Steve Matthews’ Aqueduct selections for Saturday, Jan. 16

January 15, 2016 - garden totes

Best Bet: PRINCE ZURS (9)

Best Value: CHIEF OF STATE (6)

FIRST: Gonna Find Her gathered parsimonious work add-on for debut; debility of margin is selection’s strength. Freudsalm is rapid though has mislaid belligerent in a line in each start; hoop with caring during brief ticket. Good Laugh creates initial start for Linda Rice; stay tuned to a tote.

SECOND: Real Estate Rich was a fast-figured leader in final and now creates initial start given claimed by Rudy Rodriguez; pairs up. Mack Miller drops after confronting pricier final week; dangerous on ‘A’ game. Upgrade gathered parsimonious work add-on for initial start given claimed by David Jacobson; right in a thick of this.

THIRD: Stormin Monarcho dismissed half-mile bullet final week and owns quick behind figures. Kid Cruz could be a primary customer if gait meltdown ensues. Turco Bravo indispensable final and could be ideally positioned in a stalker’s seat.

FOURTH: Dravite gathered endurance-building work add-on for debut; primed and ready. Bermuda Triangle, another newcomer, hails from manly first-out barn; follow a money. Midnight Surfer was finished in by bad start final time; dangerous. Hard Hitter tallied plain numbers when an even fourth in debut; contingency consider.

FIFTH: Next Right drops and projects as a speed of a speed with assertive ride. Regal Minister also is fleet-footed and looms on front-end hazard on best. Oliver Rush could be a garden mark if gait meltdown ensues. Indian Nobility is another that would be aided by quick fractions; cost will be tempting.

SIXTH: Chief of State was gait and position compromised when an even fourth in last; brazen pierce predicted. Little Popsie dismissed half-mile bullet given front-running measure in last; really dangerous. Black Tide logged 4 parsimonious works given final start; contingency consider.

SEVENTH: Box Office has a advantage of a rail and owns quick final fractions on best efforts; rates tighten call in quarrelsome route. Celebrated Talent was separated during a start by serious event out of a embankment final time; really playable. Cerro is speedy, drops and owns quick numbers; right in a thick of this. Classic Giacnroll indispensable final and owns quick late gait figures; value prolonged look.

EIGHTH: Whateveruwant gathered 5 parsimonious works given ultra-game fixation in final during Lrl; call formed on cost potential. Eighty Three tallied quick late gait figure when a hard-charging leader final week; really dangerous. Classic Salsa, a three-time leader on a winterized oval, is rapid and gets auspicious cutback to 6 furlongs; contingency consider.

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NINTH: Prince Zurs is roving a two-race winning strain and owns quick behind figures; gets three-peat. Storm Pursuit fell plant to quick fractions final time; dangerous with softer flow. Mar Too binds pointy form and ships in from Prx; big-time player. Star of New York wheels behind in a precipitate after being claimed by Jacobson on Sunday; contingency be considered.

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