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September 17, 2017 - garden totes

KEARNEY – Not even Matt Masker’s 374 yard flitting opening could overcome a relentless descent line restraint by Garden Plain, Kansas.

Buoyed by an O-Line swell this male hasn’t seen in half a dozen years, sophomore quarterback Matt Pauly followed a rugby scrum character wall set adult by his front line to measure dual fatal 4th entertain touchdowns that gave his group a vicious 12 indicate cushion.

Garden Plain would need that dual touchdown lead to reason of record environment Stars QB Matt Masker, who is always able of distinguished in a Kearney Catholic instant.

But a Matt Masker spectacle quip fell painfully brief on this ideal object kissed Saturday afternoon for football, as a Owls invulnerability hold off a Stars for a 39-33 highway victory.

The Garden Plain win gave a Owls a dual diversion brush over Kearney Catholic, who mislaid 29-20 a year ago, to a southeast Kansas school, located about 20 miles easterly of Wichita. The diversion came about final deteriorate when a NSAA expelled a 2016/2017 football schedules and Kearney Catholic had usually 8 games given to them. Rather than layoff a week, a Stars went by an endless hunt and finally found Garden Plain, who concluded to a home/home series.

It didn’t take prolonged for a Masker and a Stars to strike after Garden Plain won a toss afterwards deferred. On a second play from scrimmage, a 6-2, 210 All-State Masker strike his favorite receiver Brett Kaiser, for a stimulating 69 yard touchdown.

Masker’s aerial was a elementary brief chuck to his right side, though Kaiser incited in some prominence tilt imagination footwork and was off a a races, shedding defenders on a approach to a 69 yard score.

The Owls answered right behind out of their sharp full insurance shotgun formation. Matt Pauly nailed multi-talented comparison Connor Eastburn with a ideal 37 yard pass on a Owls second play from scrimmage, advancing a round all a approach to a Kearney Catholic 28 yard line.

Two plays later, that surging Garden Plain line non-stop a gaping hole for tough using 190 bruise Nicholas Dooley, who rambled 18 yards for a score. 230 bruise lineman Jonny Becker booted a PAT and a Owls had themselves a 7-6 lead with usually a minute, fifty 5 seconds low into a game.

Kearney Catholic looked like they competence retake a lead on a indirect possession, though a Owls invulnerability caused 3 Matt Masker incompletions, forcing a Stars punt.

Garden Plain afterwards did what they do best, bruise a rock. The Owls gathering 73 yards in 11 plays, culminating with an 8 yard scoring lurch by comparison Colin Zoglman. The Owls consumed 4 minutes, 34 seconds on a drive.

Both defenses afterwards figured things out and it was a full quarter, time wise, before anymore points were put on a scoreboard.

Masker finally pennyless a scoreless spell when he found sophomore excellent Trey Colling for a 13 TD, 4:23 before halftime. Slender 140 bruise beginner Spencer Hogeland coaxed a PAT flog over a crossbar and a dual teams were all retard during 13 after a half of Saturday afternoon high propagandize football.

The Stars came out in a 3rd entertain usually accurately like they did to open a game. After forcing a Garden Plain punt, Matt Masker, who had already strike 16 of his 21 opening half aerials for 218 large ones, orchestrated a excellent 12 play, 75 yard drive. Linden Howe capped off a prolonged expostulate when he snuck out of a Stars backfield and ran inexperienced 7 yards for a go forward touchdown.

Hogeland’s PAT try looked like a failing quail, though had usually adequate oomph to strike a crossbar and go over, giving Kearney Catholic a 20-13 lead.

Disaster afterwards struck a Stars, who might have had their second group kick-off section on a field, when a rapid Matt Pauly fielded a indirect kickoff in full stride, bolting 70 yards for a fantastic touchdown.

In a matter of 11 ticks, Garden Plain tied things again during 20 apiece.

Apparently unphased by a flog lapse touchdown, Kearney Catholic once again rode a golden arm of Matt Masker all a approach downfield to a Owls 20 yard line in usually 8 plays. The pivotal play in a method was a absolute run by comparison Jake Gappa that carried from a Stars 29 all a approach to a Garden Plain 46.

Masker, who survived a jarring 6 yard pouch by Connor Eastburn, pulled off a CO duplicate to a prior Stars TD and it worked like a charm.

Once again Linden Howe took a sharp handoff, snuck out of a backfield and glided 20 yards inexperienced for a score. Kearney Catholic 27, Garden Plain 20.

But what took place subsequent might have damaged a Stars back.

After a indirect Kearney Catholic kickoff sailed out of bounds, Garden Plain had a round on their possess 35. Sophomore QB Matt Pauly went on a discerning snap count, a Owls descent line non-stop a Mack Truck sized opening and Pauly was off and using for a 65 yard TD.

With usually :11.9 left in a 3rd quarter, things were all even during 27 each.

Garden Plain practical another tummy punch usually 1:17 into a 4th and income quarter. Matt Masker had usually connected with Brett Kaiser for strikes of 14 and 6 yards when he went to a good a third time. Owls defender Jared Becker timed Masker’s chuck pass perfectly, stepped in front of a receiver and picked off Matt’s pass for a usually INT of a contest.

Becker returned a collect to a Kearney Catholic 33 and one play later, Pauly followed a Owls rugby scrum line swell down a distant sideline, found a cut of illumination and slithered 24 yards for a go forward score. That put Garden Plain adult 33-27 with 10:43 left.

Kearney Catholic indispensable to respond though a Garden Plain invulnerability pronounced NO.

The Owls afterwards combined a crippling touchdown with 5:51 left in a diversion following a extensive expostulate that consumed scarcely 5 minutes. The red prohibited Matt Pauly once again followed his surging line for a 12 yard TD and a Owls had a autocratic 39-27 lead with 5:51 display on a scoreboard.

Now Matt Masker would perform some sorcery in break time. On a 4th and 11 from a Stars 46 yard line, Masker scrambled, afterwards lofted a pass. TWO Garden Plain defenders sloping a Masker chuck before comparison Alex O’Brien brought it in, holding it all a approach to a Owls 6.

A retard in a behind changed a round behind to a Garden Plain 27, though Kearney Catholic was not to be denied. On a 3rd and 1 play during a Owls 4 yard line, using like a male possessed, Alex O’Brien took it in for a most indispensable touchdown. The PAT was far-reaching left and a Stars were behind in it, trailing 39-33 with 3:31 remaining in a game.

But Garden Plain simply rode a energy packaged using of Nicholas Dooley to drain a time and forestall any possibility for a Kearney Catholic comeback.

Matt Masker finished his afternoon completing 32 of 45 passes for 374 yards, 2 TDs and an INT. Jake Gappa, personification on a crippled ankle all day, led a Stars belligerent conflict with 89 yards on usually 7 totes.

Brett Kaiser was on a receiving finish of 10 Matt Masker passes, good for stimulating 171 yards and a TD.

Garden Plain ran for 365 yards on a day, with fantastic sophomore Matt Pauly heading a assign with his 153 yards on 15 carries and 4 TDs. Big Nicholas Dooley combined 109 yards on 19 touches and a early 18 yard TD run.

Pauly threw usually 5 times all day, completing 3 of those for 58 yards. Connor Eastburn was superb for Coach Ken Dusenbury’s Garden Plain invulnerability from start to finish.

Kearney Catholic falls to 3-1 on a deteriorate and will horde Cozad subsequent Friday for a Homecoming matchup. Garden Plain, Kansas improves to 3-0 on a season.


Garden Plain, Kansas….13…..0…..14…12………39

Kearney Catholic………..6…..7…..14……6………33

1st Qtr.

KC – Brett Kaiser 69 pass from Masker…..PAT – Kick failed……..6-0..(11:36)

GP – Nicholas Dooley 18 run………………PAT – J. Becker kick….7-6..(10:05)

GP – Colin Zoglman 8 run……….…………PAT – Kick failed…….13-6..(4:33)

2nd Qtr.

KC – Trey Colling 13 pass from Masker…..PAT – Hogeland kick..13-13..(4:23)

3rd Qtr.

KC – Linden Howe 7 run…………………..PAT – Hogeland kick..20-13…(3:32)

GP – Matthew Pauly 70 Kick Return……….PAT – J. Becker kick…20-20…(3:21)

KC – Howe 20 run………………………….PAT – Hogeland kick..27-20…(1:28)

GP – Matthew Pauly 65 run………………..PAT – J. Becker kick…27-27…(:11.9)

4th Qtr.

GP – Matthew Pauly 24 run………………..PAT – Kick failed….…27-33…(10:43)

GP – Matthew Pauly 12 run………………. PAT – Pass failed……..27-39…(5:51)

KC – Alex O’Brien 4 run…………………..PAT – Kick failed…….33-39…(3:31)

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