Seahawks Take 2: A 12th Man embraces change, from healthy food to womanlike refs

August 21, 2014 - garden totes


Admittedly, bringing my possess caprese salad to a Seahawks’ diversion competence have been a bit much.  But we am perplexing to welcome change and eat healthier.  Not that a two-foot prolonged prohibited dog is external a area of probable for me.  we could substantially eat two.  But I’m saving my additional calories for grill in Kansas City.  We’re going this year to an divided diversion with a friends Chuck and Melissa, and I’ve vowed to eat grill during any meal.  we figure if we eat strategically during a home games, my divided diversion feeling will have reduction external effect.

“Are we serious?” Jen asked.  She was looking during my small GladWare tray of tomatoes.  These were a low paint of roughly purple, sprinkled lovingly with gray sea salt, ornate with basil from a single-pot garden, and dressed with an additional virgin, cold-pressed Italian olive oil from a tree Yvonne, Jen’s best friend, got me a integrate Christmases ago.

“She didn’t get it for you,” Jen pronounced to me.  “It’s ostensible to be for us.”

“Right,” we said.  “You can consider that, yet we both know a truth.”  we winked.  Really, we didn’t know any truth.  we usually favourite a small tins of olive oil that started nearing a following spring.  When Yvonne gave us a adoption papers over a holidays, we suspicion it was one of those “do-gooder” unsubstantial gifts.  Like adopting a zoo animal or an iceberg.  we didn’t consider we indeed were going to get something out of a deal.  So we was astounded and beholden when this incited out to be a fondle we could unequivocally play with.

I use it daily, and we didn’t see anything wrong with bringing a small ambience along with me to a initial preseason game.  “Yes, we am serious,” we told my wife.  “I review a regulations.  You can move your possess food to a game.”

She shook her head.  we watched her strech for her phone.  “You’re not indeed going to take a picture, are you?” we asked.  Jen confirmed overpower and messaged my appetiser to a small organisation of Seahawks’ friends.

Change was all around on Friday night during Century Link.  It wasn’t usually me.  Fans could take cinema of themselves in front of a hulk Super Bowl XLVIII pointer a Hawks erected underneath a northwest stands.  Inside a track there were upgrades of a video inlet with a few new screens and updated graphics on a scoreboard, that transposed a monochrome Lite Brite things from seasons past.  Nothing dramatic, yet forked changes.

Even a Seahawks looked a small different.  Not so most compared to their common winning home presence, yet positively when set opposite final week’s tedious preseason opener opposite Denver, that had all a sparkle of a prosaic soda.  we was a small shaken during initial on Friday night with a Chargers, yet as a Hawks’ changed a round downfield with confidence, my stress dissipated.

After Robert Turbin crossed a idea line, we reached into my NFL-approved transparent cosmetic receptacle for a subsequent march of my track dish — peppered turkey with arugula and deli mustard on a Macrina baguette.  we was mid-bite when Jen pronounced something weird.  “Is that a woman?”

“I didn’t notice,” we said.  It’s automatic and accurately what I’d contend even if Ashley Judd sat down subsequent to us, and I’ve had a vanquish on her forever.  It’s my matrimony protocol.  Do not notice another lady when we are with your wife.  It’s bad form and can usually lead to trouble.

“Right there,” she pointed.  “One of a officials.”

“I can’t tell,” we said.  It felt like a trap, and even yet we could clearly see Jen was correct, we refused to acknowledge it.  Only after she pulpy again, did we acquiesce.  “Might be,” we offered.

As we sat there finishing my Hawks’ Box (there were apricots, too, and a Ghirardelli dim chocolate block any for me and Jen), we attempted to remember if we had review something about a probability of womanlike refs in a NFL.  we hoped so.  We now have womanlike sportscasters and sideline commentators, that fact would have been improbable behind in a “Leave It to Beaver” re-run days of my childhood.  Now a network’s element of group and women is de rigueur.  we favourite a possibility.

It’s what we stress to my boys.  Be who we are no matter what someone else says.  Find out what we adore and pursue it opposite obstacles and criticism.  Belief is a absolute thing.

Nick and we had had a review usually days before  He spends summers with us and a change of a year in Texas with his mom.  It’s my possess unlawful situation.  we have dual children.  Jen and we have none.  And yet she loves my boys as if they were her own, a existence remains.  It’s something we can't change.  Opportunity for us looks opposite than what we had expected, yet if we welcome what we have, we know a possibilities will grow.  And we’ll denote for Nick and Chris how to live good in annoy of setbacks.

Nick and we were on a cot articulate about all from cello lessons to true teeth.  He’s about to enter seventh grade, and he’s training a weight of governmental pressure.  It turns out that not everybody in his round thinks personification an band instrument would be cool.  Boys usually don’t do that.  They go out for football.  That’s because he has me and Liberal Bootcamp, a tenure we use for his Seattle summers.  we insist that carrying your possess ideas is improved than following a norm.  Be kind.  Be yourself.  And above all, be kind to yourself.  Fitting in might be a easiest path.  But if we are claustrophobic like me, it can be suffocating.

On Saturday, we searched a Internet for acknowledgment of what we saw during a game.  And buried low somewhere in a universe of tweets and comments were a few lines from Bob Condotta announcing that Sarah Thomas was a line decider in a Seahawks’ second preseason game.  we was intrigued.

A former college basketball actor and now a curative sales representative, she has officiated football during a high propagandize and college levels.  This year she worked a Cleveland Browns’ minicamp.  Along with Maia Chaka, she is partial of an NFL developmental program, that could move womanlike officials into a unchanging deteriorate in 2015.

This is ground-breaking.  we had never approaching to see a on-going NFL.  But as we continued my searches, we found some-more developments.  Like W.O.N.  Women Officiating Now.  It turns out that a NFL presented a Women’s Officiating Academy in Charlotte, N.C., in Jul to inspire seductiveness among females.

I like a approach we are headed, and carrying a lady on a margin as partial of an officiating organisation seems to me no some-more laboured than carrying Earl Thomas returning punts.  Both are plausible.  So, here’s to anticipating that Earl will run one behind with Sarah observant he was in-bounds all a way.

Clinton Pawlick and his wife, Jen, live in North Seattle. They adore a Seahawks, good friends, Washington reds, and their dual cats, Malcolm and Ink Pot Pie.   

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