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July 19, 2016 - garden totes

Area students connoisseur from W.Va. Wesleyan College, named to President’s or Dean’s List

BUCKHANNON — Preston County area students graduated and were named to a President’s Academic Recognition List and Dean’s List during West Virginia Wesleyan College for a 2016 open semester. The President’s List acknowledges educational value among Wesleyan’s students. The criteria for inclusion on a list is 4.0 GPA with a smallest of 12 warranted hours for a semester. Wesleyan’s Dean’s List requires students to acquire a class indicate normal of 3.5 — 3.9 in 12 or some-more division hours.

Graduating were Racheal Hulett of Kingwood; Emily Jenkins of Albright, Summa Cum Laude; and Kimberlyn Ramsey of Bruceton Mills, Magna Cum Laude.

Receiving educational recognitions were Anne Belldina of Masontown, President’s List; Leah Casarano of Arthurdale, President’s List; Racheal Hulett of Kingwood, Dean’s List; Emily Jenkins of Albright, President’s List; Caitlin May of Arthurdale, Dean’s List; Kimberlyn Ramsey of Bruceton Mills, Dean’s List; and Dixie Shahan of Tunnelton, Dean’s List.

Founded in 1890, West Virginia Wesleyan is a private residential college located in Buckhannon. The college offers 49 majors and connoisseur programs in jaunty training, business, education, English and nursing. Thirteen Wesleyan students have been comparison as U.S. Department of State Fulbright Scholars.

Historical Society’s History House open for season

TERRA ALTA — History House, a museum of a Preston County Historical Society in Terra Alta, is open for a season. Regular hours are from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Sundays by Labor Day weekend. Other appointments might be scheduled with a president, Robert Sypolt, during 304-329-3826.

The site, before a Terra Alta Bank, is on a inhabitant register and houses a Society’s collection of antiques and corpse in 13 bedrooms on 3 floors.

In serve to a biological specimens, attractions embody toys, uniforms and costumes, a Bucklew collection, a tyrannise room, a ladies room, some-more than roomful of photographs, store ledgers, postal memorabilia and a sampling of laminated newspapers relating to Preston County. In addition, there is a reading room of stress books and genealogy.

New Heritage CEOS transport to Buckhannon to revisit potion plant

KINGWOOD — Since Jul is an open month, on Monday, Jul 11, a New Heritage CEOS designed a outing to Ron Hinkle Glass in Buckhannon.

The bureau has been there for 22 years. Richard DeBarr and Arron Harvey demonstrated how they finished their potion items. They showed us how they finished a blue vase, dual Christmas ornaments, and dual trinket dishes. They talked of how they worked with an oven that is exhilarated to 2,100 degrees and a other oven exhilarated to 2,400 degrees.

They use 3,000 gallons of propane and it lasts for 5 to 6 weeks. If we have a mold 6 group can make 1,400-1,600 pieces a day. They have opposite apparatus to use, moulding blocks, jacks to do a diseased indicate to mangle a object from a square used to form and make object and file.

We enjoyed a demonstration. We afterwards went to their store and looked during all a apparatus that were on sale. Everyone bought something to take behind home. We afterwards went to C.J Maggie’s in downtown Buckhannon to eat. All enjoyed a plate and a fellowship

Next month’s assembly will be Aug. 16 during Mary Bertram residence with LaVeta Mosley as hostess.

Those attending were Paula Kelly, Mary Bertram, Pat Knight, Cathy Fortney, and guest Madison Kelly.

Blues Brothers reverence artists, The Soul Men, to perform in Kingwood

KINGWOOD — Coming to Preston Community Arts Center, 123 South Price Street, Kingwood, WV on Friday, Jul 22 during 7 p.m., Blues Brothers reverence artists — The Soul Men. From their knuckle tattoos, to their signature shawl and sunglasses, The Soul Men burlesque Jake and Elwood to perfection. The Soul Men’s opening is a quick paced, high energy, assembly participating slight that includes all of your favorite Blues Brothers’ songs that will get a assembly moving, dancing, shouting and carrying a fun time. Songs they perform embody “Soul Man,” “Gimme Some Lovin’,” “Rawhide,” “Everybody Needs Somebody,” “Flip, Flop, and Fly,” “Minnie a Moocher,” “Mustang Sally,” “Do You Love Me” and “New Orleans.”

For information about reverence artists, The Soul Men, go to:

The Soul Men are partial of Preston CAC’s Summer Tribute Artists Series. Other scheduled performances are Elton John Tribute Artist, Lee Alverson, on Saturday, Aug 6 and Paul McCartney/John Lennon Tribute Artists, The Two of Us, on Saturday, Aug 20, with all shows starting during 7 p.m. and a doorway opening during 6 p.m. Brew Ha Ha, adjacent to a humanities center, will be open for dining and refreshments before and during a shows.

Advance tickets for The Soul Men uncover and a McCartney/Lennon uncover are $15 for adults and $10 for students. Advance tickets for a Elton John uncover are $20 for adults and $15 for students by high school. A singular array of tickets are being sole on a initial come, initial served basis. Tickets for all shows are $5 some-more during a door, if still available. Purchase tickets by job 304-376-1435; during Fawley Music, Morgantown; The Book Mark’et, Oakland, MD; or Brew Ha Ha Cafe, Kingwood.

The Summer Tribute Artists Series is upheld in partial by a Greater Morgantown CVB with assistance by River House Lodge. Guests attending a uncover will accept a 20% camp bonus during Preston County Inn.

Sandy Creek CEOS reason Jun meeting

FELLOWSVILLE — Sandy Creek CEOS met on Jun 1 during a Fellowsville UM Church. President Betty Hamilton called a assembly to order.

The dwindle salute was led by Nancy Dunaway and devotions followed. Sue Bowman led devotions with a reading of Psalms 1 and a story that was humorous and thought-provoking. Members prayed a Lord’s Prayer.

The beauty strain was sung by all and members proceeded to a “auction.” Box dishes were finished and flashy by any member, afterwards auctioned off with a possess Sherley Wolfe behaving as auctioneer. Members enjoyed guessing who brought any box and behest opposite any other. $29.50 was combined to a bar treasury. Everyone afterwards enjoyed eating their warn meal. They were all delicious.

The assembly was reconvened as Sherley Wolfe continued a dusk with a humorous story about a Kindergarten tyro perplexing to get his boots on to go home. After perplexing to get several opposite pairs of boots on his feet a undone clergyman was told by a child that “those” (pointing to a span in a corner) are MY boots.

The birthright object for a assembly was supposing by Sue Bowman. The object was upheld to any person. Finally, someone identified it as a can opener from 1902. Things certain have changed.

Health Motivator, Sue Bowman, helped us applaud West Virginia with a ask about a state. As an use she led us on a fake outing around a fair. We walked around a “fair grounds” lifted a heads to see several exhibits, rides and so forth. We forked to named points of interests and applauded other things. Thus everybody exercised their physique and their imagination.

Attendees Betty Hamilton, Patty Clarkson, Karen Wolfe, and Karen Bright reported on activities during a May 19 “CEOS is Fun, Friendship Fellowship Day”. Everyone found it an beguiling and ominous day.

On May 20, Fellowsville Elem. School reason a Volunteer Appreciation Luau for those respected for volunteering 25 or some-more hours. They were Betty Hamilton, Patty Clarkson, and Diane Hamilton. Another true volunteer, Joane Clarkson, was a guest. The Faculty Senate purchased a book for a library in respect of a time and bid volunteers had spent during a school.

Kindergarten graduation during FES was reason May 26. Sandy Creek CEOS supposing totes, finished and filled with training and fun reserve for any child to use over a summer months. They were given to any graduate. This is a prolonged station tradition for Sandy Creek CEOS. This year any student’s name was on his or her bag. Patty Clarkson, Joane Clarkson and Diane Hamilton were there to see and hear a happy reactions of a children as they legalised their totes.

A Canning Jar craft, taught by Karen Bright on May 24, was attended by Betty Hamilton, Patty Clarkson and Diane Hamilton. The finished crafts were displayed to member’s enjoyment.

NVON has a new module “Eat Local, Eat Healthy”. Members will news to Diane how many times they buy from internal Farmer’s Markets/Food Co-op or from their possess or their neighbor’s garden.

The doctrine for a dusk was given by Jeannie Beveridge. It was “Health Aging: Stay Active Both Physically and Mentally.”

Physical activity is good for a hearts, waistlines and bone health, as good as a brains. It helps comparison adults say autonomy with age. Exercise advantages for adults over 50 embody improved defence function, heart health and blood pressure, bone density, and digestive functioning. It also lowers a risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis and certain forms of cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important. We can assistance do this by tying apportionment sizes, adding earthy activity to daily routines, gripping hydrated and adding insurgency training exercises to a routines.

Overall aptness levels and aerobic use training diminution one’s risk for clinical basin and anxiety. Studies have also shown that unchanging earthy activity is related to decrease of dementia. Resistance training can urge depression, stress and altogether peculiarity of life.

Examples of profitable activities are: walking, comparison sports or aptness classes, H2O aerobics/water sports, yoga and insurgency or strength training.

So, come on seniors, let’s get relocating and keep moving.

Club members have motionless to accommodate on Jul 30 during a Methodist Church in Amboy to cruise and suffer a engorgement of good music. Karen Bright will be one of a participating musicians. Members and families, greatfully be certain to move your chairs and a lonesome plate and suffer this Jul open meeting.

There is a county outing to Phipps Conservation Science Center on Jul 26 for anyone interested.

Mrs. Pam Kessler, K teacher, supposing a basket of pleasant apparatus to a club. Names were drawn and Sherley Wolfe was a propitious winner. Congratulations Sherley and appreciate we really many Pam.

The subsequent assembly will be Aug 1. Karen Wolfe will yield a special underline and Sue Bowman a “Pig”.

For additional information, greatfully hit a member or call 304-329-1391.

Mon General’s Diabetes Prevention Program receives CDC recognition

MORGANTOWN — Mon General Hospital’s Diabetes Prevention Program has achieved full approval standing from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program.

Mon General’s Diabetes Prevention Program is one of dual entirely famous programs in West Virginia, and a usually one in Northcentral West Virginia.

The CDC formed module is an evidence-based array of classes designed for people with prediabetes. These high-quality lifestyle change programs assistance participants revoke their risk of form 2 diabetes and urge their altogether health.

“Achieving full approval was mostly due to a participants’ tough work and industry to forestall form 2 diabetes in their lives,” pronounced Andrea McCarty, Diabetes Education Coordinator during Mon General. “In sequence to grasp full recognition, a module participants had to strech and say to a finish of a module a 5 percent weight loss, attend 80 percent or some-more of a 24 sessions and record earthy activity weekly.”

The Mon General module is charity free-of-charge to those who qualify. To qualify, a chairman contingency be during high risk for building diabetes, or have been diagnosed by a medicine as someone with prediabetes. A multiple of risk factors such as family history, being overweight or obese, gestational diabetes and loitering might also put a chairman during risk and therefore make them authorised for a program.

Mon General Hospital’s Diabetes Learning Center has been charity a Diabetes Prevention Program given May 2013.

The year-long module provides preparation and support to people who are during high risk of building form 2 diabetes. Participants learn to adopt and say healthy lifestyles by eating right, augmenting earthy activity and losing a medium volume of weight.

According to a CDC, 86-million Americans have pre-diabetes, and 90 percent might not even know they have it. Without intervention, as many as 30 percent of people with prediabetes will rise form 2 diabetes within 5 years.

Having prediabetes means your blood glucose (sugar) levels are aloft than normal — though not high adequate to be diagnosed as diabetic. Prediabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, and form 2 diabetes, a many common form of diabetes. Prediabetes can mostly be reversed.

With form 2 diabetes, your physique can't scrupulously use insulin (a hormone that helps glucose get into a cells of a body). You can get form 2 diabetes during any age, though we are during aloft risk if we are older, overweight, have a family story of diabetes, are not physically active, or are a lady who had gestational diabetes.

To learn some-more about a Diabetes Prevention Program, call a Diabetes Learning Center of Mon General during 304-598-1805.

Kingwood Public Library hosts Adventure Days

KINGWOOD — The Kingwood Public Library will reason a Great Library Adventure Days summer activity module for children each Wednesday during 2 p.m. The initial subject will be “Responsible Animal Care Adventure.” Kelley Reel from a Preston County Animal Shelter will be on palm to benefaction a module designed for children ages 3-12. The module will final about an hour and embody live animals.

The library will also be holding a summer reading module all summer long. Children who are entering kindergarten by a fifth class in a tumble can attend in this special reading module designed to assistance them use and urge their reading skills while they are out of school. Everyone participating will be respected during a grand culmination of a G.L.A.D. module array on Aug 13. Reading annals contingency be surrendered during 2 p.m. on Aug 3 to be authorised to win their class level, and children contingency be benefaction to win.

For a stream inventory of activities, greatfully obtain a duplicate of a library’s giveaway monthly news- minute during a dissemination table or online during

For serve information, greatfully call 304-329-1499

Mon County Beekeepers Association to reason meeting

MORGANTOWN — The Monongalia County Beekeepers Association has meetings a initial Tuesday of each month in Westover during a WVU County Extension Office from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Everyone is welcome, including beginners and modernized beekeepers alike.

Garrett Regional Medical Center upgrades to new laboratory analyzers

OAKLAND, MD — Garrett Regional Medical Center Laboratory has recently upgraded apparatus with a squeeze of dual new Ortho Clinical Vitros 5600 analyzers. This critical lab apparatus does all a chemistry exam and immunodiagnostics. That means all of a glucose tests, thyroid, pregnancy test, cardiac, vitamin D, PSA, anemia, diabetes contrast and some-more can all be processed on this equipment.

“The Vitros 5600 allows for auto-verifying of normal formula and binds aberrant formula in a reserve for technicians to examination and routine as appropriate,” pronounced Lois Frazee, B.S.MT(ASCP), executive of laboratory services. “It also allows for additional contrast per slip to be finished concurrently creation a laboratory routine some-more streamlined and efficient.” Diagnostic blood tests can brand a warning signs of a building ongoing condition and support a medicine to improved tailor a diagnosis devise to a individual’s situation. GRMC statistics uncover that 380,000 chemistry tests were achieved over a final year, a thespian boost from prior years.

“Blood tests are generally critical in a impediment and diagnosis of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, some of a many common health issues identified in Garrett County,” explained Steve Peterson, clamp boss Chief Information Officer of Garrett Regional Medical Center. “The Ortho Clinical apparatus is state-of-the-art and brings stream contrast technologies to assistance a lab run some-more well and urge studious care.”

Garrett Regional Medical Center Laboratory Department is open for outpatient contrast Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.; Saturdays from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m.; and sealed on Sundays and Holidays.

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