READER’S VIEWS: Important choosing deadline this week

October 14, 2014 - garden totes

Posted: Monday, Oct 13, 2014 12:00 am

READER’S VIEWS: Important choosing deadline this week

Michelle White, Culpeper County Registrar

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Next to Election Day itself, this arriving Tuesday Oct. 14, is a many critical date on this year’s choosing calendar. Why? Because Oct. 14 is a final day to register to opinion or to refurbish your registration if you’ve altered or altered your name. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to do so.

The Virginia State Board of Elections voter registration website ( is a one-stop emporium for induction to vote, checking your registration status, or updating your voter information. In sequence to safeguard a well-spoken Election Day in November, we wish to inspire all Culpeper County electorate to take a notation currently to check out a website and make certain your registration is adult to date.

How do we know if I’m purebred to vote?

You can check your stream voter registration online during Click on a blue symbol that says “Update or View Voter Record” (it’s a one on a right). You will need your personal information (either your Voter ID series from your voter registration label or a final 4 numbers of your Social Security number). Be certain to name “Culpeper County” from a “Locality” pulldown menu. I’m already purebred though I’ve moved.

If we have altered and your voter registration does not simulate your new address, we need to refurbish your voter registration in sequence to sojourn authorised to vote. It is your shortcoming to keep your voter registration adult to date. The same blue symbol “Update or View Voter Record” will give we a option.

I’ve never purebred to opinion before.

If we are a Virginia proprietor and are not purebred to opinion we can also use a website. You will need your Social Security series and your Department of Motor Vehicles Identifier (Driver’s License or ID number) or Customer Number accessible in sequence to finish your registration online.

If we need to dump off voter a earthy registration form, or ask questions, we can also come by a bureau located on a second building during 151 N. Main St. on Tuesday (we will be sealed Columbus Day). All registrations and updates contingency be finished by Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Michele L. White is a General Registrar of Culpeper County. 



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