October comes wrapped in leaves and plaid

October 10, 2017 - garden totes

“October, baptize me with leaves! Swaddle me in corduroy and helper me with separate pea soup. October, tuck little candy bars in my pockets and carve my grin into a thousand pumpkins. O autumn! O teakettle! O grace!”

Rainbow Rowell

I’m a fool for autumn. The days of amiable temperatures and golden light fill me with a clarity of gratification zero as noisy as fun though a low clarity of peace. we seem to breathe deeper (well, after a initial ice does divided with that annoying ragweed that bedevils me by a late summer), and delayed my walk, a improved to whistle a rust-colored leaves on a ground.

I lift out my sweaters from their totes in closets and shake them out in expectation of copiousness of adventures taken clad exclusively in plaid and wool. we find out good books and good tea.

Autumn, it seems, encourages a slower gait of life.

In summer we’re perplexing to squeeze a year’s value of family trips, fairs, festivals and beach time into those fugitive weekends and day’s off. We’re rushing after a fun.

In autumn, a pressure’s off. Golden days feel like a gift, and we can take a time exploring.

The collect is entrance in and my plantation birthright means I’ve got my garden furnish in and put adult for a winter. The apples are picked and a summer projects finished (or put on a list to get to subsequent summer).

Autumn feels like “me” time. I’m solemnly entrance to know that, with no child in school, I’m not tied to a educational calendar when creation plans. we can take vacations when temperatures are amiable and crowds are down. That’s an extraordinary concept!

Autumn also finds me behind in a kitchen. we adore to bake, and to prepare delicious dishes that cook on oven tops for hours. When a mercury is sitting during 94 degrees, a thought of branch on a 350-degree oven only loses a appeal. I’ve begun bookmarking recipes that demeanour fun to try, and vivid Pinterest for holiday baking ideas.

I squeeze my camera some-more in autumn, for a golden light creates each bucolic stage heat like a Norman Rockwell painting. With a squeeze of new camera this summer, we take each event to try a settings to best constraint a hues of fall.

While autumn seems to inspire savoring a many attributes, we’ve all schooled that, in northwest Iowa, it can be left in an instant. Oct snowstorms and gray Nov are lurking. Perhaps a that fickle inlet of a deteriorate that creates it so revered.


A scream out to 4-H, that only distinguished a annual approval week.

I’m a fan. we was innate a fan. And I’ll die a fan.

Growing a immature organisation and women into responsible, merciful adults takes work, and relatives can use all a assistance they can find. Hooking your children adult with a 4-H organisation is a good approach to get them concerned in an classification that fosters so many certain attributes.

Thanks go out to a internal 4-H staff during a Clay County Extension office. They’re jacket adult another good Clay County Fair and looking forward to a year’s value of programming.

We review about lots of bad things going on in a world. It’s good to applaud something great, like 4-H!

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