Not Your Grandma’s Feed Bags

February 17, 2018 - garden totes

NEW FREEDOM, Pa. — For generations, animal feed bags have been recycled by artistic and frugal farming women.

Earlier generations of grandmothers and great-grandmothers incited colorful, printed string animal feed bags into all from fate to underwear to Sunday dresses, saving and relating a yardage in any bag until adequate was on palm to finish a preferred project.

Then, along came burlap as a feed bag material, followed by cosmetic feed packaging. While some-more stout and water-resistant, today’s cosmetic feed bags have tiny value for domicile purposes.

York County proprietor Mary Magenta sees them differently.

When a educated artist spied a neighbor disposing of some colorful, cosmetic animal feed bags one day final Apr as she was pushing home, she soon stopped her car and asked if she could have a throwaways.

“What are we going to do with them?” a neighbor inquired, handing a dull equine feed bags to a zealous recycler.

“I don’t know, though I’ll figure something out,” Magenta replied. A remodeler by trade, with honed skills in carpentry and plumbing, Magenta operated her possess business, Women On The Level, for several years in Baltimore.

“I have a genuine passion for recycling things,” she said.

Back home, she began experimenting with creation a receptacle bag from a colorful cosmetic feed sacks, inventing a pattern as she went.

“I busted a initial 5 or six,” Magenta pronounced about her initial attempts during tote-making. “But, as a remodeler, I’m used to carrying to solve problems.”

Before long, she had polished a cutting, moulding and stitching that incited a throwaway feed bags into durable and accessible multi-purpose totes, finish with handles and reinforced with card cumulative in a bottoms for additional strength.

Magenta had already been attending a few area farmers markets with her original-art calendars, notecards, T-shirts and dish-drying towels. With their bright, colorful pattern of animals — horses, cattle, pigs, goats, dogs, cats — a cosmetic totes fit good as an object to offer during markets featuring internal furnish and domestic items.

“Farmers markets are ideal for what we do, given they usually run for a few hours during a time. You don’t need to be there for a integrate of days or a whole weekend,” Magenta said. “And, a shoppers mostly find they need something to lift a furnish they’ve purchased.”

And, given many marketplace business lapse week after week, they have time to build relations with sellers.

When not selling her totes or collecting them from countless people in a area who have schooled of her recycling niche, Magenta can be found for hours during a time during one of her dual sewing machines. They are her workhorse collection for stitching layers of cosmetic over recycled card shapes for a bag bottoms, afterwards stitching a physique of a receptacle to a reinforced bottom. A final hold is a serve of handles.

“They are really labor-intensive,” she pronounced of a bid concerned in converting a feed bag into a carrying bag. Early on, she cut a bottoms off any bag, one during a time, with a heavy-duty, slicer-knife-type paper cutter. Having done 373 of a totes given she began, Magenta has given fine-tuned a routine and now cuts several during a time, regulating a rotary knife tool.

Tapping into her carpentry skills, Magenta devised a process for folding and creasing a cosmetic strips used as handles into multi-layers for additional strength, pulling them by a arrange of “ironing” mechanism. Putting a complicated cosmetic carpenter’s block between dual pieces of board, she C-clamped a device to a work table. By folding a prosaic cosmetic strip, afterwards compressing it by pulling it underneath vigour exerted by a clamped, cosmetic square, a ensuing creases are set orderly in a cosmetic frame and some-more simply stitched on her sewing machines. She also penciled measurements on a bottom house of a device, indicating where a handles should be placed on any tote, so expelling a need to magnitude any one

“I use all crooked stitching,” Magenta said. “And we usually use polyester thread, given it’s some-more water-resistant and longer-lasting than cotton.”

Once, when a thermal crater of coffee she tucked into a receptacle she was regulating incidentally spilled, she was gratified to learn that a receptacle was also watertight.

When a associate marketplace businessman asked if she could make a turn receptacle for displaying apples, Magenta experimented until she came adult with a new pattern for that purpose. She has given combined that now-popular object to her line.

For her furnish arrangement bags, she located pre-cut, turn card bottoms, used by bakeries as cake bases, expelling a need to cut any one by hand.

Recently, a Baltimore crony with a bike emporium suggested that Magenta pattern courier-delivery bags, a arrange of shoulder-bag used by bike smoothness services around a city. They now are operative together to ideal a design, entertainment feedback from some of a bike shop’s customers. Handles on a bags need to be adjustable, so Magenta has had to reconfigure a hoop pattern and incorporate tractable hardware. A tiny add-on is also sewn on a outward to accommodate a light for night smoothness safety.

“I never saw this coming,” Magenta pronounced of a fast expansion in direct for a recycled totes, along with her sales of equipment featuring her colorful, infrequently whimsical, paintings of bland things. In April, she is scheduled to attend in a vast gathering trade uncover during Turf Valley Resort in Maryland with her designs.

Magenta began experimenting with paint and art mediums as a teenager, when her comparison brother, who was study art in New York City, died in a comfortless boating accident. His art materials were sent behind home, where Magenta motionless to see what she could do with paints and a brush.

One of her early projects was a calendar done as a gift, regulating a opposite portrayal for any month. In next years, a calendars held a courtesy of others, who wanted to buy them. The stream one, her 44th annual calendar edition, salutes “good food,” with monthly colorful paintings of a accumulation of vegetables, patterned from furnish she grew in her possess garden.

Magenta’s remodeling business grown after she spent several years operative with and training from her grandfather, whom she affectionately calls a “master craftsman and woodworker.” He invited his 20 grandsons to come and learn a business, though it was Magenta who took him adult on a offer and showed adult to learn a trade.

She after spent many years in Kentucky, operative with a community plantation started by college classmates, utilizing a carpentry and plumbing skills she had learned, as good as substantiating her artistic sideline. Before relocating behind East, she lived and worked for a few years in Seattle, Washington.

“It’s good to be behind here among my family,” she pronounced about returning to her roots. She was lifted not distant away, in Parkton, Maryland.

While she still practices her remodeling trade, an augmenting volume of Magenta’s time is being clinging to recycling feed sacks. She continues to hunt for new ones to fill patron requests, generally those feed bags with harder-to-find animal photos, like rabbits. Recently, she spoke with dual visitors from India, and asked them what their favorite animal was. Their reply: “Elephants.”

Magenta doubts she’ll ever find a feed pouch depicting one of those.

For serve information, Mary Magenta might be contacted by approach of a content to 270-792-1057, or around a internet during

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