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October 9, 2014 - garden totes

This was my fifth outing to Gainesville — and Shands — in a past several weeks and one thing we do have to criticism on is usually how cordial, well-behaved and accessible everybody there is. This relates to doctors, nurses, aides, techs, food use — everybody we’ve encountered. They all seem to be super nice. I’ve been to Munroe Regional and Ocala Regional a series of times and have never been treated shabbily during possibly place, though a good folks during Shands have taken being super good to new heights.

Several years ago, DB spent 35 days during North Florida Regional Medical Center, also in Gainesville, and we found a staff there to be well-behaved as well. But Shands, so far, has been a best of a lot.

Hmmm — maybe it’s something in a water, y’think?

CRAFT FAIR: we know it still seems flattering early though we usually checked my calendar and there are usually 78 days left until Christmas. But never fear, there will be lots of opportunities to open adult your wallets to obtain some goodies before a large day.

William P. Steinberger wrote: “The Annual SummerGlen Craft Fair, sponsored by a SummerGlen Gourmet Club, will be hold Nov. 8, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in a Grand Hall.

“There will be a far-reaching accumulation of crafts for sale, including purses, totes, singular jewelry, strange artwork, floral arrangements, handmade cards, etc. Door prizes, raffles and refreshments will be available. Profits satisfied from this eventuality will be donated to internal charities.

“Directions: Exit 341 off Interstate 75 toward Dunnellon. Go a entertain mile and spin left during a light onto Southwest 20th Avenue Road. Follow signs.”

SAY WHAT?: Ocala’s Peg Jones wrote: “I usually saw something in a Star-Banner that reminded me of an occurrence final spring. Pioneer Garden Club was asked by a Silver Springs government to offer suggestions, labor and assistance expelling outlandish plants and replacing with local plants.

“After a prolific examination of a drift we retreated to a room for a meeting. The boss asked if there was any new business. One round boss announced they had a new member, a 103-year-old ‘bird caller.’ we was sitting subsequent to her and was stunned. ‘Wow. A 103-year-old-bird caller. I’d like to see that!’

“Laughter came from all around me. It seems what she indeed pronounced was ‘103-year-old ‘Bert’ Collar.’ we kept meditative of an aged chairman out in a woods during 5 a.m. going ‘woo-woo.’ we laughed all a approach home.”

FLASH MOB: Dunnellon’s Harold Sansing wonders if you’d like to look in on a London peep mob. It’s unequivocally utterly a lovable small video. You can find it at:

THAT’S AMORE: Gainesville’s Kathy Mehl wrote: “We were pushing west on State Road 200 nearby (County Road) 484, when we detected an Italian Restaurant named Amore, tucked divided beside a former Chevron gas station. It was Sunday, so many of a other restaurants were closed, so we motionless to try Amore. We both ate eggplant parmesan with a side of spaghetti with homemade marinara, as good as a inexhaustible salad and bread sticks all inclusive. It was glorious and a server, Donna, was wonderful. Are we wakeful of this place?”

Yes, we am, Kathy. I’ve been there twice, had good dishes both times afterwards wrote about them; this was not prolonged after a place opened.

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