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July 8, 2015 - garden totes

New Deal Festival Saturday, Jul 11

ARTHURDALE — Step behind in time for Arthurdale Heritage’s New Deal Festival. The festival opens during 10 a.m. Saturday, Jul 11, and facilities workman demonstrations, ancestral re-enactors, qualification market, antique car, truck, and tractor show, live music, homemade food, kids activities and many more.

“Arthurdale was a initial federally built village during a Great Depression, and construction began in 1933. Our activities are not only fun, though also uncover life in a 1930s and tell a critical story of Arthurdale. Visitors get a possibility to accommodate Eleanor Roosevelt, and pronounce with people whose relatives were strange homesteaders,” pronounced Jeanne Goodman, Arthurdale Heritage executive director.

One of a many renouned events is a antique car, truck, and tractor show. Check underneath a hood of some of Detroit’s classiest machines from a 1920s all a approach to hot-rods and flesh cars from a 1960s and ’70s. The show, hosted by a Arthurdale Tirekickers Club, also facilities antique tractors, including a easy tractor done during a Arthurdale Co-Op Tractor Factory.

Youngsters can suffer out-of-date games and activities in a festival’s supervised kids area. There is a plantation petting zoo with accessible goats by a Red Barn. The Raptor Rehabilitation Center will concede we to get an adult tighten demeanour during a considerable birds.

Climb aboard a horse-drawn car and transport by Arthurdale for a demeanour during a community. Or select an out-of-date grain ride.

Four bands play all day – Matt Jordan, Soup Camel, Logan Town Bluegrass and Midnight Ryde — with song trimming from blues to nation to folk-rock to jazz. Details and opening times are on a website

Purchase your festival tickets in allege and save. Online tickets are $6 per adult, $4 per child 6-12. At a gate, acknowledgment is $8 for adults and $5 for children 6-12. Kids 5 and underneath are free. Parking is free. Advance tickets can be purchased online at:

Update on happenings holding place in Aurora, Eglon

AURORA/EGLON — The annual Old-Fashioned Union District village 4th of Jul jubilee was hold during a Maple Spring Church of a Brethren. Games for all ages, music, giveaway ice cream cones supposing by a Mountain Lions Club and, of course, fireworks were all partial of a annual event.

On Jul 6 by Jul 10, a “Jesus, a Light of a World” vacation Bible propagandize is being hold during a Brookside Church of a Brethren. All ages are invited to attend daily, commencement during 6 p.m. and using by 8 p.m. For some-more information, hit Marcia Spaid during 304-735-3612.

The Aurora Volunteer Fire Department inaugurated new officers recently. Those elected: President Glenn Sanders, Vice President Trevor Alexander, Secretary Delbert Waybright, Treasurer Harold George, Sergeant during Arms Travis Alexander, Chief Mike Gallagher and Deputy Chief Adam Bachtel.

The Union Ambulance Squad announced a coverlet winners. Winning a coverlet done and donated to a patrol by a Tuesday Morning Quilters was Kathy Hayes of Kingwood. The quilting organisation has donated hand-made quilts for several years, concealment a patrol income for reserve and training.

For additional information about Aurora and Eglon, hit Linda W. Lewis during 304-735-6931 or email

Thomas re-elected to W.Va. Bankers Association house of directors

Bruceton Mills — Brian F. Thomas, boss and CEO of Clear Mountain Bank, has been re-elected to offer on a house of directors for a West Virginia Bankers Association. The classification inaugurated house members during a 2015 Joint Annual Convention, hold Jun 21-24.

Thomas has been with Clear Mountain Bank for some-more than 26 years. He warranted a business administration grade from West Virginia University with cum laude distinction, and is also a connoisseur of a University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business with a master’s grade in business administration. He also serves on a play of several internal free organizations.

Established in 1891, a West Virginia Bankers Association is famous as one of a state’s heading trade associations and is a premier care classification and principal disciple for West Virginia banks. The WVBA is dedicated to formulating a certain business meridian that advantages a whole banking attention and a communities they serve. More information is accessible during

Clear Mountain Bank is a locally owned and managed village bank portion North Central West Virginia and Western Maryland. Clear Mountain Bank offers an array of banking services. The association is a personality in providing electronic banking services, including mobile banking and remote deposit. Additional information is accessible during

Sandy Creek CEOS binds Jun meeting

FELLOWSVILLE – Sandy Creek CEOS met Jun 1, 2015. President Betty Hamilton non-stop a assembly and led a organisation in singing “America a Beautiful”. A poem, “Reading Helps Me Remember,” along with Psalms 100, was review by Sue Bowman. She sealed devotions with prayer.

“Why is Jun a renouned month to marry?” was a doubt acted by Diane Hamilton for a hurl call. Amusing and sundry answers entertained everyone.

Heritage equipment were shown. A really aged one-pound butter mold was displayed by Sue Bowman. Shirley Wolfe showed an aged potion baby bottle that she used when she was a baby. Many aged memories were influenced as members removed a use of these items.

Health proclivity exercises to say coherence were led by Karen Wolfe. She also gave other tips to grasp this goal.

Totes, to be given to any kindergarten connoisseur during Fellowsville Elementary, were purchased. The totes will be filled with pencils, workbooks, peep cards, reading books and other equipment to assistance students keep adult on what they have learned.

School volunteers with 20 hours or some-more were invited to a Volunteers Dinner. Patty Clarkson, Joane Clarkson, Diane and Betty Hamilton attended. Terry Hamilton and daughter Cheryl were also guests. Terry mostly provides pumpkins for figure and garden furnish for a “welcome luncheon” during a commencement of school.

Monongalia County Fair judges were requested for Jul 28. Several members devise to do this project. Much is schooled and enjoyed as vaunt entries of vegetables, fruits, flowers, needlework, etc., are evaluated.

“Discovering What Food Dates Really Mean” was a doctrine taught by Karen Bright. “Sell-by” dates, “best if used-by” dates, “use-by” dates and “expiration” dates were discussed. Other tips: Buy before genocide date, place perishable dishes in refrigeration immediately, strengthen dishes from atmosphere with wrap, symbol on package a squeeze date, solidify food that can't be used by a “use-by” date. These tips and other good information were supposing in a hand-out given.

“A Taste of a Mediterranean” was also taught by Karen. Studies have shown that a Mediterranean diet is compared with reduce risk for heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, diabetes, some forms of cancer and genocide from all causes. This diet consists of internal uninformed fruits and veggies, legumes, fish and really small red beef or dairy products. Bread is eaten with many meals, and low to assuage amounts of red booze are consumed with food. One intensity regard is that all fats, even healthy ones, are high in calories. A ubiquitous order of ride is 5 teaspoons of oil a day for women and 6 for men. A tasty recipe for Tomatoes Provençale was enclosed in a hand-out.

The special underline for a dusk was supposing by Joane Clarkson. She brought a jar of creatively (same-day) strawberry freezer jam. This was won by Phyllis Sines.

A doorway esteem for a drawing, supposing by Pam Kessler, was won by Shirley Wolfe. The basket was poetic and filled with cruise items, suckers and other things.

The “Pig-in-the-Poke” esteem was supposing by Pat Phillips and won by Paula Shahan.

The International Student will be in Preston County during a Extension Office 6:30 p.m. on Jun 5 to pronounce about Libya. Catered salad, sandwich, chips, dessert, drinks from Preston County Inn will be served. Family members are invited.

A covered-dish cooking was served and enjoyed by all. Those attending were Phyllis Sines, Patty Clarkson, Paula Shahan, Brenda Dunaway, Betty Hamilton, Nancy Dunaway, Karen Wolfe, Diane Hamilton, Karen Bright, Ethel Sypolt, Jeannnie Beveridge, Joane Clarkson, Sherley Wolfe, Sue Bowman and Betty Matheny.

A special open family activity is being designed for July.

Contact any bar member or a Extension Office during 304-329-1391 for some-more information about Community Educational Outreach Service.

News Writing Technique: How to Construct an Effective Press Release, Class Scheduled during GC

MCHENRY, Md. – Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development has scheduled a class, ‘News Writing Technique: How to Construct an Effective Press Release’ for Monday, Jul 13 from 2 to 4 p.m. in Room 201 during a McHenry campus of a college.

The category will be educated by Mary Sincell McEwen, connoisseur of West Virginia University and associate editor of The Republican, with over 25 years of experience. Participants will learn a solid, effective technique for removing news out to a public. McEwen will surprise participants on how to benefaction information in scold journalistic format, with scold grammar, tense, and voice.

To register for a course, or for additional information, hit Continuing Education and Workforce Development during 301-387-3069.

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