Streetfighting girls pierce from Coulon to Garden Avenue | POLICE BLOTTER

July 5, 2015 - garden totes

The following information was collected from Renton Police Department box reports.

An attack during Gene Coulon Park during about 6:45 p.m. Jun 14 changed to Garden Avenue North, where an estimated 3 dozen teenaged girls got into a outrageous travel fight.

After a initial fight, one conflicting sent a Facebook summary to a other girl, severe her to “round 2.”

Apparently there’s been a lot of play between a girls. Mace was sprayed during a quarrel on Garden Avenue circuitously Lowe’s.

The teenagers began to sunder as officers arrived. One of them was intensely agitated, screaming during a officer, “stop articulate to [her]” and “get out of [her] face.”

A throng of between 30 and 50 immature people had gathered, formulating a “very pell-mell and dynamic” scene.

Detectives were reviewing a box for probable charges, nonetheless a officer remarkable there was “mutual aggression.”

“The stage was one of some-more formidable to routine due to a perfect miss of team-work and initial feeling toward law enforcement,” an officer wrote.

WOMAN THREATENED WITH CHLOROFORM: A 19-year-old Auburn lady was attacked of $20 Jun 4 by 4 group who threatened to invalidate her with chloroform and kidnap her if she didn’t spin over her money.

The strong-arm spoliation happened during about 9:40 p.m. outward a Safeway store on South Third Street.

Officers incarcerated a 4 group circuitously Logan Avenue South. The plant identified a one who took her $20.

The think denied holding anything and told officers he was during a circuitously stop shopping pizza, though nothing of a group had a pizza.

The 23-year-old think was arrested for review of second-degree spoliation and requisitioned into a King County Jail. An officer found a $20 check in his pocket.

A $1,025 STEALING SPREE: A 35-year-old Renton lady picked out a container during Walmart on Rainier Avenue, afterwards walked to a sports dialect where she picked out a football, that she put in a cosmetic bag.

She picked out a drink, consumed partial of it, afterwards put a rest in her purse. She walked out of a store, where she was stopped by a store confidence officer who found 63 equipment value scarcely $745 inside a bag.

After she was arrested, a Renton Police officer found IDs belonging to others and additional stolen items, for a sum burglary of $1,025.

Inside a hide-a-key box in a purse was a transparent bright piece a officer famous as methamphetamine that she pronounced belonged to her nephew. She was now confronting transgression charges for drug possession and theft.

She was requisitioned into a SCORE informal jail.

On Jun 16, she reported that someone had used a Visa label that belongs to her mom that had been confiscated by her impediment officer. She suspects a officer spent $417 during Nordstrom’s regulating a label and wants to record burglary charges.

CAR PROWLED: A laptop and receptacle bag were stolen during about 5 p.m. Jun 14 from a car parked during a Renton Community Center.

A back newcomer window was broken. The plant is a 72-year-old Ellensburg woman.

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