Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria executive Tim Entwisle on a best and misfortune tools of Melbourne

July 5, 2017 - garden totes

The trainer of a Botanic Gardens wants to give Nick Cave a tree update.

First memory of Melbourne?

Arriving from a nation (Euroa) during age 10 and vital in Alphington, beside a Yarra River. we schooled to boat during Fairfield Canoe Club, something we continue to do currently in a Yarra.

Professor Entwisle would like a destiny confront with Nick Cave after a thespian planted a tree in a Melbourne Gardens.Professor Entwisle would like a destiny confront with Nick Cave after a thespian planted a tree in a Melbourne Gardens. Photo: Eddie Jim

Best thing about vital in Melbourne?

The Melbourne Gardens of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, of course. we started work there as a vacation tyro in 1980, and after stints in Sydney and London we returned in 2013. It is one of a world’s many pleasing botanic garden landscapes. And afterwards there is a coffee … my favourite coffee place during a impulse is The Final Step in South Yarra.

Worst thing?

The misfortune thing is also a best: wise cars, trams, cycles and pedestrians on a roads!

Melbourne’s best kept secret?

Sadly, a Cranbourne Gardens (of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria). A stunning, and multi-prize-winning Australian garden set within changed local heathland, though for many Melburnians even, unknown!

Best takeaway?

The duck burrito and Mex-Bim-Bap salad from Fonda (Hawthorn), to share with my mother Lynda. Also a good souvlaki or doner kebab from wherever I finish up.

Guilty pleasure?

Seeing a loud garage rope during The Tote or The Corner Hotel.

Most memorable plate you’ve had in Melbourne?

Attica was quite special, though also a (now ex) Union Dining and, if we had to collect a sold dish, a gnocchi during Romulus Remus in Hawthorn.

How would we make Melbourne better?

Creative inlet strips and some-more good civic solutions such as a open space combined by a dismissal of turn crossings between Caulfield and Dandenong (I am amatory my purpose as chair of a Community Open Space Expert Panel for this project).

Who would we like to strike into on a travel and why?

Nick Cave on a revisit from a UK. To locate adult and tell him how a tree he planted in a Melbourne Gardens is going (well, as it happens).

Favourite building in Melbourne?

I like a Exhibition building in a garden environment and a inside of a Capitol Theatre in Swanston Street.


Sigh…the Pies…Yes, we know.

Describe Melbourne in 3 words.

Creative, charming, cheeky.

Tim Entwisle is director and arch executive of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

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