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June 27, 2016 - garden totes

More than a third of all sell sales expansion final year was from online, according to a U.S. Department of Commerce. Subtract all a products people usually don’t buy online – fuel, cars, etc. – and e-commerce final year logged $342 billion in sales, or roughly a dime for each dollar spent.

Some are forecasting a e-retailers’ share will grow to 20 cents by 2020.

I do not doubt such forecasts. Not when a third of American households have an Amazon Prime criticism and shipping giants such as FedEx complain about being tender during a holiday selling season.

The “clicks” are really here to stay. But that doesn’t meant a “bricks” are going away. Even revolutionary online shoppers can acknowledge there’s no surrogate for indeed venturing into a community, walking into a store, touching merchandise, shopping it “real time” and enjoying it that really day. we contend all that to prologue a elementary question: What’s a subsequent “big thing” to strike a internal sell market?

This doubt isn’t rhetorical. Ponder it for a impulse and ask yourself what major, inhabitant tradesman – including restaurants – would we wish to see cocktail adult in this stately stream segment of ours?

Try to be realistic. Don’t contend Ikea or Bloomingdale’s when we know they wouldn’t locate in a marketplace a size, which, by a way, is No. 92 on a list of America’s 382 largest metro areas (Look out Toledo, Ohio – No. 91 – we’re gunning for you!).

And try to be creative: Wish for something some-more than a Wal-Mart closer to your home. Besides, we competence not be happy if that wish indeed came true.

This practice is all about stores and restaurants that could – and maybe should – be in this market.

The possibilities are immense. With 4 intensely fruitful blurb zones many screaming “develop me” – Grovetown’s Gateway, Evans’ Mullins Crossing Phase II, Augusta’s Village during Riverwatch and a soon-to-be-redeveloped Aiken Mall – there is copiousness of accessible genuine estate.

What? You wish to hear my picks? Since we asked:

World Market: Also famous as Cost Plus World Market, this 277-store San Francisco-based sequence is full of heterogeneous home furnishings and décor from around a globe. I’ve been to one in Savannah and one in Lexington, S.C. – a closest one to us – and we was impressed.

You will be, too, if we like a thought of a cranky between a less-spendy Pottery Barn, a kitschier Bed Bath Beyond and a Pier 1 that sells beer.

Trader Joe’s: Since we’re on a wicker, booze and cheese vibe, we competence as good list this crowd-pleasing bonus grocer from California that’s best famous for inexpensive though high-quality private-label products. Did someone contend Two Buck Chuck?

The nearest plcae is in Athens, a city one-quarter a size. Hey, we’re a university town, too!

Chipotle Mexican Grill: Technically, this Tex Mex-meets-salad bar judgment shouldn’t be on a list, for a Whiskey Road store in Aiken means it’s already here. But Aiken isn’t tighten adequate to validate for many of a 350,000-plus people on this side of a stream or a 1,242 people who “like” a “Bring Chipotle to Augusta” Facebook page.

I recently spoke with an editor during QSR Magazine, an attention trade publication. He was repelled a Denver-based sequence hadn’t built in Augusta correct years ago. Given a spate of difficulty this “fast casual” sequence has seen in a past year, we shouldn’t reason a breath. “If we don’t have one by now,” he said, “you competence not be removing one.”

Jack in a Box: Ahhhh … we skip these guys from my college days, when a “Colossus” burger (no longer on a menu) was a ideal approach to tip off an dusk of revelry. Augusta-Aiken already is jam-packed with burger joints, though we know in my cholesterol-clogged heart of hearts that there’s room in this burg for during slightest 3 of this San Diego-based chain’s rooftops. Maybe a Jack will wander down this approach from South Carolina’s Upstate region. Or maybe not. Road outing anyone?

Dave Buster’s: Know what else they got in a Upstate? This grown-up chronicle of Chuck E. Cheese’s where adults can, according to DB’s copyright slogan, “Eat, Drink, Play and Watch Sports.” There’s also one in Atlanta.

I would consider that all a immature dudes and dudettes during Augusta University and Fort Gordon could assistance support this sports bar on steroids, even if a Dallas-based company’s site pattern says a marketplace falls brief by about 100,000 people.

The Cheesecake Factory: Honestly, if Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden and Red Lobster can flower in this market, there’s no reason this casual-dining sequence famous for a outrageous menu and 30 cheesecake varieties couldn’t be slammed with people each night of a week. From what we can see, a lot of folks here would be receptive to a inexhaustible portions. One only non-stop in Greenville, S.C. Man, a Upstate is on fire.

So whom did we leave out? Who are your favorites?

Feel giveaway to let us know by The Augusta Chronicle’s Facebook page or a criticism territory of a website.

A “CHAIN” THAT’S ALREADY HERE: You’ll never theory who is No. 82 on a National Retail Federation’s tip 100 list. Or maybe we will if we work for Uncle Sam. The Defense Commissary Agency.

That’s right, a Defense Department’s at-cost sell operation for use members and their families. Its $4.8 billion in sales final year eclipsed Nieman Marcus, Burlington Coat Factory and Williams-Sonoma.

According to a federation, a Fort Lee, Va.-based group had 179 stores, including a one during Fort Gordon.

STILL, NO BASS PRO: “It’s transparent Bass Pro Shops will revitalise a Village (at Riverwatch) project.”

What rascal wrote that? we did. In this really column. Eight years ago.

In my defense, officials with a mega tradesman – and a internal officials who courted them – did contend a 100,000-square-foot Village during Riverwatch store was a finished deal.

Not that it matters many anymore. The site is now assigned by a 42,000-square-foot Cabela’s, which, as Securities and Exchange Commission filings reliable this month, is in partnership talks with Bass Pro.

If Bass Pro does acquire Cabela’s, a doubt of either it will ever build here substantially goes from “unlikely” to “never.” Why would it cannibalize itself in a marketplace that already has a Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports and Gander Mountain?

Anyway, many folks in these tools substantially wrote Bass Pro off for good when it corroborated out of a second internal site – where a Gander Mountain now sits – behind in 2013.

ONE LAST THING ABOUT STORES: I’ve beheld a few people holding dogs that don’t seem to be use dogs into establishments other than pet stores. And this was prolonged before “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” that was Friday.

Now, we adore animals as many as a subsequent person, though we would hatred a increasingly pet-obsessed enlightenment to strech a indicate where people feel they need to receptacle Precious along on each latte run.

Call me old-fashioned, though we see difficulty brewing by holding nonworking dogs into grocery stores and home alleviation stores.

Consider this: people can frequency collect adult after themselves at a food court. What are they going to leave behind when they move Fido?

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