Self-proclaimed dumpster diver finds funeral dwindle in Tempe rabble bin …

May 27, 2017 - garden totes

TEMPE, AZ – A Valley masculine who likes to demeanour for seat and antiques in dumpsters stumbled adult on a funeral dwindle tossed in a trash. Coming from a clever troops background, a masculine is now on a goal to lapse a stars and stripes to a family of a desired one who upheld away.

Pete Reyes lives in a distant easterly Valley though likes to come to Tempe in hunt of treasures.

At a Garden Grove Apartment Homes in a area of Kyrene and Elliot, he detected something that should never be trashed.

“It was disfigured backward,” pronounced Reyes. “I pulled a receptacle brazen and looked in and found a flag, a funeral flag.”

Reyes’ father served in a Korean War, his grandfather served in WWI and his son is now enlisted in a service. He was repelled that someone’s bequest could be disrespected.

“I competence sound patriotic,” pronounced Reyes. “I get that from my dad; a many nationalistic masculine in a world. He desired this country. And this bothers me.”

Reyes put a print of a dwindle on his Facebook page, anticipating to widespread a word and find family members of a owner.

In a meantime, he bought a support for it and displays it right along side his father’s and his grandfather’s flags in his home.

“Out of honour for a soldier,” pronounced Reyes. “He’s different to me. we don’t know if it’s male, female, eremite background, we unequivocally don’t care. He served a country.”

If we have any information on a dwindle or wish to get in hit with Reyes, we can email him during

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