Salem Nonprofit Almost Quadruples Donations

December 22, 2014 - garden totes

A Salem nonprofit has been beheld for quadrupling a volume of uninformed furnish it donated to food banks this year.

Last year, Salem Harvest collected tighten to 80,000 pounds of food, regulating volunteers to reap fields and collect fruit from behind garden trees.

But this year, it collected roughly 300,000 pounds.

Janzen Squash Field, Aug 2014

Janzen Squash Field, August 2014

Courtesy of Salem Harvest

Charity clamp president, Elise Bauman, says they got some-more volunteers concerned and visited some-more farms. But she says a pivotal was to ask farmers for help.

“Generally we’re out there with only a hands and buckets and baskets, we have an ATV with a trailer on it,” she said.

“But when we have a rancher out there on his tractor with a car that can take 8 totes, instead of an ATV with one tote, and a receptacle like this bin that’s like a watermelon bin, it only goes so most some-more faster and it’s so most more efficient.”

The USDA found that 15 percent of Oregon households were “food insecure” over this year.


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