Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation grants awarded to internal propagandize programs

May 21, 2016 - garden totes

Ten grants, totaling $36,127.55, were awarded to district teachers by a Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation on Tuesday, May 27, covering a far-reaching array of educational options that embody gardens and a Lego wall.

The foundation’s idea is to lift supports for innovative educational opportunities and practice that are not saved in a district budget. The idea of OPEF-supported projects is to definitely impact students and a village by: enlivening leadership, fostering value and nurturing a clarity of belonging by a open schools.

Deanna Marincic, OPEF co-president, announced a recipients during a May 17 Oconomowoc-Area School District School Board meeting.

“As a primogenitor in this district, we am tender with some of a fresh, innovative ideas a teachers have combined over a years,” she said.

Marincic remarkable a district’s joining to ethanol and drug impediment efforts and drug testing, for that a classification provides funding.

“Oconomowoc should be proud, and OPEF is absolved to continue to support it,” she said. “We have given out tighten to $40,000 to programs that are focused on ethanol and drug abuse impediment and education.”

Educational grants are given out by a organization’s ubiquitous account and is lifted by a annual ball, that final year lifted $50,000.

Board President Don Wiemer thanked Marincic for a organization’s support.

“I would like to appreciate we for providing these grants that are over a district’s means,” Wiemer said. “It is outstanding. On interest of a village and a students, we appreciate you.”

The awarded grants awarded are:

LOL Bookmobile

Loving Oconomowoc Literacy (LOL) was supposing a extend in a volume of $4,384 and awarded to Park Lawn, that will horde and conduct it. The bookmobile will work this summer during internal stops.

Fidgets for All

A ‘toolbox’ that contains new strategies to support a feeling needs of students and equipment that assistance them sojourn intent and focused. The $1,100 extend was awarded to Meadow View Elementary School and advantages students in 4k by fourth grade.

Accelerate Reading Achievement Through Personal Goal Setting and Electronic Portfolios

A extend of $4,841.55 was given to Summit Elementary School. This is a commander plan led by education coaches to strengthen skills.

The Great Wall of Possibilities

Park Lawn Elementary School was postulated $1,810 to modify a section wall in a school’s atrium to put in place a Lego wall on one side, and a marble wall on a other. Students will create, built, try and problem solve.

NHI Summer Reading Program

An endowment of $4,154 was postulated to Nature Hill Intermediate School for all fifth graders this summer. It will support with a squeeze of opposite turn books and totes.

Drug Testing as a Prevention Tool

This was saved by OPEF’s Jennifer Bukosky Fund for $3,800 to Oconomwoc High School, Nature Hill and Silver Lake Intermediate School to support a drug contrast process in a propagandize district.

OHS Cardboard

A $300 extend was given to a high propagandize to yield entrance to Google cardboard. By joining a card to their smartphones, students can renovate their inclination from amicable inclination to training devices.

Comprehensive AODA Programming

Nature Hill and Silver Lake perceived a $1,500 extend from a Bukosky to support speakers and programs in impediment efforts.

Greenland Outdoor Learning Garden

A extend of $3,843 was awarded to Greenland Elementary School for 4 raised, multisensory gardens, including textual gardens for hands-on experiences, a clarity garden, an succulent garden, heard and moth garden.

Leveling a Playing Field for all learners with Universal Design for Learning

OPEF awarded a $10,395 extend to a high propagandize for conference inclination that assistance teachers get their voices out by room amplification. The long-term idea is to yield entrance to training to all students.The endowment advantages 4k during Greenland, Meadow View, Park Lawn and Summit Elementary School.

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