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August 27, 2015 - garden totes

“Use it up; wear it out; make it do, or do without.”

— New England proverb

The Rooney Bin saved a integrate of trees this month. We’re going immature with a large blue bin. Last month, Republic Services forsaken off new recycling containers during 45,800 St. Johns County residences. The 95-gallon carts are pronounced to fit a footprint of a former tiny cosmetic tubs for plastic, cans, potion and paper. However, a Rooney Bin garage doesn’t have space for wheeling a new taller versions in and out.

“Ugh! These things are huge. You could put a physique in there,” we thought. (I assure we my spouse, a Binmeister, is still alive and well.) My call to ask about switching to a smaller chronicle went directly to voice mail. Humph! We’ll give it a try, though who has this many recycling? Indeed, Republic Services picks adult an normal of 300 to 350 tons of element a day. Mr. “Neat,” aka a Binmeister, was discerning to indicate out that my home bureau could fill utterly a few bins.

I detected he was right after determining to purify out fill-in files for 14 years’ value of weekly Rooney Bin columns. The initial few throw-aways were painful. Then we started transfer things willy nilly. Recyclable manners anathema regulating cosmetic bags, though paper grocery sacks are perfect. we save them too. (I fit a form of a paper hoarder.) In further to cosmetic containers, cans, potion and newspapers, we filled a enclosure with paper, bags and bags of paper. Egad, it was heavy. we had to get Binmeister to pull it to a street. Fearing I’d trite it, we peeked out of a blinds to see if a lorry would take it. No problem. Now I’m on a recycle roll.

Republic bails a collected recyclables, that are afterwards purchased by other companies nationally and internationally. Did we know: if all newspapers were recycled, 259 million trees would be saved any year; appetite saved from recycling a potion bottle can run a 100-watt light tuber for 4 hours or a compress fluorescent for 20 hours, and, as environmental romantic Denis Hayes said, “Listen up, we cot potatoes; any recycled drink can saves adequate electricity to run a radio for 3 hours.”

I grew adult in a world, where we saved and reused … well, everything. Now I’m hauling boxes of books to Seymour’s kindly used bookstore during a library. “These specialty cookbooks will fly out a doorway during a semi-annual book sale,” Seymour’s proffer said, “but some of these paperbacks are so aged and ragged we’ll have to toss them out.”

“Just do it. we don’t wish to consider about it,” we replied.

Look out. Here we come Goodwill, Salvation Army, Vietnam Veterans and organizations with preservation stores, such as a Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry and a recently non-stop Church of Eleven22 Hope’s Closet.


Several hundred people attended a Aug. 21 grand opening of Hope’s Closet in a piazza during a southwest dilemma of Beach Boulevard and San Pablo Road. The 15,000-square-foot preservation store has taken over space once assigned by Winn-Dixie. It’s partial of a initial proviso of The Church of Eleven22 that in 2014 Outreach Magazine named as one of a “top 100 fastest flourishing churches in a country.” The church, located during a finish of a piazza nearby Hobby Lobby, has an normal assemblage of about 6,000 people for Thursday by Sunday services. Eleven22’s goal is “a transformation for all people,” priest Joby Martin said. “In a universe abandoned of hope, where there’s Jesus there’s hope.”

Hope’s Closet sells affordable donated and new sell in a sell environment to account a church’s Transformation Center programs and to support method partners. “All a sell we see when we travel in, we done possible,” executive executive of operations Shawn Maxwell told a throng before a badge cutting. “That fit and those boots make it probable for someone to go on a pursuit interview. That marriage dress will make some girl’s dream possible.”

Store manager Corie Whidden cut a badge and folks swarmed a aisles acid racks of garments for all ages and sizes, many apparatus sell for an normal $4 apiece. Also offering are kindly used home goods, toys, books and seat as good as new apparatus from method partners Okoa Refuge, Rethreaded, McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation, The Carry Cross and Alfies Clothing. Store hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday.


BEAM operates dual preservation shops, one in Jacksonville Beach and another in Mayport. But on Aug. 15, BEAM gave things divided during Beach United Methodist Church. Donated new or kindly used garments and propagandize reserve helped BEAM yield students from low income families with a happy start to a propagandize year. They began backing adult a day before Back to School with BEAM non-stop a annual wardrobe and propagandize supply giveaway, executive executive Susan King said.

The Exchange Club operated a prohibited dog mount outward a church. Inside, proffer Scott Wiley educated tiny groups available their spin during racks and racks of jeans, shorts, T-shirts and dresses in all sizes, belts, purses and shoes, as good as backpacks filled with paper, scissors, pens, pencils and glue sticks. Each youngster was entitled to 10 apparatus of wardrobe and a span of boots or a $15 Payless ShoeSource present card. The Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra Beach granted bottles of H2O for parched shoppers, and Dignity U Wear donated new underwear and socks.

BEAM boss Paul Lambert sorted boxes of hangers. “I’m conduct of hanger management,” he joked. “We’ve used some-more than 5,000 hangers.” He was one of many volunteers on palm to assistance folks like a Jones family find what they need. Shanica Jones herded her 4 children, ages 3 to 14, from garments to backpacks. “This is a initial time. We only changed here from Indiana,” she said. “It’s so organized, so appreciated.”

First-time proffer Lainey Hayden helped Eugene Viullanueva find wardrobe for his boys, ages 5 and 9. “It’s a unequivocally cold experience, amazing,” she said. And Viullanueva, a singular parent, agreed: “Oh man, they’re giving assistance we need.”

“The many extraordinary partial of this is a village support we get; it was inspiring,” BEAM artistic coordinator Shivani Kanji said. In further to people who proffer and present wardrobe and funds, Home Depot supposing totes and loaned selling carts to assistance people to their cars. Target donated present cards and cosmetic bags for propagandize supplies. Other sponsors were Rotary Club of Deerwood, ECConcrete, Berkshire Hathaway and Berry Co. Real Estate.

Back to School with BEAM has helped low-income Beaches families for 22 years. This year, 855 kids in K-12 were given with clothes, backpacks and supplies. “We also sent 100 backpacks with propagandize reserve to internal schools,” Kanji said.

BEAM helps Beaches-area low-income families and people by emergencies and guides them to confidence by providing lease and application assistance. It also operates dual food pantries and an organic garden and offers nutritive educational programs. For some-more information, revisit or call Kanji during (904) 241-7437, ext. 112.

■ Also assisting a back-to-school throng is Blessings in a Backpack. And assisting Blessings is a Riverwood Women’s Club in Nocatee. The club’s overdo advisory committee, co-chaired by Donna WeMett and Lynn Paul, collected donations for a nonprofit that feeds propagandize children. During a week, they rest on a federally saved Free and Reduced Meal module for meals, though they are during risk of going inspired on a weekends. Linda Kracker headed a free effort. Club boss Debbie DeRemer said a bar perceived contributions of $2,645 for a plan by a finish of July. The infancy of a supports were destined to children during Valley Ridge Academy Blessings’ program. More than 26 children will advantage during a 2015-16 propagandize year.


K9s for Warriors distinguished a graduation of 3 bleeding warriors who have finished a three-week march that pairs them with use dogs specifically lerned to yield comfort, assistance and a dog bond with troops group and women who humour post dire highlight disability, dire mind injury, and/or troops passionate trauma. This was a 181st group of K9s for Warriors graduates, though a second category of warriors and their dogs to connoisseur from a new Nocatee campus. The initial graduation during a trickery enclosed 8 teams of womanlike soldiers and their dogs.

Executive executive Rory Diamond emceed a Aug. 20 rite and presented a few critical statistics. “Eighty-six percent of a warriors are means to revoke a volume of medicine they take for PTSD, and 92 percent have fewer suicidal thoughts,” he said. Then he announced skeleton for combining a partnership with Purdue University’s Center for a Human-Animal Bond to “take adult a tough scholarship and go to association to get some-more support for programs.”

Shari Duval founded K9s about 4 years ago to assistance her son Brett Simon and others returning from fight with PTSD. Simon was a troops dog handler in Iraq. He now heads a K9s dog training program, regulating in many instances rescue dogs. He presented certificates of graduation to a Army soldiers during a ceremony: Sgt. Will and his black lab partner Beemer; Sgt. Rocco with Sherman, a St. Bernard/Lab mix; and E4 battalion dilettante Mark with black Lab companion Jolly.

Will said, “the time we spent here has been unequivocally good. More than helpful.” Rocco listened about K9s from a maestro during a VA in Columbus. “He knew we was going by a lot of stuff. we was on a K9s watchful list for 14 months.”

For some-more information, revisit


Now I’m cleaning out a dim recesses of Rooney Bin storage closets anticipating to find something profitable as a bonus. In 2012, workers in a French winery detected $1 million in bullion coins in a rafters of an aged building. All I’ve found is some-more paper, and apparatus done archaic by a digital age — aged computers, cameras that use film, cassette and VHS tapes and recorders, as good as a tiny dinosaur skeleton. Binmeister says it’s a petrified lizard. Darn!

Republic metropolitan selling manager Jenni Janssen said, “since we started a rollout, a recycling tonnage has increasing by 40 percent.”

I’m happy to help. Now if we could only get Binmeister to purify out a garage, your tonnage would unequivocally soar … and I’d have room for my pleasing new blue bin.

Jackie Rooney is a freelance author who lives in Ponte Vedra Beach. Contact her during

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