Selfie Sticks yield annoying daze in open places

February 27, 2015 - garden totes

Selfie Taker

Selfie Taker

Freshman Sara Kathryn Westbrook takes her daily selfie outward of Bolton, Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014, in Athens, GA. (Photo/Tyler Cain).

Hannah Gray

Hannah Gray

Posted: Friday, Feb 27, 2015 11:45 am

Selfie Sticks yield annoying daze in open places

Hannah Gray


Millennials are mostly deliberate to be zero some-more than narcissists consumed with technology. Inventions such as a Selfie Stick usually supplement fuel to a glow and concede for a ostensible self-obsessiveness to strech new heights. Users are famous to receptacle their Selfie Sticks with them in box a print event presents itself, and in a box of this generation, each singular impulse in a day is a good adequate reason to snap a selfie.

The materialisation has turn so permeating and entire that some places,  including several museums that are endangered with a reserve of their collections and displayed works, have done motions to anathema a use of a sticks on their premises.  According to a New York Times, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and a famous Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City have banned a use of Selfie Sticks.

The reasons for a bans branch from a dangers Selfie Sticks poise to design and visitors is a categorical source of concern. The museums wish for their visitors to suffer personal space, that would be confirmed on by a participation of an fervent Selfie Stick wielder. Furthermore, a staff also wishes for a arrangement of pieces to sojourn unrestricted by protecting glass, a prevision required if furious Selfie Sticks are on a loose.

I find it humorous nonetheless unhappy these actions had to be taken and these manners imposed. Museums are home to cinema themselves and for visitors to feel a need to take a design of a design steals a knowledge museums are dictated to have. Art does not have to be, and should not be, appreciated by a lens of a camera when a event to admire it firsthand is available.

This transformation is contemplative of a era since it offer proves how many can't suffer activities if not by a lens of some arrange of technology. Museums used to be sufficient sources of party and their collections able of enthralling visitors’ attention, yet it would seem this impact is mislaid on a generation.

We are so accustomed to a presumably normal amicable function of consistent communication with record that we destroy to entirely see a universe around us. Museums are not here to offer a purpose of provender for one’s Instagram or Twitter.

I am unsurprised though bargain of a Selfie Stick anathema imposed by many open places. Our era could use a pull in a right instruction when it comes to bargain amicable practice approaching of people in open spaces. we pledge that nobody wants to see your face interference a pleasing work of art estimable of muster in a museum.   

— Hannah Gray is a sophomore from Roswell majoring in English and repository journalism

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Friday, Feb 27, 2015 11:45 am.

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