Rock a Garden 2017 superstar revealed: Bon Iver!

December 14, 2016 - garden totes

Next year’s book of a annual Walker/89.3 a Current-organized song fest is threefold significant:

First, it outlines a lapse to a Walker, as last year’s sweaty, mostly successful event took a construction-related tarry to a gardenless non-island famous as Boom Island Park in Minneapolis. Second, it’s a lapse to a single-day RTG during a Walker format (the ’13 and ’14 installments were two-day affairs). Finally, it’s a feel-good story of a regionally dear returning champion — Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Bon Iver achieved during a fest behind in 2008. 

Tuesday’s early exhibit of a marquee RTG act comes with some strings and/or perks, depending on a standing of your Walker and/or Minnesota Public Radio membership. That’s since a pre-sale scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday — only in time for your gift-focused holiday of choice! — will be disdainful to those tote-bag crowds. Tickets — $64 ubiquitous admission; $300 VIP — can be scooped up here. Expect a rest of a lineup to be denounced in April.  

The Bon Iver parable should be informed to anyone who’s review this far. The group’s mastermind, Justin Vernon, found impulse amid a mononucleosis, heartache, and siege of his family’s Wisconsin cabin a decade ago, ensuing in a warn folky hit, 2007’s For Emma, Forever Ago. The desirous sophomore follow-up, 2011’s Bon Iver, Bon Iver, scored a Grammy, and September’s fractured, beautiful, and confidant 22, A Million is nominated for two of ’em

Live Bon Iver dates are something of a monument — a final Minnesota uncover came 5 years ago. Vernon’s extracurricular ambitions substantially have something to do with that. Outside of side gigs with Volcano Choir, a Shouting Matches, and Kanye West, a principled 35-year-old became a budding boutique hotel magnate and done time to launch a critically lauded song festival in his hometown, a Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival.

That latter fulfilment presents an engaging doubt for subsequent summer. Vernon headlined Eaux Claires for a initial dual runs, even debuting 22, A Million live from a Chippewa Valley drift in August. However, a fest, that is located about 1.5 hours easterly of a Twin Cities, was bumped adult to Jun 16-17 for 2017 — roughly accurately a month forward of Rock a Garden. 

So, will we get back-to-back months of Bon Iver, or will Vernon confirm to palm over Eaux Claires headlining duties? That answer is as unknowable as Bon Iver lyrics … during slightest for now. 

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