Prescott police: Cat found in charge drain; car break-ins; and some-more register stories

June 27, 2017 - garden totes

• An Ellsworth lady was evaluated during Vibrant Health for a dog punch that occurred between 2 and 3 p.m. during 337 N. Court St. The dog owners was released a quarantine order.

Sticky fingers

• A complainant reported equipment that equipment had been taken out of his car someday between 11 p.m. and midnight May 9 during 338 Orange St.

• Justin M. Brennan, 37, Prescott, was arrested for misconduct theft, entrance into a sealed vehicle, credit label fake use, liberate corporeal fluids during police, interference or facing an officer and unfinished control during 12:43 p.m. May 16 during 138 Broad St.

• A complainant reported a car break-in during 10:26 a.m. May 10 nearby Orange and Broad streets. A wallet, driver’s license, amicable confidence label and several debit/gift cards were taken, along with about $70 in cash. The behind newcomer window was broken.

• A immature womanlike was cited for burglary after reportedly revelation to hidden someone else’s mouth balm. Police located her walking during 5:21 p.m. May 19 in a 200 retard of Broad Street.

• Police responded to a news of stolen remedy medication during 9:34 p.m. May 30 during 515 Canton St.

• A complainant during 735 Shane Park Circle reported 4 rolls of runner stolen during 2:50 p.m. Jun 3.

Struck gas line

A proprietor in a 800 retard of Canton Street allegedly struck a 1-inch gas line while digging in his yard. Prescott Fire, River Falls EMS (Prescott station), St. Croix Gas, Wisconsin DNR and Prescott Public Works Department responded. Residents adjacent to a site were evacuated. The gas line was remade with no repairs or damage to people.


• William D. Simon, Prescott and Kathleen Palmer, Prescott, were concerned in a two-vehicle pile-up with no injuries or highway blockage during 6:34 a.m. Jun 2 during Broad and Cherry streets.

• Police responded to a two-vehicle pile-up between Emily E. Groth, 29, Menomonie and Jody R. Lawrence, Minneapolis, during 3:41 p.m. Jun 6 during Highways 10 and 29. Groth was cited for disaster to produce while creation a left turn.

Beach shenanigans

Police were called to a Prescott beach since kids were pulling logs into a channel, formulating navigation hazards. The logs were brought behind to shore. Police also documented mist paint on a bathhouse.

Hilton Street happenings

• Officers could hear people yelling and irreverence for military during 11:56 p.m. Jun 5 during Hilton and Hope streets. Apparently neighbors were arguing and systematic to lapse to their particular homes.

• Police were called for a dog sealed in a using car during 5:01 p.m. Jun 6 during 538 Hilton St. The dog non-stop a window, apparently, before to military arrival.

• Police took a news of a probable domestic dispute/harassment during 5:09 p.m. Jun 6 during 538 Hilton St. Police were incompetent to hit a suspect.

Passed out in road

Police responded to a news of an nonchalant masculine fibbing on a highway during 4:28 a.m. Jun 11 during Dakota and Walnut streets. He was evaluated by EMS, who dynamic he was rarely intoxicated. He was taken to his chateau and incited over to a parent.


• Police located a almost parked on private skill during 10:15 p.m. May 10 during 408 Lake St. The owners was inebriated and pronounced he would pierce it in a morning.

• Police found a 275-gallon IBC receptacle with a garden hose adaptor, presumably used as a vigour washer, during 7:15 a.m. May 13 during 221 Front St.

• At 12:52 p.m. May 25 during Borner Street and Orrin Road, military saw a youthful womanlike walking and screaming into her phone. She had allegedly been concerned in an rumpus during a propagandize and left. She was taken behind to a propagandize and incited over to propagandize officials.

• Police found an Eagan, Minn., lady sitting on a path during 12:16 a.m. May 27 during Broad and Kinnickinnic streets. She pronounced she slipped of a path and harm her ankle on a curb. She was ecstatic to Regina Hospital in Hastings, Minn., by EMS.

• Police were called to Prescott Middle School during 8:03 a.m. May 30 to pronounce with students about nuisance issues.

• Two people were warned to stop jumping off a overpass during 1:24 p.m. Jun 3 in a 200 retard of Broad Street.

• A proprietor during 1507 Hope St. was warned to stop operative on a car outward during 11:56 p.m. Jun 3 per an ordinance.

Traffic troubles

• Megan K. Bennig, 16, New Richmond, was cited for speeding after a trade stop during 11:38 p.m. Jun 6 during Broad and Orange streets.

• Jennifer L. Pinion, Vadnais Heights, Minn., was cited for speeding after a trade stop during 5:10 p.m. Jun 10 during Dexter and Jefferson streets.

• Brandon M. Gordon, 30, Marietta, Ga., was cited for speeding after a trade stop during 7:33 p.m. Jun 10 during 1120 Highway 10.

• Snowell M. Landherr, Prior Lake, Minn., was cited for speeding after a trade stop during 8:14 p.m. Jun 10 during Jefferson and Warren streets.

• Jeffrey J. Warren, 48, Hudson, was cited for speeding after a trade stop during 8:20 p.m. Jun 10 during 328 Lake St.


• Brian J. Gillespie, 60, St. Paul, was arrested for unfinished control after military were called to a No Name Saloon for a unfinished theme out in a travel during 3:33 p.m. Jun 8.

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