"Sailor Moon" x Q.pot. Cafe Serves Up Delicious and Dainty Food

June 7, 2015 - garden totes

Q-pot., a Japanese code of jewelry, has entered into a partnership with a folks behind Sailor Moon to move us a really special Q-pot CAFE., that will offer adult tasty Sailor Moon treats as good as special Sailor Moon jewelry.


First off is a beautiful Crystal Star Macaroon, that facilities a same informed imitation we can see on Usagi’s badge right on a macaroons. You can also buy a attract that looks only like it.






Then we have a Flower Garden tea, with a tiny rose that’s meant to channel Tuxedo Mask. The other special drinks change tone when we fist a lemon into them!




The Rainbow Moon Chalice parfait looks as beautiful as it does delicious.




The special Sailor Moon cupcakes will be served on special coasters we competence wish to collect as well.




Finally, see if we can get your hands on a special Sailor Moon receptacle bag.


Are we means to check out this honeyed cafe? Consider yourself super lucky! Let us know that is a tastiest!


[via Tokyo Otaku Mode]


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