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March 8, 2017 - garden totes

PERU, Ind., Mar 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The secretly held, 135 year aged W.C. Redmon Company, in dilemma try with TCI Corporation of New Zealand is introducing 13 new equipment during a 2017 Housewares Show. “These new equipment will be displayed in counter N6900, and embody a far-reaching operation of consumer products from application and food storage to gardening equipment and unstable flooring”, pronounced Peter Redmon, President of W.C. Redmon Co. Inc. “We supplement several new equipment each year that simulate changing trends in today’s lifestyles.”

Visto is a uninformed food storage solution. It is a ultimate storage complement for a countertop, pantry, fridge and freezer. The crystal-clear, modular pattern is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, mark and break resistant and has an modernized indisputable hermetic lid system. Visto Store Stack is made from BPA giveaway triton® copolyester. Available in a operation of permitted sizes and lids are interchangeable.

Gridmat, a many advanced, cost-effective unstable flooring complement permitted today, was recently combined to Redmon’s product line. It is lightweight, tough wearing and easy to implement while stealing energy cables. The Gridmat tile complement can also be used as a semi-permanent aspect on weed as it allows expansion by a holes in a surface. The weed can even be mowed. Gridmat is a law injection created product made from higher quality, high impact, UV stabilized polypropylene. Gridmat is intensely strong. A 2-ton car can be driven over it with ease. Order Gridmat center, side, trim, and dilemma pieces that simply arrange to fit a preferred size. The trim pieces have a peaceful slope adult to a flooring level.

The Compost Bin, permitted in Forest Green or Black, offers buyers an easy approach to compost during home. The 65 gallon and 108 gallon sized bin both come with a extensive composting guide.

Redmon now offers contemporary block flower pots with saucers in Terra Cotta and Forest Green colors. Both are permitted in 5 gallon and 10 gallon sizes. Also permitted is a low-cost Garden Hose Hanger with integrated doorway for protected storage of equipment and/or sprayer projection and is UV resistant for prolonged life.

Redmon has extended a line of careful storage bins and totes. From a stackable drawer units in several colors to a transparent perspective trays and totes with lids and a wheeled-underbed storage containers, there is a tone and distance for each buyer, even a splendid colored line appealing to kids.

These new equipment and some-more will be displayed in Redmon’s counter N6900 during a 2017 Housewares Show commencement Mar 18 by Mar 21, 2017 in Chicago. For some-more information, visit:

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For over 130 years a Redmon Company has been provision American retailers with quality, organic and affordable products for a home and family. Our permitted and permitted staff has a sum joining to patron satisfaction.

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