Rand Paul Has a Few Festivus Grievances

December 30, 2014 - garden totes

Who needs Santa when there’s George Costanza?

That seems to be a opinion of Sen. Rand Paul, who took to Twitter on Tuesday to applaud Festivus, a holiday combined by Costanza’s father on Seinfeld. For a second year in a row, Paul intent in one of a holiday’s many traditions: a airing of grievances.

Paul’s grievances ranged from a critical (attacking a Obama administration on a NSA and a Patriot Act, as good as what he sees as greedy supervision spending on “Swedish massages for rabbits”) to lighthearted complaints (“Politics doesn’t engage adequate puppies. People like puppies.”).

The Kentucky Republican also mentioned several intensity GOP rivals in 2016. He praised Rick Santorum, famous for wearing sweater vests in 2012, for using a “fashion brazen campaign.” Paul avoided reopening his new push over Cuba process with Marco Rubio and simply wished a Florida Republican “an early Merry Christmas.”

Yet while Frank Costanza combined Festivus as an choice to Christmas and some Americans unequivocally do seem to provide it as such, Paul might not be holding a holiday so seriously. In his last tweet, he wished his supporters a “Merry Christmas.” Asked either a senator took partial in other Festivus traditions, such as lifting a Festivus stick done of dull drink cans or enchanting in feats of strength, tip Paul strategist Doug Stafford responded with an all-caps email to The Daily Beast: “PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE JOKING.”

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