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December 2, 2014 - garden totes

Early Christmas shoppers had a accumulation of selling options recently: Black Friday, Nov. 28, Small Business Saturday, Nov. 29, and Cyber Monday on Dec. 1.

Kingsburg proprietor Nancy Sharp is an disciple of tiny business selling each week of a year.

“I do many of my selling in Kingsburg,” she said. “The good thing about going to a store here is that we can lift on a conversation. People here hail we by name. It is what gives we that village feeling.”

Sharp pronounced a same certain selling knowledge can be pronounced of selling in Selma and other tiny Valley communities.

Small Business Saturday, also famous as Shop Small, is a selling debate by American Express. The day was initial promoted in 2010 and is celebrated a Saturday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday represents large sequence stores charity low prices and afterwards there were Thanksgiving Day sales for revolutionary shoppers.

Small Business Saturday meant opening one’s wallet in town.

Sherman Dix, a male behind a Kingsburg business devise foe Launch Pad, explained a advantages of Small Business Saturday.

“Small businesses are during a selling waste during a holidays as Black Friday becomes an increasingly bigger selling event,” Dix said. “Small Business Saturday helps to turn a personification margin by reminding people of a singular present options that can be found during a locally owned stores.”

Mike Nelson, owners of Nelson’s Ace Hardware in Kingsburg, pronounced Black Friday was a good success.

“The store only had a best Black Friday weekend sale ever,” Nelson said. “Although Small Business Saturday was a good day with sales adult company-wide 48 percent, it was a slowest of a three-day Black Friday sale that indeed started on Wednesday. This was a initial year we a started a Black Friday sale on Wednesday, that incited out to work unequivocally good for us.”

Customers, Nelson said, enjoyed a hassle-free shopping.

“They didn’t have to quarrel a outrageous crowds of people and traffic,” Nelson said. “This will be a initial Christmas deteriorate for a new Kingsburg location, so we unequivocally don’t know what to design going into a deteriorate though we have been agreeably astounded during how good this store has finished so far.”

Nelson pronounced a store gifted a patron count boost of 66 percent during a 3 days.

“We have been sanctified and a idea is to share that blessing with those around us in a community,” he said.

Tim Alexander, co-owner of For a Birds inside a Village Mall, pronounced business was good on Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday. The garden décor and present emporium hold extended hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

“We had a good day,” Alexander said. “We had a lot of people entrance in and selling Christmas gifts. we consider this year’s Shop Small day was improved than final year.”

Alexander was gratified with clever sales on Friday. The store charity discounts to appreciate shoppers for their business.

“I consider some of those people were doing their emporium tiny selling Friday rather than go to Fresno and elbowing their approach by stores there,” Alexander said.

Alexander hopes a increasing business will continue via a holiday season.

Julia Bridges of Trinkets Treasures pronounced a commune featuring some-more than 16 vendors was packed with shoppers as well.

“It was a unequivocally bustling day during a store. It was non-stop,” Bridges said.

The emporium offers all from home décor to valuables to tutus for small ballerinas. Bridges pronounced Christmas décor; jewelry, scarves and toys were tip sellers.

“We had cookies prepared and scented candles going,” she said. “We finished a store unequivocally welcoming. We had utterly a few people from out of town.”

Debbie Mac Attyre of Mac Attyre Clothing Boutique finished shoppers feel welcomed by charity 25 percent off all in a store for Shop Small Saturday.

“It was a small bit slow, though steady,” she said. “It was not like we suspicion it would be. we consider it only wasn’t publicized enough.”

Mac Attyre figured shoppers were out selling for big-ticket equipment during a large box stores.

“The Ladies Night Out eventuality [held on Nov. 6 and promoted by a Kingsburg Merchants Association] was unequivocally successful for a store,” she said.

Janice Borba of Bling Queen Boutique saw lots of shopper’s out-and-about on Small Business Saturday.

Her store, that facilities clothing, purses, boots and accessories, charity Black Friday prices on Wednesday.

“We did unequivocally well,” Borba said. “There’s zero we would have finished differently.”

Among Kingsburg’s newest sell charity is Mitt we Dalen, a present and home décor store charity Central Valley-made items.

Co-owner Diana Watson pronounced their sales were improved on Small Business Saturday than on a Girls Night Out selling event.

“It was solid and good all day on Saturday,” Watson said. “We were open after than normal hours. We sole a lot of potion Christmas ornaments, holiday signs of ‘Joy’ and ‘Noel.’ People who came currently were here to shop.”

Watson, who owns a store with Kim Regier, pronounced a giveaway blue Shop Small reusable receptacle were a large hit.

The owners used amicable media to assistance move in business and charity sales and raffle items.

Meanwhile, Jun Hess, owners of Kingsburg’s buttress Svensk Butik was gay to see sprightly business on Black Friday.

“Business was good on Saturday, though Friday was even better,” Hess said. “I was shocked. Before a large box stores charity their large sales, business here was a best of a lives. The large box stores came and a sales dropped.”

For Hess, a pull to “shop small” was a success.

“The selling was consistent on Friday,” she said. “I sole a small bit of all including books, electric candelabras and food items.”

Sharp, who changed here in 1979 from Palo Alto, pronounced her weekly selling includes all from grocery trips to a Kingsburg Super Market to breakfast during a Dala Horse grill (or lunch during Cosaro’s Family Pizza) to holding a dry cleaning to Kingsburg Cleaners.

“The dry cleaners is unequivocally accommodating,” Sharp said. “And a Mexican Bakery subsequent doorway [Ideal Home Bakery] has good breads.”

Sharp pronounced sequence stores in Kingsburg like Walgreens and CVS are accessible as well.

“You get to know a staff,” she said.

And Sharp adds a pink ice cream during Baby Cakes Ice Cream shouldn’t be missed.

“I also adore a store For a Birds,” Sharp said. “I have bought dual birds from that place.”

For a record, Sharp does emporium during Kmart and spent Saturday, Nov. 29 antique selling with out-of-town guest in downtown Visalia with a stop during Hanford’s Superior Dairy for ice cream.

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