Romeo comparison heads nonprofit that turns animal food bags into totes

May 9, 2018 - garden totes

A smoke-stack of animal feed bags wait stitches.

A smoke-stack of animal feed bags wait stitches.

Transforming used dog food bags into value has turn a personal goal for one internal senior.

Sharon Therrian of Romeo is owner of Tote Bags of Love, a nonprofit that gives filled repurposed bags to a homeless, needy children, veterans and active military, comparison adults and others. Tote Bags of Love has donated 3,000 bags given Therrian started a 501c3 gift in 2014.

The classification has supposing bags to McRest, Oakland County Head Start, Trinity Lutheran Church in Utica, St. Margaret of Scotland Church in St. Clair Shores, and other organizations.

Therrian founded a nonprofit after she volunteered to make a few bags on her own. The direct for a totes grew and before prolonged Therrian had a flourishing nonprofit classification on her hands. “I’m a propitious lady and we can't demonstrate to we how good it creates we feel to assistance others,” she said.

Tote Bags of Love collects used animal feed bags and afterwards volunteers, lead by Therrian, renovate them into weatherproof totes. These bags are filled with several personal hygiene products and other simple necessities and afterwards donated to charities that support a homeless.

“Not usually are we assisting people, though we’re also assisting a sourroundings by branch something that would differently be rabble into something useable,” Therrian said.

Donated element is sewn into multipurpose bags that offer as possibly backpacks, string bags or totes that hang on walkers, wheelchairs or strollers. These bags are done from dropped upholstery samples that Therrian receives from seat stores.They’re filled with all from propagandize reserve to hygiene products.

In sequence to put together so many bags Therrian hosts prolongation parties. Throughout a years, she’s sponsored events during a Sterling Heights Senior Center and during other locations such as comparison vital communities. In April, she hosted her initial prolongation eventuality in several months during a Washington Township Municipal Building.

Therrian has had several health issues in new years, and, as a result, had to take a interregnum from prolongation of a totes. She was anxious to horde her “welcome back” celebration final month, and hopes to supplement some-more to her report soon.

At prolongation events, volunteers who know how to stitch use machines to erect a bags. Those who can't stitch can prepare, cut, and arrange animal feed bags or upholstery samples. Therrian is a seamstress and sews during a events as well.

Therrian brings all a required reserve to prolongation events, including complicated sewing machines. To horde destiny events, she needs volunteers means to assistance pierce a machines and complicated totes from her minivan into a building. She hopes to horde all destiny parties during comparison centers.

“I consider it’s critical to give a seniors a purpose and they unequivocally suffer operative during a prolongation parties,” Therrian said.

In addition, Therrian is in need of reserve to fill a totes. She takes donations and also hosts fundraisers in sequence to buy items. Her subsequent fundraiser is set for Oct. 7 during a Wyndham Garden in Sterling Heights.

For information on Tote Bags of Love, revisit their website during, or hit Therrian during 586-914-7744 or

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