ video. I’m so happy that we can combine all of a opposite passions and spin them into something life and universe changing. Not usually do we have a good strain that Natalie, Hannah, and we wrote along with a talent of my positively illusory band, though we have a suggestive and critical story. It’s an extraordinary film that deserves each bit of approval it can get!”

The singular might be purchased online  — all deduction from a sale of a singular go to appropriation childhood cancer investigate by Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer.

“There are too many people to appreciate and too many smashing things we could say, though a volume of thankfulness we reason in my heart is always there and it’s outrageous and strenuous during times,” continued Tote.


The video was constructed by Right Stuff Studios with Peter Chamalian – Director of Photography/Editor, Kostas Lymperopoulos – Director/Producer and Mike Hamlett – Production Manager/ 1st AC.  Andrea Verdone Gorsegner, a owner of Infinite Love For Kids Fighting Cancer, was a Executive Producer for a video.

Taylor Tote Wins Home Grown Video Award At Garden State Film Festival

Pictured L-R Mike Hamlett, Peter Chamalian, Kostas  Kostas Lymperopoulos, Andrea Verdone Gorsegner, Taylor Tote and Margaret Fontana. Photo by Garden State Film Festival.

“Fighter” has been noticed over 100,000 times online and created adult in large publications including a inhabitant underline in Joan Lunden’s blog.  The long-time horde of Good Morning America called a strain a “must download!”

“This is all I’ve ever wanted,” explained Tote. “I’ve always wanted to use song to change millions of people’s lives and we feel like I’m finally means to do that. I’ve found a means really nearby to my heart and that means so most to me and being means to incorporate my song into that is incredible.”

Taylor Tote Wins Home Grown Video Award At Garden State Film FestivalUpcoming performances for a Taylor Tote Band embody a child cancer advantage on May 6th during Bar Anticipation in Lake Como, NJ for “Mya Warrior’s Jam” and a uncover during Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park on Jun 9.


About Taylor Tote

Taylor Tote was named as one of a “25 must-hear internal bands” by NJ.com and has perceived mixed Asbury Music Award nominations given debuting on a song scene.  In further to ancillary childhood cancer research, Tote has achieved for and supports nonprofits such as Light of Day and Holiday Express. For some-more information revisit www.taylortote.com or on Facebook.

TOP PHOTO: Taylor Tote shown with Natalie Grace Gorsenger and her sister Hannah Rose.

BOTTOM PHOTO: Taylor Tote with Kostas Lymperopoulos the Director/Producer of a video.

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