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August 21, 2015 - garden totes

On a baby showering registry for my crony and his girlfriend, many of a gifts were meant for their daughter and mom-to-be.

So we asked a soon-to-be father what he needed. He asked for a red JanSport trek — his chronicle of a diaper bag.

Their baby is now 5, and that trek has incited into a ride bag, a work bag and a place to store toys and favorite books, too. That’s a thing about backpacks. The straps aren’t a usually thing that adjust. So do a uses.

Messenger bags, totes, cross-body styles and string bags have come for a throne. But in this back-to-school deteriorate it’s time to admit: The trek reigns autarchic for all ages. It’s as classical as a good span of jeans.


Besides a carryalls for students, they are go-to bags for parents, immature professionals, jetsetters and athletes. we lift cave — a floral Obey trek — when we am in New York and D.C. throwing subways, trains and taxis. It’s always my carry-on for flights, a ideal place for my iPad, headphones, snacks and purse. And when I’m operative remotely out of coffee shops, my laptop comes along in my backpack.

Zoey Miller, a Lee’s Summit 7-year-old, says backpacks are another character of purse that we can accoutre with keychains and things. Carrington Harrison, co-host of KCSP-610’s “The Drive,” says backpacks are like watches: organic accessories.

As a lifestyles grow some-more tech contingent with a tablets, smartphones and laptops, backpacks only make sense.

Beyond one large elementary bag with a zipper and front pocket, backpacks now embody phone pockets, H2O bottle holders, pivotal rings and pockets for laptops and tablets. The North Face Charged collection can keep phones, tablets and computers charged. There are all kinds of niche backpacks, like a Shrine Daypack with a special sneaker compartments.

And like all conform staples, there are oppulance brands. Remember that $55,000 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen backpack? Zendaya and Russell Westbrook have been speckled rocking MCM backpacks that can cost $600 to $2,500.

My collect for a some-more affordable code that packs conform and function: Herschel Supply Co. ($30-$170). It got a Apple co-sign and has been speckled on Seth Rogen and Dakota Johnson.

But JanSport is aristocrat of a packs, rocking a climax given 1967.

Eric Rothenhaus, pattern executive during JanSport, says backpacks have staying energy given they are secure in function.

“They assistance to yield ways to make a person’s day and a things they do a seamless experience. In your wardrobe, your trek is always operative in a credentials of your life as a devoted intent we can rest on,” he says.

“Your container is with we each day. It becomes as personal as a good span of jeans or that shawl we always wear; we tumble in adore with a comfort and patina. Packs yield a really elementary duty of creation your day work and a transitions between things simple. A container can accessorize an outfit or mix into a credentials of a person’s life. … We wish we to have a bond with your trek and take it on all a adventures and life practice we can chuck during it.”

Or in it. We took a look inside a packs of a few Kansas Citians (and a JanSport male himself) to get a feel for a lives people lift on their backs.

The Little artist and gamer that could

Zoey Miller, 7, only started second class during Longview Farm Elementary in Lee’s Summit. She believes a right trek keeps we grounded.

The backpack: Minecraft Creeper. $40,

What’s inside: Art book, Chromebook, headphones, pencils, lunch bag, My Little Pony thermos, a pencil sharpener she calls her pencil shavings rabble can, Shopkins to remind her of Paris, 4 books including a “Minecraft Gamer’s Adventure: The Quest for a Diamond Sword” and “I am Rosa Parks.”

On a outside: Two Minecraft keychains and sword zipper pull, a frog from her family outing to Puerto Rico and a keychain with a pattern of her and her mom during Worlds of Fun

The backstory: “I only feel like a trek is another character of purse. My trek reminds me of Minecraft and my sister and my brother. It reminds me that whenever you’re removing crazy in your conduct and about to blow up, we can go play video games. It helps me deal.”

The sports radio personality

Kansas City’s possess Carrington “CDot” Harrison, 27, co-host of KCSP-610’s “The Drive” (with Danny Parkins), pronounced he can’t wear a purse, so a trek was a must.

The backpack: Jumpman quilted backpack. $40,

What’s inside: Always his iPad and Beats by Dre headphones, spasmodic his wallet and a Macbook

The backstory: “I can’t fit all in my pockets and we only got a MacBook, so it done clarity to get a trek to ride all to work. we went to Marshalls and saw a bag with a Jordan trademark for $23. It was inexpensive and it was Jordan. (We couldn’t find that good understanding Carrington scored, though we found a $40 character on Amazon). And we only saw a Mickey Mouse Vans trek we liked. we consider backpacks are like watches — organic accessories.”

The roving woman

Kerri Tobin, 30, a former Chiefs cheerleader, says her career as a Kansas City medical sales exec keeps her racking adult those visit navigator miles and in need of a available carry-on.

The backpack: Calvin Klein Talia. $125,

What’s inside: Laptop, charging cord, turn notebook, wallet, keys, business cards, palm sanitizer, wireless hotspot, earbuds, phone and “In a Woods” by Tana French

The backstory: “I was looking for a trek to soothe a shoulder tragedy we felt from carrying receptacle bags. we ride a lot by airports with luggage, and we was on a hunt for something neutral adequate for work. A lot of a backpacks were too juvenile. And afterwards we found this. we wanted something ergonomic and unsentimental though we didn’t wish to totally pledge style. A reward was a dark slot we found that rests closest to my back. That’s where we keep my phone — we can feel it quiver and get to it easily.”

The college freshman

Phoenixx Cartwright, 18, of Olathe, starts classes during a University of Kansas subsequent week. She went with an oldie though goodie this propagandize year.

The backpack: The North Face Recon. $99,

What’s inside: A red Moleskine, combination notebook, a folder, MacBook Air, Ti-84 calculator, silver purse, pencil pouch, purse, earbuds, phone, a worry doll, H2O bottle and a duplicate of “Writers during Work 08: The Paris Review Interviews” from her sixth-grade paraprofessional, Mr. B.

On a outside: An Ugly Doll keychain and a Love Garden Sounds kitten button

The backstory: “Personally we like to accoutre myself with things that make me feel good. we chose this trek given I’ve had tons of others that have depressed apart, that we bought to dress adult for other people. Now we get dressed for myself. we begged my father for this bag given it is sturdy. I’d even contend hardy. we have desired it and used it given my sophomore year in high school.”

The trek man

Eric Rothenhaus, pattern executive during JanSport

The backpack: JanSport Pleasanton. $245,

What’s inside: Two MacBooks and chargers, iPhone and iWatch charger, 3 magazines (Monster Children, Road and Track, Dwell), work notebook, dear Moleskine notebook, additional span of sneakers, sunglasses, assorted pens, one automatic pencil, mints

The container that rules: “That’s a tough doubt to ask in some ways. It’s like seeking what child is my favorite … we adore them all. Right now I’m carrying a Pleasanton container given I’m roving and we wish all to fit into one bag though still be stylish.”

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