Steve Matthews’ Aqueduct selections for Monday, Jan. 18

January 18, 2016 - garden totes

Best Bet: NON STOP (5)

Best Value: HEAD SHRINKER (8)

FIRST: Over My Head is roving a brazen line on late gait and final figures; call formed on price. Miss Rickles is rapid and starts from a rail; dangerous. Voila La Victoire drops dual cost levels; contingency consider.

SECOND: Branded Hand packs manly late flog and owns discerning behind numbers. City Steel could play out as a determining speed with assertive ride. Beautyinthepulpit is training neatly for initial start in 45 days; value prolonged look.

THIRD: Green Gratto projects as a speed of a speed. Dads Caps could be in a garden mark if tip preference hits a wall in a lane. Alex a Terror regressed in final after fast-figured win in prior; bounce-back threat.

FOURTH: Fakeittilumakeit was a front-running second in final and should have some-more to give in second start on winterized surface. Joey Cap adds blinkers after being compromised by far-reaching outing final time; should improve. Borrowed Dreams was reduction than dual lengths behind tip preference final time; right in a thick of this.

FIFTH: Non Stop logged softened middle and final total when a even third in last; some-more to come. War Academy tallied plain final fragment in last; dangerous. Draxhall Woods was a definite leader a initial time he overwhelmed a middle track; big-time player.

SIXTH: Regifting is complacent and notched usually win on a middle strip; call formed on cost potential. Quibbler was a front-running leader in initial start on a winterized oval; really dangerous. Bonnie K is rapid and adds blinkers; contingency consider.

SEVENTH: Kowboy Boots creates discerning quip and gets category service after unwell to impact 9 days ago; alleviation predicted. Chelios creates initial start given claimed by Danny Gargan; some-more than good adequate on ‘A’ game. Ogermeister indispensable final and owns rival numbers on best efforts.

EIGHTH: Head Shrinker logged hard-charging measure in initial start on a middle oval; pairs adult during playable price. Clipthecouponannie lived adult to complicated receptacle support when a ‘geared down’ leader in debut; really dangerous. Trulamo bounced final time after hard-charging second dual back; miscarry threat.

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NINTH: Bustin to Get Home is roving a brazen line on late gait and final figures; call in wide-open nightcap. Thunderbumms is training with a purpose for initial start given non-threatening debut; value prolonged demeanour during prolonged price. Hangry drops and contingency be factored into a brew if means to shun a AE list. D.S. Boyd, another that needs scratches to get in, should urge with further of Lasix.

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