Plant Palette: Overwintering tropicals takes work

September 7, 2014 - garden totes

Tropical plants have grown in recognition for use in outside landscaping. Some are a staple, such as cannas, elephant ears and dahlias. Others, like banana, mandevilla and bougainvillea, are reduction familiar. 

Most tropicals will not tarry a cold of an Illinois winter though being changed indoors. If we have any goal of saving some of your pleasant plants for subsequent year, it’s time to start meditative about where they will spend a winter. It’s not an unfit task, though will need some formulation and preparation.

With cannas, elephant ears and dahlias, overwintering is best finished by permitting a tops to spin brownish-red after a initial ice and afterwards digging adult a subterraneous tubers or rhizomes.

Storage tips

n Tubers and rhizomes need to be in a cold 40- to 50-degree area with good atmosphere dissemination to tarry a winter. An unheated garage or strew is a good choice.

n Some experts advise stealing all of a dirt and make-up them in ventilated crates loosely with sawdust, peat moss or vermiculite.

Honestly, this idea frightened me divided from perplexing to save any of these plants from year to year for a prolonged time. It only sounded like a lot of work. While clever wrapping of tubers and rhizomes might be ideal, a existence during my residence is we hit or rinse off many of a soil, make certain they are entirely dry and smoke-stack them in customary cosmetic storage totes with a lid burst open. The totes spend a winter in a yield space that stays cold though not freezing. Plastic filigree or burlap bags keep opposite a tubers or rhizomes separate.

But what about plants that don’t have a berry or rhizome to dig? It’s healthy to wish to save your pleasant plants, as many of them are utterly dear to purchase. But remember overwintering plants indoors requires space and time to caring for them.

Banana, hibiscus, mandevilla, bougainvillea and angel’s wail will go asleep if brought indoors and a dirt is authorised to dry out. The leaves will spin yellow and drop. Banana trees should be cut down to a dirt level.

Overwintering plants

n The plant should be changed to a plcae that is 40 to 45 degrees.

n Throughout a winter, keep a dirt hardly moist, watering sparingly when a dirt is dry 2- to 3-inches-deep in a pot.

If we have good light and space, we might wish to try to keep your pleasant plants actively flourishing by a winter. Supplemental lighting is necessary, and plants do tend to get leggy and spindly, even underneath lights. When relocating them outdoor in a spring, hibiscus, in particular, will advantage from a good pruning to inspire some-more fuzzy growth.

One cause to cruise in overwintering tropicals is involuntarily overwintering pests. Bringing containers of pleasant indoors typically also brings along insects that might not be acquire in your home. Some pests don’t uncover themselves until a few days or weeks after being brought indoors. If we are perplexing to keep your plants active, we will expected have problems with common houseplant pests such as mealybugs, scale and spider mites.

If we have houseplants with a lot of nauseating value, we might wish to be resourceful about plants we move indoors and cruise either it’s value a risk to move each pleasant indoors.

Another choice to cruise is holding cuttings of your favorite plants to start indoors so we have a tiny plant to start with subsequent spring. This might be a approach to overwinter some-more of your favorites in reduction space.

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