Orange Police Chief clarifies sum on Alexis Murphy search

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Posted: Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014 1:25 pm

Orange Police Chief clarifies sum on Alexis Murphy search

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Town of Orange Police Chief James Fenwick currently expelled a matter currently per a hunt for blank Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy. Murphy, 17, left on Aug. 3, 2013.

Fenwick’s matter is as follows:

“In regards to a new story about an arriving hunt in Orange County in tie to a Alexis Murphy box in Nelson County, a Town of Orange Police Department would like to explain a story with a following information:

“The arriving hunt is still in a formulation stages and coordination with a several specialized units that we feel will be indispensable due to a turf and geographical facilities that will be encountered. We were not nonetheless prepared to announce a search, as we are still securing commitments from a several entities that will be utilized.

“The Town of Orange Police Department has been coordinating these efforts in and with a Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as a area is not in a town.  We have conducted smaller exploratory searches progressing this year in a area that will be searched, though a unenlightened foliage has done it formidable to entirely check a area.

“We invited Nelson County to attend due to a common tie with Randy Allen Taylor in a Alexis Murphy and Samantha Clarke cases. A Nelson County deputy was benefaction during one of a smaller exploratory searches conducted progressing in a year, along with an FBI representative and Orange County Sheriff’s Office personnel. This area in doubt has been formerly searched during a early stages of a Samantha Clarke case. After discussions with a several agencies that will be concerned in a incomparable search, a preference was done to report a hunt in a fall. Any decisions over either or not to embody volunteers in a hunt bid will be done in conference with a agencies involved. 

“The Samantha Clarke box has been a Town of Orange Police Department’s series one priority given a day it was reported to us, and we sojourn committed to anticipating answers for Samantha’s family.”

19-year-old Clarke, of Orange, has been blank for 4 years.


Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014 1:25 pm.

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