Rambam Day School students learn to applaud life with their elders

January 5, 2015 - garden totes

Recently, eighth-graders from Rambam Day School partied with a comparison throng — a really, unequivocally comparison crowd.

The nonprofit Jewish day propagandize has been awarded a two-year Better Together Grant to move Jewish students together with a aging Jewish village vital in a Buckingham South eccentric and assisted vital community. Their idea is to assistance students know and be supportive to a purpose comparison adults play in Savannah.

Last month, a students orderly a Channukah celebration during Buckingham South where they sang songs, flashy cookies and munched on potato latkes and applesauce.

“We speak a lot about their lives and what things were like when they were flourishing up,” pronounced Rambam tyro Blake Strauss. “The lady we work with pronounced she had a plantation — with chickens. I’ve never spent that most time articulate to someone that most comparison than me, other than my grandparents, and I’m training to conclude life more.”

The students have been assembly with a residents to get to know them better. In a entrance months they will learn their elders to use inscription computers, review vast imitation books with them and plant them a garden.

In lapse a seniors will act as vital story books for a students, pity their practice from a past and providing lessons on all from their purpose in a village and life before indoor toilets to coping with a detriment of a desired one.

“This module is positively unbelievable,” pronounced Buckingham South Director Rita Slatus. “They have brought a vibrancy and vitality and a residents only come to life.”

Senior adults swarming into a celebration room as students shouted blessings, kindled dual lights in a menorah and handed out gifts — wheelchair and hiker receptacle bags.

“We are looking brazen to building this program, that will enlarge a students’ bargain of a partial they play in improving a peculiarity of a senior’s life,” pronounced Principal Ester Rabhan. “It will yield a students with a event to daub into strengths and abilities they didn’t know they had and give them a possibility to make a disproportion in someone’s life that they substantially never deliberate in need of attention.”

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